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    For the cultured folk among us who appreciate Breath of the Wild for the stand-out game that it is, I've aggregated some of the best analysis of its design below. Most of the videos have been shared on the forum somewhere before but don't feel the need to cry about it: 1) Some interesting summaries of Nintendo's approach to game design as taken from their dev talks. I've listed the posts in order of accessibility, as some sections of the third and fourth summaries are a bit dull and technical. They were originally posted in a twitter thread which explains why they're truncated. How Nintendo guides players: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-articles-written-about-the-cedec-botw-dev-266c34fd30e8 Sound design: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-the-botw-cedec-talk-on-sound-design-which-can-7a5ea894e701 User Interface and Fonts: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-articles-of-the-botw-cedec-talks-which-can-be-91e9be85de51 Project Management: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/the-final-botw-cedec-session-as-far-as-i-know-is-from-the-engineers-botw-project-management-c30f4e42598e 2) Developers discuss the inspiration they've taken from Breath of the Wild http://www.gamesradar.com/were-all-talking-about-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-developers-explain-how-its-shaping-the-future-of-games/ 3) How will Breath of the Wild change the open-world paradigm? I love the point made below - it isn't necessary for every mechanic to be a game-changer. They don't all have to have big pay-offs in a boss battle or a certain level. They can be used for texture instead. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-06-05-how-will-the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-change-the-open-world-paradigm 4) In this article a writer from Borderlands 2 discusses why BotW 'dunks on most open-world games.' It perhaps isn't the most insightful piece in this list, and it's a little guilty of hyperbole, but the quoted part is worth highlighting: https://www.destructoid.com/how-breath-of-the-wild-dunks-on-most-open-world-games-446857.phtml 5) Other developers discuss their impressions of Breath of the Wild. I can't remember who says it, but someone makes a good point about how everything in the world is well proportioned - the world gives an impression of vast scale, and yet if you see something in the distance you know you can probably travel to it fairly quickly. 6) More from Nintendo themselves in their development diaries: 7) Good ol' Mark Brown: 8) Matt Lees analyses how BotW keeps our attention drawn to the world (& also makes some great points about the map/waypoint system) If you guys come across any like-minded analysis please share it, because I love to love this game.
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    Finally finished up my top 5 for the year so here they are. I was sitting for ages last night figuring whether or not my GotY would change as I was writing these and despite some strong thoughts on it, I kept my decision. These games probably represent how gaming has changed for me in recent years and what I look for and enjoy most in playing. And there we have it. I realise it's a lot of lengthy, wordy rambling so if you do read it, I do appreciate the time taken to do that. I've done it more for myself to get back into writing about games for possibly taking that somewhere in the new year and beyond. It's been an interesting year in games, a lot of great games and a lot of variety regardless of platform. Some games just haven't clicked with me when I thought they would (Breath of the Wild for instance. 15 hours of play and it just doesn't click with me and what I want from a game of this size. That's partly on me, partly on Nintendo but that's all I'll say on that), others surprisingly so. The full list, so that it's in one place:
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    Yeah I'm not going to delete it unless there is a clear reason to (sustained illegal talk and that sort). If y'all want to make a tit out of yourselves then so be it 😋
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    18 “secret” films have been mentioned to be in the works in an interview, beyond those already announced for after Phase 3’s completion (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4, a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, etc.). This train ain’t ever gonna stop. On the topic of trains never stopping, Deadline is reporting that the Disney/FOX merger could be completed within a matter of days. Which would be great news for Deadpool, apparently...
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    I can't make you like the game, but I can call you out for being flagrantly reductive. Zelda's innovation isn't found in a single mechanic. It's innovative in the way it combines all of its mechanics in a new way, particularly in the open world genre. Also, many of its innovations aren't mechanics as such, in that they aren't simple actions mapped to a button. One innovation, if we're talking open-world RPGs, is the integrated physics system. Another innovation is giving players every ability from the beginning. And an innovation can be something a game doesn't do that all other games do do. For example, Zelda doesn't litter its open-world map with side-quest markers, or reveal the number of collectables you haven't found yet, etc. There are actually loads of little innovations in BotW, from the map system down to the sound design, but really it comes down to the effect that all of these changes have on the player and their approach to the game. The freedom of play is Breath of the Wild's biggest innovation. I feel like a mug for pointing this out, but BotW isn't clearing up at this year's awards because it has a somewhat innovative climbing mechanic. It's clearing up because it's fucking epic. P.S I promise not to argue with you about Zelda any more. Clearly none of it is going in.
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    Once you're playing, you won't notice it. The technical issues are mainly in handheld mode but not at all game breaking or anything. As I said earlier, I think it's being made more of an issue than it really is.
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    And a boxed copy no less. Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed how the Switch version has been handled. No retail version, expensive and very late to the party.
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    Season 4 will be available 29-12-2017.
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    Have you played many 3D sonics? Like Unleashed or Generations? There is most definitely a learning curve but once you are used to how to control it then it can seem pretty fluid. You only have to YouTube speed runs of levels to appreciate its beauty . But I am mega biased as I love Sonic.
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    It's playable, it's just that it's really rough looking when playing in handheld mode.
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    Well, I've finally put in just over three hours into the game and I've just got past the introductory part of the game... ...what an intro it was! No spoilers obviously for anyone who is yet to play it but I kind of went into this game expecting a slight refinement of the earlier Xenoblade games, taking the best bits while probably compromising heavily in other areas; so far it has been nothing but pleasantly surprising. I see what @Hero-of-Time means now about the cutscenes being rather epic but in all the right ways. Oh and I had my first "I'm knackered!" moment out of Nia which certainly got a chuckle out of me. Now I'm off to explore the world of Alrest for a bit before resting up for the night.
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    Almost drunk. Fuck Mobile Phone
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    Thank you, we’re doing fine. We arrived in time to see her and all. Sat in the room for a while, she passed this morning around 2 am. She was alert for a bit. And could answer yes and no questions by nodding. @Animal very sorry to hear all that, the anniversaries of losses are just so hard, and then your work being snarky. I feel snarky is the best word for it. Telling you you don’t care about the job because you want a day that is important to you off? Fuck them. I called work Sunday night 9pm and told them I won’t be in this week, my dad did the same with his job.
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    Tonight I dreamed that Nintendo finally released the Fire Emblem Tellius games on the VC. So, that. That's what I want. Not for me (since I can still play them), but for the entire FE community. Also, Mole Mania revival. We all want it, even the ones who have no idea what I'm talking about. ... But to be honest, if they ported F-Zero GX to the Switch, only adding online multiplayer in the process, I'd buy the system and pre-order two copies. Oh, and a game with this title.
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    Yes! I apologise to the N-E collective that there haven't been any updates recently. I moved to a new flat about a month ago and don't have anywhere decent to set up my PC yet, so I've been using my phone for N-Eing. I've also been extra busy with work and spending almost all my downtime on Rocket League and Skyrim. I keep putting off setting everything up, but I will do it as soon as I have some free time and get the rest of the list finished ASAP.
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    Slowdown that wasn't in the original games, audio glitches, input lag, various graphics bugs at certain points. Also they removed the famous MM1 pause trick... There's probably more I'm forgetting too.