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    Here's what I got from that: guy got arrested martinist owns a pub wat?
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    Translation... "Hey Guys, fucking guy got arrested in my pub and the guys made them close so I decided to go to the other pub and I got there I couldn't feel my fingers were... *gives up* I'm so drunk, woooooooo! Fuck you guys!!!!!111111" Or something to that effect, It's got to be close though, right @martinist?
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    I don't want to drink anymore.... yeah pretty much, some guy was having an argument with his wife and he was loaded. Had to get the police out since he was getting in everyones faces and being loud as all hell. and since the bartender wasn't fully trained then the pub got shut down for the night. Had to go to the Craigdarroch. Fun times untill I woke up this morning with a huge fecking hangover.
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    I really like Splatoon (I play ranked regularly), but they need to do something more with splatfests rather than make them longer. Their current format is just a chore and for me, the worst part of the game. I picked team film in the end, and then played Sexy Brutale instead. I don't have Arms, but their equivalent to splatfest sounds far more varied and interesting. They could give out ability chunks etc like the prizes in Salmon Run.. give extra points for using certain weapons.. introduce ranked modes.. there's loads they could do.
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    This game looks incredible on the Pro. Finally I get to play Monster Hunter on the big screen again. Also, no loading screens between areas, finally!!!
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    I legit lost it at the end. EZA are the best.
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    Played this for 18 hours now. There's so much to discover. I came across a cave entrance and thought: "Oh, cool. Probably a small cave with some bandits and loot. Going in". Two hours later I emerged back to the overworld after exploring a huge Dwarven ruin. It was awesome. I'm currently doing a questline with a certain brotherhood and it's quite evil. I have to do something big now... The sidequests are insane. There's so much story behind them (if you decide to invest a couple of minutes). But you can also just do them without paying much attention. My only criticism so far: The main story isn't very interesting. I've neglected it since hour 3 Crazy to think that this game is 6 years old and Bethesda managed to create such an awesome living world. Not sure if I go for the Platinum as it's easily a 100+ hour journey. I am, however, focusing on the missable trophies right now just to get them out of the way if I decide to get the Platinum sometime in the future
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    So, the Bayonetta 1 + 2 amiibo support got some details. And there appears to be a stealth announcement in there. Top row, far right. Either that, or @S.C.G has already claimed it all for himself.
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    Switch passed the test. This is a great package. Nintendo need to release some Dpad joycons though!!! Capcom releasing SF2 on switch @ full price then releasing this is a dick move.
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    Yeah, and I agree with you. But let me just say, if you have a significant other who don't care about video games, you have a big issue when trying to finish games that take over 200 hours. At least if you want to give the other person some well deserved attention :P. Multiplayer is better, because it is just plug and play for as long as I can plat (20-30 minutes), or the Switch. I can play that sucker anywhere :P. It's harder when you have a game that you need to keep playing, if you want to remember how to even do the basic combat. But still, it is first world problems, and I don't mind actually. Growing up means less time for games and more time for adulting.
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    While I'm not too bothered about upgrading to any newer systems which would require an entire TV upgrade to get the most out of, it's good that there are noticable improvements available for setups which allow it; personally I thought the game looked very nice indeed at even 1080p as it's such a leap forward for the series. As for the gameplay, well I was pleasantly surprised to find that it plays just like Monster Hunter but even better than ever thanks to the numerous improvements which have been needed for some time, most notably the more open area feel which creates features massive, cohesive maps which feel even bigger due to not being held back on a technical level as with previous games which required the areas to be on seperate screens... it's something fans of the series have just had to deal with until now, even though I will probably miss diving between screens when at low health and there's a fireball coming directly at you which you would have been able to dodge by changing areas, also allowing you to heal before rushing back in. Being able to get back to base camp easily is nice, I suppose that's just like having a Farcaster always at your disposal though I'm not sure if it works when you're in battle? I didn't use it myself but I do know that it's there. I've completed all three quests solo anyway... I think that's all you can really do for the extra items which carry over into the main game? Obviously I could go off and look for the Rathalos which I might well do as I saw a video where a team of hunters went after it, killed the Rathalos with minutes to spare and then went after the main monster, finishing it off just in time as well; it all looked suitably epic just as is the tradition now with these kinds of hunts when you have a team who know what they're doing. Role on JANUARY 26th as I'm sure that I'll be playing a lot of Monster Hunter World when it releases.
