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    I've just read the first paragraph of the Kotaku review Never mind reviewers not finishing the game. This reviewer hated the first xenoblade, couldn't be arsed playing the second and then was shocked he didn't like the game he was reviewing.
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    Although there are two more games that I'm likely to start this year which may have been up for an inclusion in the list, I've put together my Top 20 Games for 2017. I'm posting the first half of the list, entries 20 - 11, today mainly as I haven't had time to finish writing up the little blurbs I want to for the rest. I've kind of written the blurbs up quite quickly but I think they more or less capture my thoughts on the games. I'll hopefully get time to finish up the rest for 10 - 1 tomorrow, although I've already made clear what my number 1 pick is. Some titles that didn't make it but are worth a mention: Tooth and Tail, Observer, Human Fall Flat, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Rime.
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    There a few things that have damped my experience so far. The first is the battle at the end of chapter 5. It's not as hard as the road block that was in the original game but it was still irritating. It seems there are quite a few people not happy with that fight. It kinda punishes you for being good at the game and using the mechanics well. Next up is just how much HP regular enemies seem to have late on in the game. The battles themselves aren't hard, they are just tedious. Enemies don't hit you very hard but they are damage sponges. Even if you are a higher level, some enemies take ages to get put down. Lastly, the game has started putting up roadblocks that require certain Field Skills to be at a certain level. For the most part the FS feature has just been for extra collectibles and a kinda throw away feature but late game it becomes important to actually progress. If you haven't been using a Blade that has the skill needed, or if the RNG gods haven't been kind to you, then you are stuck until you grind the skills needed. Apparently there are a couple of other places where certain skills are need to progress and someone on Era who has finished the game was kind enough to inform me on which Blade I should be looking to level up to avoid getting stuck. Stuff like this is exactly why reviewers should be finishing games before putting out a review. These things don't crop up until mid to late game and as such a reviewer would miss them if they just only played the start. They aren't game breaking by any means but they have effected my enjoyment.
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    Just announced on the stream. They are finally coming to the Switch and with amiibo support.
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    I was thinking the same thing. I was shocked that they actually got it out in time for this year at all and it's pretty clear that they made some sacrifices to pull that off. I'd expect some performance patches next year as they roll out their DLC plans.
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    I just want Megaman 11. Edit: Oh shit! I want a million Euros. Edit 2: Ah crap, it stopped working.
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    This might actually be the first time I will spend money on a theme.
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    So I finally bit the bullet (as prices kept going up) and ordered our tickets to go to Italy over the Easter break! Planning to fly into Milan, stay there for two nights, then move on to Florence for a few days (possibly also visit Siena and Pisa) and then go to Rome! Now I just need to sort out all the hotels/rooms, train tickets, museum tickets, sightseeing tours etc. And learn some Italian. Fun! Looking forward to it though!
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    Just watched Triangle. Supposed to be a psychological horror thriller but it wasn't actually that scary. And that's coming from a guy who is a real pussy when it comes to the horror genre Anyway, I loved the movie. It's a real mind fuck, which is exactly why I enjoyed it. Some scenes felt a little low budget but it didn't really matter. The premise made for a gripping experience with pretty good acting.
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    I haven't actually bought many new games this year, so I may as well list them all, starting with the best. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: An absolute joy to play, I really liked the open world nature and I do plan on actually fully completing everything (including all the seeds). Easily my game of the year. Mass Effect: Andromeda: The best combat in the series, the Nomad was great and the characters got a great introduction. Not quite as good as Mass Effect 2 and 3, but still better than the first. Yooka-Laylee: Like a new Banjo-Kazooie. Things could have been smoother (it's a shame the patched version wasn't the original version), but I still absolutely loved it. Really like the characters and I hope there's a sequel. Sonic Mania: Like a new original Sonic game, really great level design, awesome music and it felt just right (unlike Sonic CD and 4). Sonic Forces: I was quite surprised that this was actually really good, especially after reviews. It's a solid 3D Sonic game and, while short, has plenty to encourage you to replay missions. Metroid: Samus Returns: A decent Metroid game. I still have quite a lot to do with it though, and is the only one of these I haven't completed. A Hat in Time: Lowest on the list, but I still really enjoyed it. Modding support is great, so that's something to look forward to.
