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    https://www.resetera.com/threads/street-fighter-30th-anniversary-collection-announced-ps4-xbo-pc-switch-12-games-40-may-2018.10529/ Includes all of the SF2, SF3 and SFA series. SFII: Hyper Fighting, SSFII: Turbo, SF Alpha 3 and SFIII: Third Strike all have online play.
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    I hit Lv. 30 yesterday (those x3 events are great! ) but yeah, not really a good idea to have this and Splatfest going at the same time. Hopefully they avoid that in the future. Clip of me taking an easy/cheap win during the Party Crash: So nearly a perfectly timed double K.O.
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    Just imagine... in a Nintendo Direct if it got announced and had Link again as a guest character, perhaps Breath of the Wild version of Link this time. And then someone from Nintendo says... "Remember this?" *trailer rolls of Soul Calibur II for GameCube* Boom! Virtual Console launches with GameCube games with Soul Calibur II leading the line-up.
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    I was happy to do my part in helping the Switch past the test and get this.
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    I can't help but laugh at the bare-face cheek of it. I imagine there's people looking at the SF2 HD icon on their Switch and silently raging. I don't blame them.
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    Oh wow! I'm such a purist, I'd probably get this just to have the real arcade games. Now we just need a Capcom brawlers collection!
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    So I am trying to decide whether I will go for the DLC or not. Right now I finished the main game but still have about 30 subquests to do, next to collecting more Koroks/shrines/gear. So time-wise I don't need the DLC since I got plenty of hours to go. What bugs me though is that the DLC adds a lot of stuff to make questing more convenient. Stuff like the Korok mask, Hero's Path, Teleportation Rune and the Ancient Saddle are super useful. But they should have made this post-game content and not paid content.
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    I’ll finally be picking this up on Friday. I’m glad they’ve half-sorted out the issues I had with the game... I hope they keep making amendments to improve it too!
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    I'm almost positive merging the two would alienate a lot of the Nintendo board-only visitors. This isn't a gaming discussion board, it's a Nintendo discussion board with an extra board created to discuss non-Nintendo games. As far as I'm concerned, that might as well be a board about Football or tumble driers, it doesn't belong mixed in with the Nintendo threads. To be really frank, discussion has dropped for two reasons: one, people prefer social media to forums and two, we put out about 5% of the news we used to, which drove newcomers in from search engines. Merging boards to bolster discussion is just a patch-job that could make things better or worse temporarily but either way wouldn't solve any problems.
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    I finished the story yesterday, so I'd like to comment on the game overall: Like I suspected, the game itself is fantastic. The story is fantastic, the artstyle is fantastic, and the gameplay generally is. The only criticism I have against the game is that the puzzles / murder mysteries are a bit too easy. Two of them I completed even while I was just exploring and trying things out, before I realized it was already over. Despite that, it's incredibly fun. Edit: I forgot to mention the music: also fantastic. .. If it weren't for the technical issues. The first mystery, the tutorial, play fine. But after that, the framerate ranges from "just ok" to downright terrible. I'm speaking of literal 1 frame per second framerates here. If that's not enough, you get frequent and long loading times, during gameplay, by that I mean at times you don't really expect. I mean, I can somewhat expect it if you change floors (though not really because the game isn't super detailed or anything), but you often get loading times for simply going to the next room, or using the peeking mechanic. Currently I wouldn't recommend it for that reason, unless you have incredible patience (like I do sometimes). This is one of those games where the gameplay is not actually affected by bad framerate, but when it's bad like this it still affects my enjoyment. It's a shame, because the game itself is so full of charm, and I'd say it's a must-buy if it gets properly patched.
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    Yeah June can’t come quickly enough!
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    Bruh, I love Soul Calibur a whole lot, especially 2, after which Namco commenced to fuck both the art and the mechanics almost beyond repair, but that whole series is the most wonky, broken ass set of games you can imagine in terms of balance. From messed up shit like lizardman's infinite combos in the first game to the fact that there were a grand total of about 4 tournament viable characters in SC2. Things that could have been fixed with a post launch patch or more through QA such as the fact that Voldo can't actually do any forward facing grab attacks on Nightmare or that Xianghua not only has one of the smallest hurtboxes in the game but also the best range, damage and speed. I love the games because there aren't many others like it, but I seriously hope they do something to make this something you'd watch at the Evo finals rather than something you'd mash buttons on after a few drinks with your pals. Whatever they do though, I can see from the footage they've presented already that it isn't going to be a shitfest on the level of SCV. Meterless guard impacts are back for a start, so I'm there day one. Soul Calibur's always been something I can get people who aren't into fighting games to play, but it's always come at the price of a lowered skill ceiling for the games because most of the game is to do with spamming target combos. I'm really hoping they make this one something special. Edit: Also, best Cameo in a fighting game is Akuma in Tekken though.
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    It should work. They’re just standard GCN controllers as far as the console is concerned and I know that the DK Bongos and Mario DDR Dance Mat work with the GCN controller adapter.
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    TBH, I wouldn't be surprised that if the Switch didn't get VI, then a HD re-release of Soul Calibur 2 was on the cards for the Switch instead. Change the Link character model, or even add the BotW one on top of the existing one, and put it out at a reasonable price with some online play. I'd go for it, more so because 2 was the last time I played/enjoyed a Soul Calibur game, though the first is still my favourite but that's perhaps nostalgia tinged from spending so much time playing it on the Dreamcast back in the day.
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    I'm still playing this on and off, so here's my ID as well for who wants to become friends: 3506 2664 994.
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    There are rumors that it will be announced for Switch on either the Namco Bandai event on the15th of December, or in the upcoming Nintendo Direct in January. It might have been put on hold because Nintendo is having cameo characters, just like Soul Calibur 2 did with Link. I hope the rumors are true, but as with every rumor, it is best to take it with a grain of salt.
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    Lol, I probably did sound a bit more harsh on the Switch version than I meant to. Basically the pro controller would be fine for me but I would never play it in handheld mode because of the d-pad so that takes away the main bonus it would have for me so I may as well play it on a console I own a fight stick for, might play a bit smoother (although who knows until it comes out) and I will still be able to play online with once the Nintendo fees start. It's gonna be interesting playing through some of these Street Fighter games again though. I haven't played the III's and Alphas since they first released.
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    I'll be getting this but just the Switch version. Gotta have a Hori D-pad or my arcade stick(s). This is a fantastic collection which deserves a place on any gamers shelf regardless of format. I'm guessing that I won't be playing my prized Street Fighter games that I have on the Dreamcast and Saturn very much anymore though... ...at least there's the dozen other Capcom fighters which will keep me going back to those formats at least. It's a fantastic time to be a gamer right now, Capcom are knocking it out of the park once again, redeeming themselves somewhat across the formats.
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    It's glorious! *cries tears of joy*
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    We are a Nintendo site and the segregation exists for various reasons (some people come here just for Nintendo, historically there's been little overlap in games on Nintendo and other consoles and now there's a decent stream of games coming to the Switch it is good it gets its own focus).
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    I just want Megaman 11. Edit: Oh shit! I want a million Euros. Edit 2: Ah crap, it stopped working.
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    Looks like the rumours of this being a spin off are bogus. This looks to very much be the next step in the Monster Hunter series. All of this sounds....