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    Just beat Bowser. What a fantastic ending to a fantastic game, I genuinely applauded when the credits started to roll. Switched off shortly after, seems like there's a bit more to do...! The final gameplay sequence was so cool, I had a massive grin on my face.
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    That's how you review a game these days. You look at the box art and a few screenshots, read impressions from other people, watch the ending on YouTube and then create something that looks like a review.
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    By the way: Since Enter the Gungeon arrives on Switch next Monday... Here's what Eurogamer thinks (you sons of bitches)
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    This review literally tells me nothing about the game itself. I haven't the faintest clue about how the game plays just from reading it There's one throwaway sentence that sort of vaguely explains the game concept, but makes no attempt to explain anything about what the gameplay is actually like or how it sustains itself (or does not) throughout. I don't know anything about whether or not it is fun to play, or even tolerable. It just reads like someone looked at a few screenshots or a trailer, loved the art style and wanked on about it because they didn't bother playing the actual game. D-, please review the game and not the art style. That being said, the game concept does look pretty neat though (from watching the trailer, not from reading the Eurogamer review, that was just useless )
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    I know that guy is meant to be amazing, but what an awful review.... anyways. Game looks amazing and I love puzzle game so IN!
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    Just a heads-up for pinball fans. Both Pinball FX3 (Zen Pinball) and Stern Pinball arcade were released today. Each comes with one table pre-installed. However, with Pinball FX3, make sure you also download the Carnivals and Legends pack (two tables) ASAP, as it's free for now. That's four free tables between the two games. Pinball FX3 is business as usual if you're used to Zen Pinball (no bad thing - I have to say I'm waiting for some of the later tables though), whereas Stern Pinball Arcade seeks to replicate real pinball machines.
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    After beating Bowser I only expected to get to 500 moons, but I kept unlocking things and eventually on Friday night I had bought every outfit and maxed out the moon counter. I can't imagine I'll be going back to the game anytime soon unless they release DLC for it but the 80 hours i've put into it have been an absolute joy and it has to rank as my game of the year, even putting it ahead of Breath Of The Wild.
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    I finished the game this morning and found the whole experience to be disturbing and weird. It's not as if I didn't understand what the game was trying to portray either. I've suffered from severe depression for around 4 years now. I try not to let it get in the way of work and my free time ( its why I go running, hit he gym a lot and play plenty of games, to keep my mind occupied ) but i'm certainly no stranger to feeling a surrounding darkness and voices telling you that you're no good. I dunno, maybe some of the subjects being explored here were hitting too close to the mark for me. Another thing I didn't care for was some of the gruesome imagery that the game showed. Seeing dead bodies hanging from the ceiling, walking through blood, flashes of corpses on the screen, all of these things were really off putting. It comes back to what I mentioned in another topic about graphics being far too realistic for their own good. Where the game truly shines though is the audio. Playing the game with a pair of earphones or headset is a must. The way the voices speaking to you and give you direction, warnings or generally just put you down or mock you is done amazingly well. I appreciate the effort that has gone into the game. It looks and sounds amazing and Ninja Theory obviously done a lot of work and research into mental illness when making the game but sadly the game just wasn't for me. At least the platinum was pretty easy.
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    Sorry...I didn't read the review. Just thought I'd let you guys know what Eurogamer thinks of the game
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    I knew you didn't play some of the games you reviewed! Its the only thing that explains your Star Fox Zero score.
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    Not gonna lie... Back when I was a wee lad, writing for my college newsletter (I used to review movies/plays every so often), I actually used to do that for the films/shows that I wasn't particularly interested in Of course I'd never do that now... maybe... (Nah, I actually do like most of the games I review to some extent )
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    Good stuff. Every game needs to clear the way for Monster Hunter.
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    Delayed until March. Guess it gives me time to most Mario and Xenoblade 2.
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    May get it just for the artwork, though it may be a relaxing puzzlegame as well.
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    Truth be told, those few gameplay clips restored my faith in a series that had lost me for a decade or so. Soul Calibur 2 is legit one of the best fighting games I've ever played, but SC3 decided to change shit (movesets and aesthetics) for no reason other than to change shit, SC4 made some horrendous aesthetic choices, and SC5 decided to throw away the series' identity in favour of following other games half-heartedly. This entry's giving me Soul Calibur 2 vibes right now, and the director is someone who hasn't directed the series before, and is apparently being vouched for by Tekken's Harada. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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    Gotta remember that the PS4 launched in Japan 3 months after the other releases. Not that it would make much difference anyway, seeing as home consoles struggle over there. Nintendo essentially has market dominance in Japan due to the Switch also being a handheld.
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    The last statement contradicts the first Didn't buy it as I'm still working through Skyrim and I fear my backlog will increase anyway with the inevitable PSN Christmas sale so...
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    Oh yeah I know what you mean but a lot of the talk about all this seems to think we'll maybe get one last generation change before it all switches over to a system like that. EDIT: I think Microsoft and Sony have just taken different approaches to it. MS with their backwards compatibility and Sony's streaming services. I think MS understands it better for the current climate but you have to wonder if Sony are playing the long game with their streaming. PS Now could be amazing once Internet speeds worldwide catch up.
