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    You already have. I was repeating your quote to me after I repeatedly mentioned my disappointment about the Shovel Knight DLC campaigns
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    So what? I'm not entitled an opinion because you've heard it before? With all due respect, who made you Magistrate of Opinion? By that same logic, I can apply the same "Heard it already, therefore, shut up" approach to half of the posters here. But seeing as you want something fresh and exciting, how about this? I think the latest DLC retreads the same boring old process this game runs under. A whole bunch of busywork that amounts to very little and absolutely fails to address any of the numerous flaws I perceived from my well over 50 hours of playtime. (Before you even try that "You didn't play it enough" twoddle) The "Story" content is down right laughable. A few cutscenes that don't really add much to a bunch of characters I really don't care about. One of the cutscenes even glitched out and had no voice acting playing. Which was probably the most I actually smiled at the game for quite a while. I'd be OK with that, but it was advertised as "Story DLC" This is the first Nintendo console DLC I've regretted buying. And I bought PMD: Gates to Infinity content, but at least with that I knew what I was getting. Going from the likes of MK8 and Hyrule Warriors to this is a massive downgrade to say the least.
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    Yes, Glen, we all know. We've had this conversation before. At least seven times. We get it.
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    OK, @Ronnie Well played. I still stand by my criticisms though.
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    I was thinking about the same and went for Shovel Knight! BOTW was great but I still have enough to do without the DLC. Plus I'm not really interested in most of the DLC content. Playing Shovel Knight over the weekend I think I made the right choice. Got myself the Pro Controller for a proper D-pad and am enjoying it a lot! You can really feel the love for NES platformers like Mega Man and Ducktales, but it still feels original enough.
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    I'm still waiting for SHG to implement KC to the HC playlist (talk about abbreviations). A couple of days ago I made a post on the WWII reddit about HC and SHG actually responded and passed the suggestions made by the community and myself to the responsible team. Hardcore Kill Confirmed (among other game modes) was a hot topic. Hopefully they will implement it soon. Anyway, check out the singleplayer if you are in the mood for some good old shooting action And if you want to have a go at the Zombie mode, give me a shout. I'll probably have some time between Christmas and New Years.
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    Here are a few of my highlights from the last evening.
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    I was craving a shooter to play ( Splatoon 2 just doesn't cut it ) so I picked up this today. I've jumped straight into the online modes and it's so nice to be able to actually play modes I want without having someone dictate what times I can play them. Same goes for having a nice variety of maps to play at any given time, instead of only have 2 to choose from. It feels great to have the game back to boots on the ground. I no longer have to keep an eye of people doing stupid jumps or having crazy powers. Taking it back to basics makes the game feel fresher than it has in years. I've mainly been rocking Kill Confirmed. I've always loved that mode. It stops people from just sitting camping and encourages them to actually get out there and pick up tags. Love it!
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    I was able to play a few hours of this - pretty good so far. I'd need some more time to decide if it's my favourite platformed (from what I played, I wasn't sure if I liked it as much as Yooka-Laylee). I do like that the way you got Moons was a bit more like Jiggys than Stars in previous Mario games. Definitely felt like more of a collectathon - but, like I said, I didn't have time to properly explore and discover stuff.
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    Unquestionably Shovel Knight. It might just well be the best £17.99 you’ve ever spent! (The base game alone is well worth the asking price, the fact that you get 3 additional spinoff games along with it just makes it a steal!)
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    Sloooooowly working through this. I know I’m the only one who is prob playing this right now lol. I have one time challenge left. To do the final boss in 270 seconds. I’ve done all the others - some of which were really hard - particularly the classic sonic stages. After that it’s just mopping up some random ones I have left, like destroy 5 enemies with a slide in a Sonic stage etc. That’s all that is left. Watching YT vids though and the final boss is not easy to do in that timeframe. Pray for Aneres.
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    Here we go again. Can we just accept that different opinions exist and BotW is an overhyped game?
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    This was shown to the press at the Namco event that was held over the weekend. You know, the one that was going to show off a new Tales of game, Dark Souls Collection, Xenosaga HD and Soul Calibur VI all for the Switch. I guess this is better than nothing.
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    I couldn't careless about this. Where's Soul Calibur? Wheres the Tales Of game?
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    770 moons and I’ve just noticed that the ones marked on the map show up on your compass when near...
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    I thought the soundtrack was amazing. Perfectly suited the tone of the game. I loved how dynamic it was, like how it would transition in when you're climbing a tower or entering a new area. And I agree with the video, it was a great decision to use the music sparingly to accentuate either silence of the sounds of environment. Less is more. I hope Nintendo go with this approach for Metroid Prime 4.
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    I don't know about offers but if you see a 200GB card for £50 then that is definitely a good deal. I've got a 200GB card for the Switch and due to careful management of games such as going for mostly physical titles where possible - which I believe you're going for as well - I'm making it last as long as I possibly can, while I don't want to get into deleting games on my Switch I just tend to make sure that there are only games I really want to see on there, so I'm trying to go for zero shovelware... which is easier on the Switch seeing as it seems to be curated very well bar a few titles and I hope it stays that way. I'm still rocking 1TB on my PS4 but I only download the Plus titles when I want to play them, I may well start deleting games on that platform at least being that it's simple to do and reverse if needed thanks to the library feature. As for Xbox One... I've got 2TB or 3TB overall storage, it's all good... for now, until there are more backwards compatible Xbox titles. Hopefully with careful management, I won't be buying any more game consoles now for a few years until the next essential upgrade comes along which I reckon will be from Nintendo but I'm sure we'll be OK until at least 2020 I hope. (It's crazy to type that, I remember games in the 80's / 90's setting games in the years 2020 + and thinking woah, that's so far in the fuuuuture, man!)
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    It's Skyrimmier. Much more, in fact. The Witcher 3 isn't very Skyrimmy at all.
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    ARGH, I thought a port had been announced for Switch for a second
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    Haha. That's pretty much how I feel. I'm getting tired of all these small, pick up and play games. It's fine if you don't have much time for gaming but I do and I'm wanting some more time consuming games on the Switch. In regards to Soul Calibur, I read an interview this morning about it and it's not in development for the Switch. Namco started developing it 3 years ago and they didn't know about the Switch in time for them to make it.