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    @dwarf I've been listening to this on my walk to work this morning, found it gets really interesting later on when he plays previous music underneath the BOTW tracks, worth a watch/listen for a fellow cultured fan:
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    @RedShell, where are you? Have you been bought by Disney?
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    Yes to Rocket League! Haven't been this invested in a game for a long time, you can join our burgeoning N-E esports team...
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    Seeing as its a Japan only event, it's gotta be the reveal of the Switch version.
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    Big Switch 3rd party sale on the eShop has started.
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    @Kaepora_Gaebora Nice. Although it was a bit twee I agree with almost everything he said. I still would've welcomed a few more 'earworms' as he calls them. Thing is, BotW's length makes this kind of subdued soundtrack necessary. You can't expect them to compose triple the amount of theme music. Plus, open worlds are full of liminal spaces where obvious transitions between themes would be inappropriate. OoT is split into smaller, discrete areas, so it can get away with bigger jumps in the tone and style of its music. And while the themes in OoT are iconic, they also grow hellishly repetitive and irritating after a while. BotW did well to modernise the series with ambient sounds and context-specific music, it just could've done with an extra moment of triumph here or there.
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    Whilst the bolded is certainly true, that doesn't mean Switch owners are the same audience that Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA etc are targeting with their software (especially with the GaaS model). The Switch is a very good proposition for third parties but I have no interest in seeing Switch get down-ports on PS4 titles. Instead I would rather third parties focus on: -Definitive versions of last generation games -Games built ground up to take advantage of the Switch With the former, I would absolutely love to see GTA V and Fallout 3 on the Switch, especially having seen Skyrim run on the system. The idea of playing those games portably is certainly an enticing one, and with Mario, Zelda and Xenoblade, developers know that Switch fans are clearly enjoying titles that have a long play time. It has to be said that Nintendo's software strategy this generation has been absolutely amazing. They've moved away from their Wii U strategy and have gone back to what made the Wii so successful. By releasing the heavy hitters first, they can focus on releasing the big selling, supplementary titles later down the line once the system gets a price cut. I really hope this ends up leading to a sequel to 3D World - like NSMBWii I can envisage a game like that selling like hot cakes 3-4 years into the Switch's lifespan.
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    Click here for the full press coverage. Alternative source What that means is this, Disney own a great deal of content including Acquisition complements and enhances The Walt Disney Company’s ability to provide consumers around the world with more appealing content and entertainment options Transaction to include 21st Century Fox’s film and television studios, cable entertainment networks and international TV businesses Popular entertainment properties including X-Men, Avatar, The Simpsons, FX Networks and National Geographic to join Disney’s portfolio Expands Disney’s direct-to-consumer offerings with addition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment content, capabilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia; Hulu stake becomes a controlling interest Addition of extensive international properties, including Star in India and Fox’s 39% ownership of Sky across Europe, enhances Disney’s position as a truly global entertainment company with world-class offerings in key regions Robert A. Iger to remain Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company through 2021 Newscorp (which will be owned by the Murdochs) is not included in the deal.
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    Yeah, but i was waiting to see if Dud joined. I'll start.
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    Haha. Doing crap, than scoring the game ending goal. Or whatever it's called..
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    After this match, I'll switch to Private Battle.
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    Even the internet connection got fed up with waiting!
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    Quite an okay sale! I have 20 euros left on my account, so I'm in doubt: either Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove or Shantae + Mighty Gunvolt Burst. And yeah no excuse to not pick up Rocket League so we can set up a proper N-E footie competition!
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    I'm a big fan of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, but one thing I'm not a fan of in them, certainly the final one, is Hans Zimmer attempting to sabotage dialogue and steal the show with his sound track. I love some of the songs in isolation (when running, for example) but during the film's I can find it a bit much, and even in Batman Vs Superman too. So I admire the composing in BOTW for the restraint shown and how, well, delicate it is. The little piano tinkle kicking in is beautiful, and considering how important music has been in the Zelda series for so long, it adds to the whole ripping up the rule book with BOTW in that it does take a back seat and encourages you to enjoy the "sounds of the wild" more. For this game, it's perfectly judged and actually enhances the experience.
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    That scene is the single most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I have no idea why it was included. Just a 'what the fuck' moment.
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    I loved it. There was only one scene I didn't like. it involved Leia... Those who have seen it, know which scene I'm talking about.
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    Era got you covered. Scroll down for the EU PR. https://www.resetera.com/threads/nintendo-eshop-december-2017.8975/page-25
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    Can't make it tonight guys, sorry
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    No worries, enjoy your weekend
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    I thought the music was one of the best aspects of the game. I felt it gelled really well with the rest of the soundtrack, playing Skyrim at the moment and it's quite jarring having this rousing score always on while just walking through empty fields. Both Zelda and Mario seem to have been criticised for their soundtracks by some outlets but to me they have offered some of the best aural experiences of the year, the sound design and music in both games was frequently impressive.
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    I cant remember which one it is but if you use a specific oil on your sword it takes them down pretty quickly.
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    Yeah, I'll be there.
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    Is anyone fancying some games after MK tonight? @Glen-i @Nicktendo @Sméagol @RedShell @dazzybee and anyone else I've missed
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    The Switch will get western support. Some games just won't run but there will be enough that can. The hardware is selling and more importantly software is selling. Developers won't ignore that. Publishers can't just leave money on the table. The demographics are different with the switch. 86% of the Switch’s install base is 18 or older. 69% of the Switch install base falls within the 19-34 age group. 90% of the Switch install base is male That's the demographic with buying power and the demographic which appeals to third party publishers. Now those numbers will change especially after holiday season as switch will be gifted to teenagers and kids but still the numbers will be similar to the xbox/ps4 demographic. Games take time to be produced but I'm expecting 2018 to see western third parties announce plenty of games.
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    Or so-called "Treeple Aaayy Gamez!" [/JimSterling] I think the Switch will do pretty well as a solid middle-ground, it has the unique hybrid nature which is good for multiplatform indie titles (assuming the ports are good) plus it will get some decent third-party titles which have come out on current gen systems and by the look of it some pretty good ones too while avoiding a load of those controversial titles which have been plagued with the aforementioned gambling simulaton and/or microtransactions... it's a good compromise, especially with the stellar first-party support. Because of this, I don't mind buying the odd season-pass for some games which really deserve the support on Switch, I'll likely pick up the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 one, so long as the extra content doesn't break the game again or in different ways after patching out the existing issues. What the Switch definitely needs now is some decent organisation on the eShop, some more concrete plans on the online/accounts front and some new Virtual Console games we haven't seen before when the service hopefully launches next year.
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    That's a nice middle finger to those of us who bought it and played through it already. It's Final Fantasy XV all over again. You may as well not bother playing games at launch these days.
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    Good stuff. Every game needs to clear the way for Monster Hunter.
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    I'm most likely out tonight. Girlfirend is coming for the weekend. Won't make the MK league either I'm afraid.