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    Wow. I was wondering if I was experiencing mental hyperbole in thinking at times it reminded me of 3DS resolution... turns out I wasn't The low res isn't even the whole problem with some sort of 'sharpening' applied across the board making it a complete mess akin to a heavily compressed jpeg! I'm a little shocked that they got X running a stable 720p on the weaker Wii U. Quite why they went ahead implenting a whole bunch of extra lighting etc if it meant it displays like this is beyond me. Aren' they supposed to target handheld spec and then allow the extra grunt docked to bump it up? The sad thing is the game is absolutely wonderful - a lot more accessible than the previous two entries, with more than enough depth. Story and chatacters have a wonderful freshness about them. Docked also looks great and the art style reminds me of Tales of Symphonia. Hoping I haven't completed it by the time the patch is out!
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    On Saturday, I think I played for almost 14 hours straight if the in-game time is to be believed. That wasn't such a good idea in hindsight, haha. But I'm enjoying the game. Finished chapters 1 and 2 that day, and also managed to get a rare blade. Started chapter 3 yesterday, but haven't done much. Nia is awesome, and I love her Japanese voice. I'm slowly getting to grips with the combat system, I'm slowly understanding those elemental combos (or whatever they're called, there are so many combos). My strategy for chapters 1 and 2 was generally to cancel auto-attacks with my arts, and slowly build up to a level IV special. But the game is not perfect. Some minor gripes: No video capture (I mean, I know it's coming, but as a major Nintendo game, you'd expect it to have it from the start). I mean, now I can't share all my hilarious deaths. "Skip" travel is a bit immersion breaking No overview of tutorials. Some major gripes: I'd like a more intuitive map system, preferrably à la Zelda. After finishing chapter 2, I had no clue where I needed to go. Blindly following the marker just lead me to a steap cliff everytime. I went almost everywhere, found 2 rare cores in the process, but I didn't figure out where to go until I messed around with the skip travel function which actually lets you view a zoomed out map. I appreciate the option for Japanese voices, however, none of the party banter has been subtitles, and that's a huge disappointment. I feel like I miss a lot. Also, I suspect the subtitles aren't properly translated, but rather just captions from the English voices (dubtitles in anime terms), but I could be wrong. I think there was something else but I forgot. I haven't had any problems with performance so far, it's not the smoothest or prettiest, but nothing major. Then again I mostly play docked. I also came across various fiels skill barriers, but nothing hindering my progress so far. Anyway, I'll get back to it now.
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    Huber, Brad and Ben from Easy Allies have went on about Yakuza enough that I've given in and picked up Zero with part of the voucher I got for trading in an old phone to CeX. I think I'll save it for Christmas along with The Last Guardian and Until Dawn. I may also pick up The Phantom Pain on PS4 having not yet touched it on PS3 but I'm not sure I'll be that keen on it!
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    @Nicktendo Any chance of reviving this? I'm only pestering you because it's been good fun.
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    I love Huber. His excitement is infectious. The opening bet was absolutely hilarious as neither of them really had a clue what time it started.
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    Thanks Sam. credits have rolled a few nights ago so I’m all good on that front. And ahhh makes sense. The red rings seem a bit pesky. There are so many alternative paths to follow in some levels I do wonder how long it would take to nab them all. Buuuuut I’m up for the challenge as I’m really enjoying it. Game seems to have a lot of replay-ability too which is good. I have really enjoyed the 2d sonic stages, particularly the later ones. They don’t feel out of place or shoe horned in, even though Sonic could control better. I just wish there were more 3D sonic alone stages. Also whilst I’m ranting... how annoying is unlocking items at the end of a level! I just sit hammering the A button to get through it all but it takes about five minutes sometimes!
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    Biggest thing I want is for Nintendo to come out swinging with the Virtual Console on Switch throughout next year. An extensive selection of NES, SNES & N64 games (at least everything that is on the NES/SNES Mini - ideally everything that is on the Wii U within the first year, but that's just a pipe dream), a decent selection of GCN/Wii VC games (GCN Controller adapter support, physical Wiimote/Chuck support/Joy-con emulation of the Wiimote/Chuck, full GBA/GCN adapter emulation via multiple Switches etc), GB/GBC/GBA/DS/3DS VC emulation (Ok, the latter-most one is again a bit of a pipe dream, but you asked for a wishlist here!), with no expenses spared (Link cable/GBC IR port/DS Wireless support, Official Capacitive Stylus for DS emulation etc). HD up-resing for N64/GCN/Wii games as an option too! I want and expect it all. No excuses, no compromises. No missing features (the lack of multiplayer support for Nintendo's portables on past VC services, outside of the mainline Pokemon games, was absolutely criminal!) The hardware is capable of a no-compromises experience and I am willing to pay the money for an no-compromises experience, Nintendo just need to put the effort in. Then maybe special edition retro joy-cons or reissued classic controllers to go along with it. Then Earthbound Endings/Mother 3. I don't ask for much.
