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    Tonight I dreamed that Nintendo finally released the Fire Emblem Tellius games on the VC. So, that. That's what I want. Not for me (since I can still play them), but for the entire FE community. Also, Mole Mania revival. We all want it, even the ones who have no idea what I'm talking about. ... But to be honest, if they ported F-Zero GX to the Switch, only adding online multiplayer in the process, I'd buy the system and pre-order two copies. Oh, and a game with this title.
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    Yes! I apologise to the N-E collective that there haven't been any updates recently. I moved to a new flat about a month ago and don't have anywhere decent to set up my PC yet, so I've been using my phone for N-Eing. I've also been extra busy with work and spending almost all my downtime on Rocket League and Skyrim. I keep putting off setting everything up, but I will do it as soon as I have some free time and get the rest of the list finished ASAP.
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    Lol. Only Nintendo would ignore everyone calling the GC VC and then announce those games are going to a non Nintendo platform.
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    I've not quite had time to finish writing up the rest of my top 20 as I've ended up writing more about the next lot of games, so entries 10 - 6 will have to suffice for now the rest will hopefully coming tomorrow. Entry 10 will no doubt draw some snorts of derision but these are all games that have left their mark on me and I stand by my inclusion of it.
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    https://www.resetera.com/threads/nintendo-and-nvidia-partner-to-bring-wii-games-nsmbwii-smg-tp-po-to-nvidia-shield-in-china.9602/unread Well that's insane! Guess that means they're coming to Switch as well at some point, given that the Switch is literally an enhanced Nvidia Shield internally.
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    I just want Megaman 11. Edit: Oh shit! I want a million Euros. Edit 2: Ah crap, it stopped working.
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    Nearly everyone did when it came out. Destiny 2 is absolutely lacking in one key area though - PvP. No matter what small changes they make, I can't see this becoming fun. For anyone wanting a piece of entertainment from the days of D1 Trials, here's that fun vid where we played an insane Top 200 player:
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    Just announced on the stream. They are finally coming to the Switch and with amiibo support.
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    Didn’t get chance to play last night but sunk some time this evening into this. I am absolutely in love with this game! Having so much fun. I love the variation on the levels and now I am replying them for the red rings, I’m seeing all different paths and how the Wispons for the avatar character really opens up the gameplay. I love the lightning Wispon. Easily my favourite. I downloaded and completed the Shadow DLC which was a nice touch. Did all red rings, number and silver rings for him. And I’m up to stage 23 from the main game for red rings. Got them all on the levels before. So much fun.
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    That Lady Just Said: I'm probably tio tired tomorrow. Well...fuck it. I don't have time for this. As Foo Fighter'$ Leader Singer once Said: done, done, onto the next one
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    Apparently Disney is close to buying Fox. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/05/disney-and-fox-are-closing-in-on-deal-could-be-announced-next-week--sources.html Which would make the X-men joining the MCU a real possibility. Personally I actually don't want that to happen, I kind of like them separate. The X-men universe alone would add tons of characters to an already packed MCU. I also like how Fox has started to experiment a little with things like Logan, and I don't see them doing something like that within the MCU at the moment. They also simply won't integrate easily within the MCU storyline.. They'd both need reboots. Which would probably be easier for X-men (they've never been consistent anyway), they could simply reboot it like they did with Spider-man, but it would have a major impact on the MCU.
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    Almost drunk. Fuck Mobile Phone
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    Thank you, we’re doing fine. We arrived in time to see her and all. Sat in the room for a while, she passed this morning around 2 am. She was alert for a bit. And could answer yes and no questions by nodding. @Animal very sorry to hear all that, the anniversaries of losses are just so hard, and then your work being snarky. I feel snarky is the best word for it. Telling you you don’t care about the job because you want a day that is important to you off? Fuck them. I called work Sunday night 9pm and told them I won’t be in this week, my dad did the same with his job.
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    Personally much prefer the original NES games to the X games. 2 and 3 are well known as being two of the best Mega Man games. Brutal difficulty though, but the precise platforming is part of the fun IMO.
