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    I reached chapter 5 this morning. My team is in the mid 30 level range but I have yet to sleep at an inn so i'm sitting on a stack of exp that will upgrade them all to at least the early 40s. Methinks I will just hang on to that exp and keep adding to it until the time comes when I may need an extra boost. If I can make it to the end of the game without needing it that would be even better. I'll probably be able to blitz the final fight if I use all of the exp in one go just before it. I was out and about this morning and seen that GAME had one of the collectors editions left in stock. I actually cancelled mine from Nintendo UK when I seen Simply Games were shipping the normal version early. I'm enjoying the game so much that I decided to pick it up. I had £130 on my GAME card anyway. The thing is HUGE! I've been taking a few shots here and there in the game, just to highlight some of the prettier bits of scenery. I also took a couple of shots of how rough the game can look at times.These were taken when I was playing in undocked mode Finally, the game is getting a lot of flak off people for the outfits that the female characters wear and the size of the breasts of some of them. I think it's great and think people need to chill out and get over themselves.
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    This game... My characters are now level 45 and I've just started chapter 6. Man, things got dark pretty fast. I love the cutscenes at the end of chapters. They are all hype as hell and get you excited to play the next chapter. I've actually gone back to the Event Viewer and watched a few of them again. I'm a big fan Jin, Akhos and Malos. They kinda remind me of Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series. The boss at the end of chapter 5 was my first sticking point in the game. I was stuck on the thing for ages, despite being a higher level than it. At half its health it would go crazy and obliterate my team. I managed to eventually brute force my way through it but methinks there must be an easier way. The soundtrack continues to amaze me. Nier Automata was going to win my OST award but this has it beaten. It has so many amazing tracks and I haven't even listened to everything on offer yet. Time to call it a day and start my next session in the morning.
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    @Hero-of-Time You still have to send me your Switch (thank God there's no "backspace rule" in this thread. Give me your Switch and the two games I want to play.
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    Finally. Well, there we go! See you next week.
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    Aw man! I had a great time with Rocket League last night with @dazzybee and @Clownferret.. and then @Nicktendo joined in.. and then @Kaepora_Gaebora came along Some really great games We need to do it again!
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    Dialga caught, @markderoos. So it's ready to go whenever you start your Ultra playthrough (As well as the Castform) In the meantime, I've been messing around with the photo club again. It's far too much fun! I'm so proud of that last one!
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    IÄm actually hjoping for a bj under a bridge, but i might be interested in getting my ghole sut, if you explain to me what exactly trhat means.
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    I'Äve acuatllly never been to the octeronber FEST. It'sway too expensive for a student. SO I just get drunk whenever i want to and its relatiely cheap. Apparently I manage d to arrange a date for Wednesday. With that young lady I wanted to see a week atog. ago. WE might see aeach other oj non ON tuesday. I will be extraordinarily drunk so...i hop she will be, too, or she wonÄt b e there at all....
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    i also liske you sir GermAN GUY i FUCKING RESDENT YOU CAUSE TOU CAN FOG OTO OCTOBER FEST AND STUFF caps meloalock downced a bovttle of whcite whinve wordking onb the whiskey I'll be baxck to taslk shit whsen i'm super fccuckedi love you german guy. wooooooooooo
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    you have know fucking idea....kno fuckbnking idea... i'll be back cunts...
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    Why are you sober?= DRINK AND PLAS. PLAY.
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    Above picture paid for by the N-E Mario Kart League. JOIN NOW!
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    Nothing to get excited about (as usual ) but here are the new "rewards" for December: Wii U: New Super Mario Bros. U DLC: New Super Luigi U (100 Gold Points) 3DS: Mario's Winter Wonderland (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Jingle's Toy Day (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Animal Crossing - Winter Frolics (Theme) (20 Gold Points) Switch: There's still time... I'm sure Nintendo won't disappoint us by not having any Switch rewards in time for Christmas.
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    The whole time I was watching the Ball I was thinking "No you don't! Don't you do that to my boy Dustin!" I was all ready to rage, but they saved it at the end.
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    I'll get back to you to elaborate, but in short: the gameplay is annoying, and so is the robot.
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    Game, steel case, CD and huge art book.
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    The extra DLC challenge levels and weapons have already arrived back on October 17th. The extra story and character DLC will be in January. 16th if IRC. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    Obviously I did (in fact...). After all, I watched House of Lies and that was at best watchable. It's an NBC show but similar to stuff like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin and Better Call Saul Netflix has picked up the UK (and perhaps elsewhere) rights. Guess its a slightly different deal which is why they're claiming its a Netflix original when it's not. But yeah, it's a lot of fun and I like how they have defied some expectations about what they'd end up doing with it. Plus its fun seeing Danson clearly having fun.