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    Hmm what are these silver rings? I haven’t seen these yet I don’t think? I really found myself loving this yesterday. I’ve finally figured out the Wispons which really make a big difference for some levels. My favourite is lightning. I love going through a huge loop of rings using it. Whisper it quietly but I think I’m having more fun with this than I was with Mania... . But I am a sucker for a 3D Sonic. Im not doing bad with S ranks. I’ve got a fair few so fair so am enjoying going back trying to get more. You’re right though @S.C.G, it’s much easier after the daily missions for the added bonus. Gonna try the Shadow DLC tonight.
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    Layton and Ace Attorney bundle, new Pokemon core game, Smash, Kid Icarus, Wario Ware, Mario Strikers, Mario Party, 'Wii Sports', F Zero, Prime 4, Donkey Kong, Captain Toad, Advance/Battalion Wars, Wave Race, DKR, Excite Truck/Bots/Bike, Hotel Dusk, Dillon, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Maker, Tingle and Eternal Darkness would be enough for me
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    Getting horrible flashbacks to Xenoblade Chronicles X reading that. This kind of thing was exactly what saw me giving up on that game.
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    Basically what @Kav wants. This is the year Nintendo might convince me to get a Switch. So far there are only two games i want to play (Odyssey and Xenoblade 2) so not nearly enough to spend money on a console. If Metroid Prime 4, Smash Bros. and many more new IPs are ready for 2018 I might get a Switch for Christmas. And for fuck's sake, Nintendo, give us a new F-Zero.
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    Hit the R trigger and then B. Standing still is fine if you want to steadily do more damage. Personally, I prefer to unleash my specials at a fast rate. After I've scored a hit I quickly flick the movement stick. This cancels the next hit but it fills the special meter much faster.
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    Hello darkness my old friend
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    A Wario Ware game would be well received by me. Maybe a Super Monkey Ball using the Switch as a tilt table thingy? A Mario/Star Wars crossover game. Animal Crossing Switch obvs.
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    Yeah it’s a trend that has existed in these animes for years. It killed of Naruto in the West and killed off Bleach completely. They just can’t seem to see the bigger picture. Instead of pumping something out every week, whether it’s terrible filler, shockingly animated or padded out to ruin the pacing, they should just stop making it for months until they have enough quality content. Hope there’s a “Naruto Kai” one day!
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    Episode 7 gets far too much hate. It's not the best episode, but it's not particularly terrible. The issue with it is that it's far too rushed and the content of the episode would have been better spread out over 2 and 3. It's almost like DLC, or a random sidequest. I didn't mind it all that much. Season 2 was just too, too good. We blitzed through it, loved it, and now want more. @Mr-Paul
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    You'll want to be taking full advantage of those daily missions then, if you're not already. They make it so much easier and actually fairer for some stages as playing at my best I could only get just below an S rank on some stages. As soon as I started using my daily mission boost though, no problem, first time just so long as you don't have to retry too many times. I went through the game grabbing all the Red Rings, numbered rings, silver rings and S ranks right up until a few missions from the end I think. So I've got nearly all of them and will likely go for the rest when I feel like it or when more dlc hopefully gets added. Also, don't forget about the Shadow DLC, I think you have to redeem the code in the box and then it will appear as free dlc in the Nintendo eShop next to the "Sanic T-Shirt" dlc.
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    Unbelievable! I don't know how they managed it.
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    "Nice." (Also, I haven't seen her in a while..)
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    If you have a lot of penisses and vaginas in your call of duty, you probably have an illegal copy.
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    Off to New Hampshire today to hopefully make it in time to say bye to my last grandparent. My dad called last night to let me know my grandma (his mother) might not make it through the night. Last year it was my dads oldest brother and now this. Plus side it’s a minor family reunion just under not good circumstances.