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    The first Megaman Legacy Collection includes all the NES games, that is, Megaman 1 through 6. It also includes a few challenges (defeating multiple bosses in a row, playing through specific level segments in a gauntlet, etc.). These games play very similar to each other, with a few incremental changes from game to game. The second Legacy Collection includes Megaman 7 through 10. That's a SNES game, a PS1/Saturn game, and two NES-style, retro-throwback games. I'm assuming it has challenges as well. The first two games are attempts revamping the series into better systems, the other two are made to be similar to the NES games (though they have unique aspects of their own, like other playable characters). (There's also a game called "Megaman & Bass" that's made in the style of Megaman 8, but I don't think it's included in either collection) The X series is a full-blown revamp made back in the 16-bit era. The classic was/is about an idealistic robot battling an evil scientist, the X series is set a hundred or so years later, in a bleak future where androids rebel against humanity. Gameplay-wise, it's much smoother and faster paced. There have been three X games on the SNES, three more on the PS1, and then two on the PS2 Yes. No. Nothing like that. Also no. X1-X8 are included in a Legacy Collection, the one from the other thread. Exactly. No. Yes. Kinda. Is that all in the 3DS version as well? Because I didn't experience any of that. That one feels buggy at times, but it's consistent within a specific game (for example, Megaman sometimes jumps late when charging the buster, but only in MM4). Even then, the only technical problems that bothered me were stuff that was already in the originals (disappearing blocks in MM2 will occasionally clip you out, Bright Man's platforms will sometimes move before you fully land on them, etc.) and slowdowns in MM3 (they're exclusive to that game, and consistent with ROMs I played before. Never played it on the NES, though). Also, the MM1 pause trick is absolutely there.
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    I hadn't until the Virtual Console. Was too late for the NES games and never played any of the SNES releases. I've only played the first 3 and X, so looking forward to getting into this slice of brutal gaming history.
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    D2 is a massive failure for me and many others. I spent thousands of hours on D1 but they really messed up D2. The initial run through the main story is great, and the raid was pretty fun, but beyond that the endgame is trash. The PvP is terrible and limited, hell you can't even pick which mode you want to play. They don't make you chase anything worth having in the end game except cosmetics, in an effort to push microtransactions/loot boxes. All the exotics are crap. Snipers are crap. Almost every primary is crap. They're also back to their cycle of communicating, promising more communication, then going dark for months. And the new DLC looks crazy lacking too. No new raid, no pre-DLC content. I regret buying the special edition with the season pass because if I hadn't, I don't think I would've wanted to give them any more money at this point.
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    I think this refers to her quest line. You need to find the people that need help with electricity and complete their task. I think the 1st one is in Argentium at the back of the area. This only requires level 1 thunder but needs level 10 electric mastery. Just remember that for the electric mastery you can use multiple Blades to achieve the desired level needed. This goes for all the field skills.
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    Just a rumor, so take it with a teaspoon of salt, but apparently Namco Bandai willhost a big event the 15th of december where Nintendo will have a big precence. These are the rumored games that will be announced: Dark Souls Collection One Piece Dawn Soul Calibur 6 My Hero Academy (this was just officially confirmed) Xenosaga HD Collection (!) Let's keep an eye out for news these following days. Seeing as I never got around to play Dark Souls, a complete collection on my favourite console would be pretty awesome.
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    I've only played a handful of games that were actually released this year and I would echo what most have said about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey being my games of the year among the big releases. I am only a few away from getting every moon in Odyssey which should speak to the quality of the game in itself but I haven't felt so much joy in a long time than I had during several moments in Odyssey. BOTW offered similar reward but was more engrossing, leading to longer play sessions and although it didn't contain those typical Zelda dungeons what it did have was executed expertly, both Zelda and Mario this year made exploration and curiosity a key part of their design which made spending time in their worlds a real pleasure. It's hard to choose between the two really, they are both exceptional games but I've spent more time with Zelda so will probably plump for that as number one at this moment, especially with the DLC on the horizon. In terms of other games I have to mention What Remains Of Edith Finch and Little Nightmares. Both games featured fascinating and surreal worlds to explore but where Edith Finch told a haunting and emotional narrative, Little Nightmares offered up a terrifying journey through a monstrous passenger ship; one was a fresh and unique spin on the 'walking simulator' the other a straightforward platformer in a twisted world. In my eyes both games achieved perfection in what they were trying to do and the presentation in each title was flawless. Honourable mentions go to Metroid: Samus Returns and Rime. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get around to playing the likes of Horizon, Nier, Bye-Bye BoxBoy, Mario + Rabbids, Splatoon 2, Nioh, Persona, Xenoblade, Wolfenstein, Hellblade, Resident Evil 7 and doubt i'll be able to get through any of them by the end of the year but definitely plan on playing them all as soon as I can.
