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    Damn it! This tells me nothing!
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    Would this work on your phone? If not I can move it over even more. And I can cut off all the excess red on the right if needed. Just let me know!
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    I'm certainly not the guy to ask when it comes to Photoshop, never used it ever. But @RedShell did a smashing job on my signature. So maybe he can help? BTW, my Paint skills are way more awesome than yours. You can't one-up that. Just go home!
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    One of my favourite Giant Bomb GOTY skits ties into that quite nicely
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    Another character and update will be hitting before the end of the year.
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    No worries, glad it fits on your screen now!
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    770 moons and I’ve just noticed that the ones marked on the map show up on your compass when near...
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    Don't run with candles. Or while sleeping.
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    This is perfect. Thank you very much @Eenuh
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    Ahh hell why not both. I mean I blew out my candle instead of falling asleep with it burning. That’s running properly right?
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    I liked it. It improves as it goes on. They don't go in the same depth of the games with some of the cases mind with being limited on episodes. It covers the first 3 games.
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    @Kav I'm now done with 20 chapters of My Hero Academia. HOLY SHIT. This is awesome.
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    Hey, you know what has the same letters as Lufia? Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals is the sequel to SNES RPG Lufia & the Fortress of Doom. Making it the second game in the Lufia series, and the third Lufia game I played. But it's a prequel, making it the first Lufia game? OK, I confused myself... It came out for the SNES in 1996, and amazingly enough, did come out in Europe. I'm gonna assume you read the above write up for Lufia I did 2 days ago, it's not that far back. The story follows a guy called Maxim who appeared in the first 5 minutes of Lufia 1. He's a Monster Hunter, making money by keeping his hometown safe. One day, a strange ball of light is seen flying through the sky, this immediately causes the local monsters to nick a key for a door in a cave for no reason. Maxim steps in to save the day and meets a strange woman called Iris. Iris informs Maxim that he is destined to fight against a group of evil super-beings known as the Sinistrals. And so Maxim is sent on a quest and you can figure out the rest. Taken on it's own, the story is your typical Retro JRPG shlock, but if you've played Lufia 1, you'll immediately realise it's a prequel, and I can't think of any games from that era that tried to pull something like that off. It's quite ambitious for it's time, with lots of small little references to the original game that provide a bit of backstory to the, admittedly, simple story. It's a nice treat for people who played the original and adds a little bit of depth to the proceedings. The twists do kinda suffer a bit. They're not as cool as Lufia 1's, but when you already know how the game ends, it's kinda hard to throw something surprising in there. The basic gameplay is similar to Lufia 1, and a lot of JRPG's. There's a few QoL improvements and neat little features (An optional dungeon that temporarily reduces your party's level to 1, a handful of recruitable monsters that fight alongside your party, a lot like Pokemon, they even evolve and learn new moves. [This came out before Pokemon in Japan]) But the key difference that took me completely by surprise are the dungeons, specifically the puzzles. Puzzles, in a JRPG! From the 90's! That's unheard of! And some of them left me absolutely stumped for bloody ages. That one on the right has one of the most amazing solutions. I couldn't believe it actually worked when I tried it. The dungeons are such a massive improvement over the original, or pretty much any RPG of the time, it reminded me a lot of Golden Sun. And this game should be commended for it's puzzle design. They're great. But I can't overlook the fact that this game has a few bugs to it. Most of them are pretty harmless, some are even quite funny. But there is one point in the game where you're gonna have to look up a guide because a room you have to go through is completely and utterly borked. Perfectly navigable Thankfully, it's a small room that just involves constantly going up and turning left or right when you hit a wall. It's also only an issue in the American version. The European one doesn't have this issue. The visuals are nicer than Lufia 1, even if the enemy animations are still a bit basic. The music, on the other hand, is a noticeable step up from the original game, the normal battle music has an insanely catchy beat that I will never truly get out of my head. And the music that plays when you fight the Sinistrals is definitely a highlight. I am absolutely astounded by how good this game is. Especially after playing Lufia 1. The RPG gameplay is solid. The puzzles could give some Zelda games a run for their money and it all just feels so much more satisfying, it's a shame about the glitches, but you can look past them pretty easily. Currently, Taito is owned by Square Enix, which going by their attitude towards the Virtual Console during the WiiU era, doesn't give a good chance of this game getting released anytime soon. I really hope it does make it though. Because this might just be the most underappreciated RPG on the SNES.
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    I thought the soundtrack was amazing. Perfectly suited the tone of the game. I loved how dynamic it was, like how it would transition in when you're climbing a tower or entering a new area. And I agree with the video, it was a great decision to use the music sparingly to accentuate either silence of the sounds of environment. Less is more. I hope Nintendo go with this approach for Metroid Prime 4.
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    Had some credit at Grainger games. I swear I'll play Okami some day. Picked up a second copy of DQIX so I can replay it without deleting my original save.
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    I tend to just break them out whenever I get in the mood for some retro gaming, otherwise they just stay boxed away. If I did ever decide to display them then it would be something like this. I love that kinda setup. It looks so tidy and clean.
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    Yup. Feels a bit strange to be nostalgic for a series I first played on the Wii VC, but that was the great thing about the VC I suppose allowing you try games you missed. The music is fantastic and now I have another excuse to post some. The early games aren't very long, worth trying if you're in between games. Funnily enough, the PC games are on sale dirty cheap. https://www.gog.com/games/ys?sort=popularity&search=ys&page=1 Ys Origin has a demo on Steam. It's the only game that doesn't have Adol as the protagonist. I have the non-pro version and they are very good controllers. Works with the Switch as well, would be perfect if they ever put SNES games on it. I have the wireless receiver for the SNES but I often got some latency with it, not sure if they've improved it since then. Still managed to beat Super Metroid with it.
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    @Nolan so which is it? "Run" or "ruin". I have to know.
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    It could be "run"? As in "to run my life properly" That'd make sense. You'd have to be pretty drunk to think alcohol could help you run your life well.
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    So those of you that have some kind of retro collection, what consoles/handhelds do you actually have? A lot of my game collection is from the Mega Drive and SNES but my hardware list is (ignoring current gen): NES SNES Gamecube Wii Mega Drive Dreamcast 3DO Xbox PS1 PS2 PS3 Atari 2600 Gameboy PSPGO Vita Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi New Nintendo 3DS GameGear Planning on getting more in the new year. Already eyeing up a Sega Saturn and maybe a Philips CDI. ...I guess as well being a member of this forum I should buy one of those grey N64s.
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    Just got that on GOG. Gonna see if I can play it tomorrow.
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    I haven’t really eaten today, but now I plan to drink until I can’t feel. Hopefully 9 beers can do it. Ha who am I kidding I can’t drink that many beers. I get too full. Bleeeeeh. 6 beers , still feel. 3 at 7% two aay 8.3% one at 6.1%. Need more. Then I can rin my life properly. Or just nap til tomorroy. Blowing out my candle not tho
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    If anyone ever needs a good list of video game art books and short reviews on them then I suggest using the Parka Blogs page I link to below. Its helped me find quite a few books I didn't know had been released. https://www.parkablogs.com/content/video-game-art-books-list
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    Bought Finding Paradise yesterday and I'm really looking forward to playing through it. I loved To The Moon, one of my favourite gaming experiences.
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    This is absolutely insane. Dreams could be revolutionary.