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    I enjoyed it for the most part, there were definitely some frustrating moments but I really enjoyed most of the new Shrines and the final trial was pretty cool too, especially that boss battle. I think it's worth playing through if you enjoyed the main game but it's definitely worth lowering expectations. I think I'll probably get all of the Divine Beast armour and then take on Ganon one more time to give the game a fitting send off. My play time clocks in at 210 hours now and it's fair to say I've enjoyed most of that time immensely and I'm sure i'll revisit the game again in future.
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    To be honest I don’t delete titles... that’s my problem really. From the eShop I’ve got MK8D, Shovel Knight TT, Snipperclips, Sonic and Yooka Laylee (did have Blaster Master Zero).
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    I don't know about offers but if you see a 200GB card for £50 then that is definitely a good deal. I've got a 200GB card for the Switch and due to careful management of games such as going for mostly physical titles where possible - which I believe you're going for as well - I'm making it last as long as I possibly can, while I don't want to get into deleting games on my Switch I just tend to make sure that there are only games I really want to see on there, so I'm trying to go for zero shovelware... which is easier on the Switch seeing as it seems to be curated very well bar a few titles and I hope it stays that way. I'm still rocking 1TB on my PS4 but I only download the Plus titles when I want to play them, I may well start deleting games on that platform at least being that it's simple to do and reverse if needed thanks to the library feature. As for Xbox One... I've got 2TB or 3TB overall storage, it's all good... for now, until there are more backwards compatible Xbox titles. Hopefully with careful management, I won't be buying any more game consoles now for a few years until the next essential upgrade comes along which I reckon will be from Nintendo but I'm sure we'll be OK until at least 2020 I hope. (It's crazy to type that, I remember games in the 80's / 90's setting games in the years 2020 + and thinking woah, that's so far in the fuuuuture, man!)
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    OK, let's give this a go... Street Fighter II - The original game, has eight playable characters and four CPU controlled characters, not the fastest running version but it's solid. Street Fighter II Turbo - Faster speed than the original, new special moves for almost all of the characters apart from Guile and the four Grand Masters. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - Four new playable characters, enhanced visual and audio elements in addition to roster balancing. Street Fighter III - The original game, has eleven playable characters, the gameplay introduces abilities from both the Alpha series and Darkstalkers, you can also parry. Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Two brand new characters (Hugo and Urien) Yun and Yang from the first game also became separate characters, Akuma returns, new specials, roster expanded to fourteen characters. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Chun-Li returns, plus four new characters (Makoto, Remy, Q, and Twelve) giving you twenty characters, new stages, endings and voice actors for certain characters and general balancing. Obviously this is quite a simplified list of changes so it won't go into the smaller changes but these are the basic documented differences between the major versions of SF2 and SF3.
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    Hunting Horn has been BUFFED!!!
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    What the hell have you got on there? I've yet to have struggle for space. Once I finish a game I delete it and then install the next one. Same goes for the PS4 where I've never ran out of memory despite just rocking an original 500gb model.
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    It's being pushed pretty well. I've seen a couple of adverts on TV and loads on Cruncyroll and YouTube. JRPGs don't really have legs in the UK market, with FF being the exception. The sales tend to be front loaded and then they plummet a week or two after release. WRPGs on the other hand seem to do well long after release.
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    I'm sure its like £20 physical in a shop.
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    Theres more than a "bit" more to do. Its still my Switch go to game as i'm working my way through collecting all the moons. Glad you enjoyed it. I love the game.
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    It’s disappointing that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 dropped out of the UK top 40 immediately... it deserves decent sales!
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    It’s an extremely impressive port! Looks nigh on identical to the other versions as far as I can tell, without a side by side comparison and the framerate is absolutely rock solid throughout the first world at least! Really impressive stuff. Playtonic certainly put the work in here!
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    Episode 7. I don't get all the hate? It was a good. Nothing extraordinary like the first 6 episodes but it fits. Could've been spread out over maybe two episodes, though. Anyway, off to watch the rest of Season 2 now Edit: Unbelievably good show. I'll say it again: The cast was incredible. Each and everyone's performance is pretty much perfect. Some scenes made me cry like a little bitch, I'm not ashamed to admit.
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    Bruh, I love Soul Calibur a whole lot, especially 2, after which Namco commenced to fuck both the art and the mechanics almost beyond repair, but that whole series is the most wonky, broken ass set of games you can imagine in terms of balance. From messed up shit like lizardman's infinite combos in the first game to the fact that there were a grand total of about 4 tournament viable characters in SC2. Things that could have been fixed with a post launch patch or more through QA such as the fact that Voldo can't actually do any forward facing grab attacks on Nightmare or that Xianghua not only has one of the smallest hurtboxes in the game but also the best range, damage and speed. I love the games because there aren't many others like it, but I seriously hope they do something to make this something you'd watch at the Evo finals rather than something you'd mash buttons on after a few drinks with your pals. Whatever they do though, I can see from the footage they've presented already that it isn't going to be a shitfest on the level of SCV. Meterless guard impacts are back for a start, so I'm there day one. Soul Calibur's always been something I can get people who aren't into fighting games to play, but it's always come at the price of a lowered skill ceiling for the games because most of the game is to do with spamming target combos. I'm really hoping they make this one something special. Edit: Also, best Cameo in a fighting game is Akuma in Tekken though.