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    Ah, fair point. My opinion on it would be that although the number part isn't memorable I suppose at least there are multiple ways for people to add you, if you are already friends on another Nintendo platform, so I like that aspect but I agree that it would be so much simpler to just have the user name to deal with. But so far I haven't had any issues with using it even though it could be better, it's nice to see that it has improved a bit on the Switch. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Anyway, in another attempt to move the conversation on, I'd just like to say that the first... almost year that the Switch has had so far has been simply phenomenal, to the point that me even mentioning it at this point just seems like reiterating a point which has been stated a lot recently around the internet and indeed in the world in general thanks to Nintendo actually properly advertising this time. (and the console itself being well worth picking up) Just the other night I saw an advert for Arms... and I thought to myself "why are you advertising Arms when there are so many other titles out there now?" then I thought again, because I'm pretty sure I remember seeing an advert for at least every major first-party Nintendo game but soon after the console launched, Arms perhaps seemed forgotten about even though it was advertised, so now with all the extra content and events which seem to be happening, I can understand why they would want to boost the visibility of the game. Let's hope for equally strong Christmas sales but I get the feeling, that really won't be a problem at all.
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    I mentioned how someone asked me for mine so I came here to give it to them but realised mine is still a dummy one I used when setting up the field and wouldn't have this issue if I could use a username (because I can remember that more than a number).
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    Played loads more of this now. Think I’m getting near the end. Really enjoyed it so far. I still don’t reallly like the avatar stages too much, but those aside it is such a fun game. Sonic doesn’t always control particularly well, moreso 2d Sonic, but it’s nice to have a mix of the 2d and 3D gameplay. It also looks really nice in parts. I said I wasn’t going to try and S tank every state but maybe I’ll give it a go.
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    There is enough room in the headset to wear glasses. Just be careful they don't slip onto the VR lenses.
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    You address me by my proper title!
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    Watch it! It's only one episode and it's not that bad.
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    Happy world AIDS day! woo!!
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    Started playing this today after nabbing the bundle version on sale in the eShop. Can’t remember exactly why I didn’t get this at launch, but glad I finally got around to picking it up. Did think I might struggle to get into this a bit, what with it being turn based strategy (not really my cup of tea ) but it’s actually been alright so far. Liking how there are little secrets to discover when exploring in between the battles too. Already had me laughing on several occasions as well, the Rabbids are such great characters and their animation is super expressive in this. That early scene with Rabbid Peach and the real Princess Peach is gold! Here’s hoping it stays this entertaining for the rest of the game.
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    Once in a lifetime opportunity...going to tentatively put myself down as IN for next week!
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    Oh, BTW! One more thing that @Dcubed may have come up with that's too perfect for this night. In case it wasn't obvious, Four Swords is the inspiration for this night. So for one week only, we're holding a vote. A vote for the... & In possibly the stupidest move ever conceived. Each team will hold a vote on which member was a total Team Player and which member was an Utter Jerk. After the night, I will ask each racer to send me a PM stating which person on their team is worthy of the Hero of Light title and which one deserves to be shamed as the Hero of Darkness. Let me hit you with the lowdown... You will gain a few points for each "Hero of Light" vote you receieve. On the other hand, you will lose a few points for each "Hero of Darkness" vote you receieve. You will not be able to vote for people on the opposite team as you. So don't even bother, they're meant to be jerks to you! You can't vote for yourself. You can't vote for the same person twice. So no voting the same bloke as Hero of Light and Hero of Darkness. Refusal or failure to vote 3 days after this Thursday will result in a penalty to your score. And I can't really stop you from doing this, but don't just vote for the highest scoring players just because they're the highest scoring. That's mean and ruins the fun. Be honest with who was nice and who wasn't. And that's that. Please declare yourself in as soon as possible.
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    I'm pretty much doing most of the side quests it seems. Most of them are pretty interesting and more than just fetch quests. The ones I can't be bothered with are the fight clubs, the horse racing and the Gwent stuff. Figured that might save me some time.
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    Some more 3DS & Wii U gold point rewards are up: 3DS: Siesta Fiesta (40 Gold Points) Mighty Switch Force! (50 Gold Points) Wii U: Gunman Clive HD Collection (40 Gold Points) Year Walk (60 Gold Points) Switch: Sweet FA (Your Gold Points have expired )
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    Stranger Things Season 2, take a bow. Fucking brilliant. Episode 7 was strange, in terms of pacing and being so disconnected from the suburbs, but the show eventually could benefit from moving outside of the confines of the school etc every now and then. Definitely wasn't integrated right.
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    Nah. Already sold it to one of my mates.