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    I feel my work based news requires some background. I used to work as a graphic designer for a school photography/design company. The environment was fairly chilled, but the owners placed very little value in design, so the pay was shit and we were regularly patronised (being told we weren't worth a pay rise, as there were loads loads of people out there who could do our job was a choice quote). The place was also looking a bit shaky financially and people I liked were gradually leaving, leaving few people I actually got on with. So I found a other job at a print place. Initially, it was ok. The boss believed in paying someone what they were worth and was quite generous. I was a bit unsure of the type of work, as there were a lot of walk-in customers, which I'm not great with, having been very shy as a kid. But I figured it couldn't be worse than my previous job and I'd maybe stick it out for a year or so, as it would give me experience working with Macs. However, I now (9 months later) hate the place. I'm stressed to the point that I almost fear going in. I've been making mistakes, which has only made things worse and also resulted in texts from the boss out of work hours, meaning I can't even get away when I'm not in the office. Plus, it's a 40 minute commute, which sucks. So that's the background, now for the news: I just got offered a potentially great job. It's for an adult/workplace learning company, working mainly from home. It pays the same, but with a few perks in top, the main one being they pay for any travel (the job requires some travelling to various places when not working from home). So now I have to convert the games room/mancave to my new office. I had been considering going freelance, but this seems a more secure alternative. I'm so amazingly releived to have been offered the job. I had to take time off for interviews and a few other house things, so if I didn't get this job, I was super worried about making excuses for time off for more interviews, but I couldn't stay here either. I wouldn't say the job was giving me anxiety, as I'm sure it's far worse for people who genuinely suffer from it, but it was certainly bringing me down and making me stressed.
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    Available to pre-order now on the Nintendo Store.
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    I've just got back from seeing this. I'll need a second viewing to allow me to appreciate the film a bit more and to fully digest it all. My first impressions are that I am quite underwhelmed and that I felt it was a bit disappointing in many places. There were certain things that I liked, but ultimately a lot of energy was "wasted" in certain areas. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I feel. Definitely need a second viewing, but I'm in no rush to see it again. Just wondering whether this current conveyor belt of Star Wars films is hindering the series somewhat. This could have been better with a bit of tidying up and better editing. A bit more time in the oven and a few cuts to certain scenes here and there. Maybe.
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    I was craving a shooter to play ( Splatoon 2 just doesn't cut it ) so I picked up this today. I've jumped straight into the online modes and it's so nice to be able to actually play modes I want without having someone dictate what times I can play them. Same goes for having a nice variety of maps to play at any given time, instead of only have 2 to choose from. It feels great to have the game back to boots on the ground. I no longer have to keep an eye of people doing stupid jumps or having crazy powers. Taking it back to basics makes the game feel fresher than it has in years. I've mainly been rocking Kill Confirmed. I've always loved that mode. It stops people from just sitting camping and encourages them to actually get out there and pick up tags. Love it!
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    I'm regularly checking the Japanese Amazon to see if it's back in regular stock, as it's available from scalpers for a premium of course. If I ever see it available for the regular price, I'll be importing this. If not, I'll just get the regular European edition. There's nothing in that collector's edition that I want, as opposed to the Xenoblades collector's edition.
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    For me, a lot of the appeal of Smash Brothers comes from its awesome roster of Nintendo characters, most of whom have never interacted with eachother before. So personally, I have zero interest in Brawlout. At this point. Because they very well realize what's needed to increase interest: guest characters. In fact, personally I think they shouldn't have bothered with original characters in the first place (except for maybe one and/or the boss character), and that they should have filled the game with other indie characters. The drifter is a cool start (I don't know Guacamele), imagine if the roster would include Shovel Knight, Shantae, Yooka & Laylee and other famous indie characters (just name your favourite). They could beat Nintendo to the punch with some of them. I'd buy that game. And since new indie hits will pop up every year, they could things fresh if they make a sequel every few years. Smash Bros' roster will largely stay the same, but this has the potential to have some wildly varying sequels.
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    Available to pre-order now. (despite the first game being digital I have pre-ordered this but I'm not intending on making a habit of it)
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    Maybe NES to SNES and PS1 to PS2 are the only eras that didn't? And saying that I remember reading once that the SNES era was when Nintendo's relationships with third parties started to struggle so that could still be thought of like that I guess.