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    Doki Doki Literature Club So, I got curious, seeing the Game Grumps play this game, and noticing that it has become popular as of late. Since it's free on Steam, and apparently short, I decided to take a look ... It's a nice and uneventful dating sim. Pretty girls, Ecchi moments, the usual works. There's poetry, too. Happy thoughts. Happy, happy thoughts. Dating sims are not a shame, but just one type of game. I care not how much you jeer, as this makes my fifth this year. (For a Fire Emblem waifu, too, is larger than laifu) I hype them up, all I want is to share. I haven't lost my marbles, I swear.
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    Watched S2 Ep 4 just now and yes, the show is amazing, the story is great, the setting is awesome, yadayada. What stands out to me the most though is the actors. Everyone's performance is on point. It's impressive. Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown deserve so much praise.
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    I kinda like him. Reminds me of the drunken thread.
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    Mega Man Legacy Collection As an incredible coincidence, I completed this game 100% a day after Megaman 11 got announced. I didn't even know it was the Blue Bomber's 30 year anniversary before then. In a nutshell, this is a collection of the NES Mega Man games, plus a few dozen challenges (gauntlets with the trickiest bosses and level segments throughout the NES era), plus sound tests, plus a lot of artwork from this era (conceptual artwork, adverts, boxarts, etc.). I (re)played every single game here, and got Gold on every challenge. This collection allows for save states, and my opinion on them is mixed. I do not like to use save states on games that were never meant to have them, and as such, I only saved when the Password screen popped up (because those were the only "save points" these games were meant to have)... but I have to admit, Mega Man 1 (which lacked a password system) is just hell to play in a single sitting, so they were quite welcome there. I stuck to saving between stages, though. Anyway, just a brief rundown of each game Mega Man 1: Brutally difficult, to the point of unfairness. It feels more like a gauntlet than any of the challenges. Still, the robot masters are among the most memorable, and the weapons are all useful and fun. Mega Man 2: My favourite in the series, every problem from the previous game was addressed. The robot masters are all fun, the weapons are all useful (except Heat Man's), the music is awesome, and I honestly feel it aged gracefully. Mega Man 3: I always thought this entry was overrated. Megaman feels heavier, the menu is ugly and confusing to navigate, the robot masters are nothing special (Needle Man might just be the worst RM in the series), it's got some of the shittiest weapons in the franchise, and the Doc Man intermissions are an unacceptable spike in difficulty. Still, Rush and the slide work well, and the music is good. Mega Man 4: Not a bad game, and in most aspects is certainly better than 3, but between the high-pitched sound, the rough Mega Buster, and the alternate paths that don't have anything on them, it feels a tad rushed. Mega Man 5: This one's so bland, It's like they threw a bunch of cool ideas they didn't actually like into this entry. I say this, because this game has a ton of ideas with no passion or effort behind them. The Jet Ski segment mindlessly throws enemies at you with no care for their placement, the more original weapons are sloppily implemented (for example, they give you a Charge Kick, but nothing to kick), and even the plot, which could allow for a couple of cool boss fights, is ignored. Everything in this game is about presenting stuff with potential, and then squandering it. I'm assuming this is what Mighty No.9 feels like. Mega Man 6: This one was surprisingly improved. Useful weapons, cool-looking robot masters, level design that actually takes advantage of the new Rush adaptors, and several alternate paths with substantial content to provide replay value. This is also the best implementation of the Mega Buster. This entry's often ignored, but is among my favourites. 2 > 6 > 4 > 3 > 1 > 5 Playing all of these games in a row was interesting. The small adjustments made to Megaman's movement, how incremental these changes were, and how, instead of patching stuff, they'd just improve a new gameplay aspect over the course of 3 games. (Also, a small pet peeve: what's with these games giving you items when they could be weapons? Why have a "Super Arrow" or a "Wire" as random items, instead of an "Arrow Man" or a "Wire Man" to give them? I understand when they're non-combat, but these absolutely cause damage. And they're more prominently advertised than any of the robot masters! What's up with that?) The Challenges are fun, though since they work a lot like speedruns, the same sort of frustrations from that playstyle might pop up. Still, nothing's more satisfying than beating the "No items" challenges and realizing you're a Mega Man Master. Anyway, as fun as revisiting the NES games was, I must say: the Game Boy games were way better! When are we getting a collection with those, huh?
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    Dialga caught, @markderoos. So it's ready to go whenever you start your Ultra playthrough (As well as the Castform) In the meantime, I've been messing around with the photo club again. It's far too much fun! I'm so proud of that last one!
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    I declare myself second to finish this after @Glen-i! See what I thought of it in the official N-Europe review!