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    That's the one. The actual sanctuary was closed when we went there, but the surrounding area is filled with super friendly stray cats everywhere you look.
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    Same as me then. I want to get this game off my backlog list, so I've picked it up again. I am about 80% through the main story, but now I've started doing side quests instead, and it is taking forever! And to make matters worse, i bought the two expansions on sale. What have I done
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    Stuff like this sells to the majority of the audience watching. Also, it's not a new thing either. Remember the original reveal of The Last of Us when the audience cheered as a guy got a shotgun bullet to the face? If there was an outcry then the publishers wouldn't do it but as it stands the audience attending these events lap it up. I mean, the people at PSX screamed that they wanted to shoot the android. I don't agree with the methods used but both violence and sex sell products. With gaming I think it's become more noticable purely because of how realistic games have become. I think the Detroit scene at PGW was done amazingly well, with many outlets saying it was the highlight of the show. TLOU2 scene on the other hand was poorly handled, with no real context to the situation.
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    I agree with Ronnie here. I can certainly handle any of the grueskme shit but it’s becoming more prevalent and a lot of it is poorly implemented shock value shit. It’s a lot like the flak Tomb Raider 2013(2012?) came under for the borderline rape torture porn of Lara. (Though I don’t think the scenes I saw were that OTT or poorly implemented). In regards to these more current games I’ve only seen a bit of Detroit and it’s child abuse scene. If the game wants to have an abuse scene that’s great, but for better or worse I want the scene presented believably and meaningful. It shouldn’t exist just to check a box and make the audience go “oh that’s horrible”. Like 127 hours. (Never saw it but know the story). The way most games handle a situation they want to keep the action rolling. James Franco would have chewed his arm off in the first 5 minutes if it was a video game. I feel I’ve rambled and droned on incoherently long enough but still would like to mention Hellblade and it’s presentation of mental illness. Again, it was handled very well, in a realistic manner. In a way to make people think. It easily could have gone the other way and have people be disgusted and unhappy with how an illness was presented.
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    Yeah. Guy got srrestedd is all I got. Home again aftwr all the death business. It fucking sucks. 8 years ago wel all got together for my grnadmas 80th birthday. And then that was it. I didn’t see those family members until.....well some last year and some this year. Aunts and uncles made it for my uncles funeral last year. A very ninor family reunion occured basically. Then this year my geandma. So it’s horrible circumstances but we make the best of it. I got to see and meet a lot of cousins. And as exhausting as it was to constantly socialize (and aleep in a childs bed)(minus the child of course) i come home and its just so lonely. Blrh One cousin. She’s 5. She reminds me soooko so so much of my youngest nices. Nieces. Singular i mean. The look of them the manner they speak. So similar. And I picked up and she latched ahold and hugged me. Then said ahe wasn’t going to let go of me until her dad gor thwre. She was fvinf one armed hugs while I held here hahaha. *held her*. Another cousin sin had a cyst during pregnancy...no that soesnt flow roght. She was the fetus. The cyst caused her brain to form around hiiigdjndndndndn form around it. Shes 15 and mentally aboit 8, But just so friendly and sweet. Hugging everyone and wanting to be best friends woth everybody. Rue whiskey beer sadmness. Better than arrests jn my lub tho
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    Plus it would require more than the bare minimum effort of one artist's afternoon so it was never going to happen anyway. You may get a Pikachu in a deerhunter.
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    They can't show too much gameplay due to the genre. If they kept showing different scenarios then people would complain that certain story aspects would be spoilt.
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    I think this is exactly why Dragon Quest has such a strong following. Sure, they messed around with the MMO style for X but for the most part the series has stayed strong to its roots.
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    We can't delete this thread I'm so proud of it hahaha. Also represents a historic moment in my life, the girlfriend I was playing drunken monopoly with is now my wife!
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    Fuck this game is just too long. Not that it is dragging at all, every second is amazing, but I thought if I put a concentrated effort in, I might be able to finish it in time for Christmas when I'll be getting a couple of new games. Just finishing up the last few story lines in Novigrad it seems (about to do these final Dandelion and Triss ones I think), and the consensus is that I'm not even halfway!