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    Hello darkness my old friend
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    God damn classy mother fucker there. Whiskey. Shot. Monster energy. That shall be my life now. I fucking give up. Im tired of trying so damn hard and it being nothing. Wanting to talk trying to talk and friends being brick walls constantly. I feel I’m typing too coherently so another shot (insert thro gif) I get people being busy and having liges and shit. But ugh a wek of bisy work and then no reposne the rest of the day is fucking weary. From some one I talk to daily for the past 6-7 years. The conclusion I can only come to is they dont want to talk anymore. Whatever depressing shit. I’ll go back to drinking and playing south park and watching hockey. All of the stimulation! All the distractions. Edit: small shoutout to SCG for apparently reading every post and reacting to most of them. Like really, it’s awesome man.
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    Episode 7 gets far too much hate. It's not the best episode, but it's not particularly terrible. The issue with it is that it's far too rushed and the content of the episode would have been better spread out over 2 and 3. It's almost like DLC, or a random sidequest. I didn't mind it all that much. Season 2 was just too, too good. We blitzed through it, loved it, and now want more. @Mr-Paul
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    And I thought Mario + Rabbids was a strange crossover! Personally there's no Wii U games I'd want to see repeated, because I would have already purchased them.
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    A first party racing game that isn't Mario Kart. F-Zero, 1080, Wave Race, Excitebike and Diddy Kong Racing could all do with a new series entry.
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    Yes, I did, I loved it, but in the last few days I have decided that I will go for Xenoblade 2 and then I will see what next (to many games to choose from :).
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    Thank you, I only just read this but yes, I do indeed read every post in this thread - whenever I'm still awake at that time - and I will generally react to the majority of posts where possible. I was considering joining in at one point as I'd just started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but I only started drinking at around 1am so I didn't get anywhere near drunk enough sadly. Though I did manage more than a couple of hours of gameplay time after a long shift at work which is pretty good for me but I only had the one drink of vodka in the end as I was pretty engrossed in the opening section of the game... and then before I knew it, the time was 3am so. We'll see though, it is December afterall so I may end up buying a decent bottle of Rum pretty soon, so I may post in here yet, when you least expect it. In the meantime I'll be sure to keep checking in on this glorious thread though.
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    Check the aisles. Is anyone rolling in them? If not, no.
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    That is indeed a small shoutout. Oh my god, did I just make a @bob-joke?
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    Hi i'm don don done fdrinking and i'd like yo let you kno konw how drunk i am I xaam excedingly drunk i'vebeen drinknig doe r for a while dfuck oy u you fuy guys fuck you gutys my mouth feels like its' on fire since i've bee ndowning all thsis whiskey wwooooo!!!! next eweek i''l be getting to teh bars abd stuff so you know i neee dot pay out and stuf so screw you gttyuys !!! i li live you guys i 'm sorrty my mouth is just numvanf on fire and stuff i need to stop drinknig i wnna foto carlisle and wall the tiem goig where ever i want fuck you guys woooooo!!!!
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    I'Äve acuatllly never been to the octeronber FEST. It'sway too expensive for a student. SO I just get drunk whenever i want to and its relatiely cheap. Apparently I manage d to arrange a date for Wednesday. With that young lady I wanted to see a week atog. ago. WE might see aeach other oj non ON tuesday. I will be extraordinarily drunk so...i hop she will be, too, or she wonÄt b e there at all....
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    i also liske you sir GermAN GUY i FUCKING RESDENT YOU CAUSE TOU CAN FOG OTO OCTOBER FEST AND STUFF caps meloalock downced a bovttle of whcite whinve wordking onb the whiskey I'll be baxck to taslk shit whsen i'm super fccuckedi love you german guy. wooooooooooo
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    Dude. Language. We are friendl bnepople jere. BE NICE FUCKFACE "THERE WAS A PROLBELM" NO. THERe was mno problem. IU didnÄt click o "submit reply". SO NO, THERE WAS NO problem. @martinist, aplologies. you are no fuckface. I like yo
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    Nothing to get excited about (as usual ) but here are the new "rewards" for December: Wii U: New Super Mario Bros. U DLC: New Super Luigi U (100 Gold Points) 3DS: Mario's Winter Wonderland (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Jingle's Toy Day (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing - Winter Frolics (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Switch: There's still time... I'm sure Nintendo won't disappoint us by not having any Switch rewards in time for Christmas.
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    I reached chapter 5 this morning. My team is in the mid 30 level range but I have yet to sleep at an inn so i'm sitting on a stack of exp that will upgrade them all to at least the early 40s. Methinks I will just hang on to that exp and keep adding to it until the time comes when I may need an extra boost. If I can make it to the end of the game without needing it that would be even better. I'll probably be able to blitz the final fight if I use all of the exp in one go just before it. I was out and about this morning and seen that GAME had one of the collectors editions left in stock. I actually cancelled mine from Nintendo UK when I seen Simply Games were shipping the normal version early. I'm enjoying the game so much that I decided to pick it up. I had £130 on my GAME card anyway. The thing is HUGE! I've been taking a few shots here and there in the game, just to highlight some of the prettier bits of scenery. I also took a couple of shots of how rough the game can look at times.These were taken when I was playing in undocked mode Finally, the game is getting a lot of flak off people for the outfits that the female characters wear and the size of the breasts of some of them. I think it's great and think people need to chill out and get over themselves.