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    I haven't actually bought many new games this year, so I may as well list them all, starting with the best. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: An absolute joy to play, I really liked the open world nature and I do plan on actually fully completing everything (including all the seeds). Easily my game of the year. Mass Effect: Andromeda: The best combat in the series, the Nomad was great and the characters got a great introduction. Not quite as good as Mass Effect 2 and 3, but still better than the first. Yooka-Laylee: Like a new Banjo-Kazooie. Things could have been smoother (it's a shame the patched version wasn't the original version), but I still absolutely loved it. Really like the characters and I hope there's a sequel. Sonic Mania: Like a new original Sonic game, really great level design, awesome music and it felt just right (unlike Sonic CD and 4). Sonic Forces: I was quite surprised that this was actually really good, especially after reviews. It's a solid 3D Sonic game and, while short, has plenty to encourage you to replay missions. Metroid: Samus Returns: A decent Metroid game. I still have quite a lot to do with it though, and is the only one of these I haven't completed. A Hat in Time: Lowest on the list, but I still really enjoyed it. Modding support is great, so that's something to look forward to.
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    I was thinking the same thing. I was shocked that they actually got it out in time for this year at all and it's pretty clear that they made some sacrifices to pull that off. I'd expect some performance patches next year as they roll out their DLC plans.
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    The game lacks a lot of care and polish that you expect from Nintendo. There's the resolution issue but there's also issues such as textures not loading when you teleport to a new area, game crashing and sending you back to the Switch home screen which means you lose any unsaved progress ( happened to me but luckily I had just saved ) and a few framerate drops. I mentioned it earlier but I honestly think this was pushed out the door to make it in time for Christmas. It just seems weird that the game runs this poorly in undocked mode and has other issues while docked, when more time in the oven could probably sorted most of these things.
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    From Digital Foundry : Undocked:- Dynamic resolution, very low, down to 368p at its lowest and up to 552p;- Worst image quality in a Switch game in portable mode; That's unacceptable. 368p is ridiculous. Wasn't sure about this game but the handheld performance really keeps me from getting this. Can't believe they couldn't do stable 540p minimum.
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    Sorry to hear that, @Nolan. Hope you and your Dad are holding up OK.
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    I thought 2 was better than 1 in nearly all aspects personally.
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    @Nicktendo Any chance of reviving this? I'm only pestering you because it's been good fun.
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    I've reconciled myself to the fact that Destiny 2 will not have the same longevity and replayability as Destiny 1. With that in mind, I can play the new DLC and enjoy it for what it is, rather than for what it could have been. Then I can put the game down again and play something else. For all the current disappointment and negative feelings around the current state of Destiny 2 (specifically around the end-game and PvP), the core content and gameplay is still very good. There's just no incentive to replay it or grind a la Destiny 1.
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    Although there are two more games that I'm likely to start this year which may have been up for an inclusion in the list, I've put together my Top 20 Games for 2017. I'm posting the first half of the list, entries 20 - 11, today mainly as I haven't had time to finish writing up the little blurbs I want to for the rest. I've kind of written the blurbs up quite quickly but I think they more or less capture my thoughts on the games. I'll hopefully get time to finish up the rest for 10 - 1 tomorrow, although I've already made clear what my number 1 pick is. Some titles that didn't make it but are worth a mention: Tooth and Tail, Observer, Human Fall Flat, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Rime.
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    Nothing to get excited about (as usual ) but here are the new "rewards" for December: Wii U: New Super Mario Bros. U DLC: New Super Luigi U (100 Gold Points) 3DS: Mario's Winter Wonderland (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Jingle's Toy Day (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing - Winter Frolics (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Switch: There's still time... I'm sure Nintendo won't disappoint us by not having any Switch rewards in time for Christmas.
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    Pokémon Red and Blue are the best games of the series.
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    Workout 1: 10x10 Bench press 10x10 bent over row 3x10 cable flyes 3x10 cable pull downs Workout 2: 10x10 squat 10x10 hamstring machine 3x10 calf raise 3x10 hanging leg raise Workout 3: 10x10 close grip bench 10x10 bicep curl 3x10 lateral shoulder raise its working pretty well so far just finished my second week of it and moving back onto workout 1 tomorrow.