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    Urgh, so we're in for trouble with Sony and Nintendo going full retard next time
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    Quote of the day! I'm happy this remake is coming out though, I have the original but I never got to play it so... I'll probably buy this version and maybe play it this time.
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    Fair enough. Personally, I'm just sick of Nintendo gamers crying every time a game isn't announced for the Switch. It's as if people forget that console exclusive games are a thing. The port begging for the Switch is just beyond ridiculous at this point.
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    Sony seems to be king in the UK. I don't know anyone personally who has owned a Nintendo console since the GC era. That's not counting my mum's dusty Wii and the DS she used to exclusively play sudoku
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    Persona Q is the best selling Persona spinoff in the series (267.172) easily outselling P4 Arena (191.748) and P4 Dancing All Night (124.334). At this point, Vita is deader than a squashed rodent after it has had a grenade chucked at it. There is no way on Metatron's earth that Catherine would sell more on Vita than Switch. No chance in hell. This move is about as baffling as making another EO game for 3DS instead of Switch... Oh wait...
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    Insane. What's even crazier is that there's no signs of it slowing down. Sony have shown they can drop the price if need be ( as seen during Black Friday ) and the lineup of games next year is just as strong, if not stronger, than this years. Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza 6, God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit, Dragonball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World, Days Gone, Kingdom Hearts 3....I haven't even caught up with this years games yet!
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    You know what? Sod it, I don't care if it counts as port begging. Why the hell is this coming to Vita and not Switch!? It makes absolutely no sense!
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    I really hope this isn't a trend Nintendo is going to continue. I mean, it's clear that they are ready to implement more and more season passes but it looks like they might go down a slightly darker road.
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    That's the item that allows you to transfer Blades, right? If so then you can't farm them. There are a limited amount in the game. Of course if you were to buy the season pass then you get a bunch with that. Sad to see Nintendo use such a sleazy tactic in one of their games.
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    It's just the original game that is out in Feb, not the sequel.
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    Wasn't expecting us to get it before Japan.
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    OK, @Ronnie Well played. I still stand by my criticisms though.
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    Badass trailer. Still not so keen on what I've seen from the gameplay...I hope there will be a demo.
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    You already have. I was repeating your quote to me after I repeatedly mentioned my disappointment about the Shovel Knight DLC campaigns
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    After 80 hours the adventure is over. It took a while to get to grips with the last boss and when I finally brought it down the game decided to crash on the final cutscene! I took it on again and managed to get a Full Burst ( first time I've achieved that in the game ) which took off over half of its health and finished it off. I'm kinda glad it did crash, so I got to experience that special move. Despite its flaws and technical issues, I absolutely loved the game, especially the story. You have a massive world to explore in and an amazing story that drives you forward. It's pretty much given me everything I wanted that Zelda failed to deliver on. The voice acting is ropey at times but there is so much character and charm in the delivery that you end up falling in love with it. I play a lot of JRPGs but it's been a while since a whole cast of characters have been this great. Usually you end up with one or two characters who aren't developed or are just there to make up the numbers. I found this not to be the case with XC2. Each one of them has a good back story and a role to play. The soundtrack for the game is simply outstanding. Some of the tunes are used at just the right times in cutscenes, either to get you hyped or bring out some other emotion. After the disaster of a soundtrack in XCX, this is a true return to form. I can kinda see where the DLC may take place. There are one or two things that could be explored in future content and I may have to pick up the season pass once the substantial stuff arrives. The credits may have rolled but this is a game I can see me dipping in and out of for a while. There's plenty of Blades to still unlock and side quests to complete but for now I think I'll move on to something else. This is probably my favourite Switch game. I love the little hybrid but it's lacked a game like this to truly get my teeth into. It's been great for smaller titles, or games that you can jump in and out of, so it's been refreshing to finally get a game that lasts a good 80 hours that I can enjoy. More JRPGs, please! The Switch started strong at launch and has ended the year on a high with this game. Well played Nintendo/Monolithsoft.
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    ARGH, I thought a port had been announced for Switch for a second