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    Bloody fantastic night! Couldn’t have wished for better/worse! Couldn’t stop all throughout!
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    Here is @Kaepora_Gaebora's review: http://n-europe.com/reviews/xenoblade-chronicles-2-review
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    This game is a masterpiece. Haven't enjoyed a game so much for ages. I only got my Switch on Sunday, but have two days off work this week and I've been glued to this! I've seen the credits roll already, and I have no regrets, it's been so much fun! I've got 383 moons so far and looking forward to getting the rest!
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    Holy shit! I’m actually in floods of tears right now.
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    @MindFreak the patch seems to have fixed the clock issue.
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    I gonna trawl through a hell of a lot of MKTV footage, the highlight possibilities are endless. But we already came across a pretty spectacular one.
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    Next N-Europe Splat-Up: Tonight 9:15pm Players: @Glen-i, @Sméagol, @RedShell, @dazzybee, @DuD, @Nicktendo, @Blade, @david.dakota That's 8! See ya there!
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    That should never be the case. I mentioned this recently in another thread about how I love how Easy Allies do their reviews. They actually finish the games before reviewing them and post the video/review when it's ready and not as soon as the embargo drops. That way the guys have enough time to enjoy the game, have time to think about what they've played and then post a the review. If they get this fine before the deadline then great but if not then it's no big deal. I love that approach and it's one many in the industry should adopt.
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    And I'm now officially a home owner Crazy
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    Well I loved the first Darksiders, like Zelda for the Xbox 360, so I'm looking forward to playing the second. But yeah, I know I'm sounding like a broken record but PS+ games were never going to be what they once were. I'd rather they lowered the price and dropped the free games.
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    I've finished for the night. Cheers for the games!
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    (And don't forget to remove kelp dome from the random stages )
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    @Dcubed & @Glen-i, you guys are absolute legends! I have not laughed so much gaming since Crazy Smash. That was hilarious.
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    OK, I think I peaked too soon with my Death Themes. Didn't expect that to be so hilarious. Bloody hell! Oh, and I lost my focus as soon as @Dcubed showed me that incredibly apt video. Laughed through half a race.
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    That's the most baffling thing. They brought in the Nintendo Network ID on Wii U, which was a username rather than a friend code, just like everyone wanted. God knows why they didn't just keep those going - instead introducing a separate Nintendo Account, which you could link that ID to, and instead of just using the Nintendo Account or the Nintendo Network ID, they thought the best solution would be to introduce a hard to remember friend code rather than a username or search/add by email address/name! It's peculiar because the Switch can obviously access the NNID/Nintendo Account, it can find/suggest your Wii U friends and friends from the mobile apps, so what's the need for a friend code as well? Nintendo gonna Nintendo, I guess!
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    Don't get me wrong, no one has put any pressure on me apart from telling me the embargo date; I just feel a sense of duty to this site and to myself to get it done in time! My son's learnt how to make his own fun over the last few weeks, mind
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    A leaked EA document is currently doing the rounds and it appears that a Nintendo Direct is slated for January. Obviously that's an easy call given the history of when Directs are held but it's nice to kinda have it confirmed.
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    Haha would you believe I'd already written it as it's something that had made me laugh , so when I saw you had referenced it I had to keep it in!
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    I guess I'll put my top 10 here.
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    On the subject of Nintendo’s friend system on Switch, one thing I like at the moment is how it suggests friends from all of their mobile titles (as well as Wii U and 3DS of course). I’m fast approaching 100 people added on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp now, and it’ll be great to easily send friend requests to some of the dedicated AC fans I’ve met on there, whenever the Switch version of AC finally hits.
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    That's kind of a false equivalence. Yes, you can't change your PSN name and that is a pain, but you also can't change the identifier you need to give on Switch in order for someone to add you. You're comparing apples and oranges, seemingly just to complain about oranges. It is nice you can change your display name, but I am sure as shit not going to remember another 12 digit code to give out to other people but I do remember my PSN name because its the same thing I use everywhere (other than here). The process for adding (add, they accept, done) is great, but also a catch up to their competitors. No doubt the Switch FC system is the best of Nintendo's systems, but its still the worst (in my opinion) of the current crop of consoles.
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    Should be interesting as I've not used Smart Steering at all. Gonna ruin the 0% stat on my profile but what the hell, it sounds like a laugh! So count me... Fresh Prince x Mario Kart totally needs to happen for real.
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    2017 is coming to an end. Nintendo did good, Sony did good, Microsoft maybe, EA can fuck right off. Many great games have been released this year and I'm looking forward to reading about all your favourites It may be a little too early for some to choose their game(s) of the year, but why not create a thread already. Do whatever you want. Simply name your game(s), post a ranking or write a lengthy essay about why Breath of the Wild is your favourite game this year
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    LOL! I totally forgot where the goal was!
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    Dakota is ALWAYS late... always. Without fail. I’ve been through this painful process many many times
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    I prefer the friendcodes. They're much easier to typ in, and I never need to know mine from the top of my head. I posted it on this forum, and that's where I'll point to. The numerous times my names has been butchered will attest to the user friendliness of a simple number. Edit: To add to that: like someone already mentioned, one problem is people changing their usernames every so often.. I can't remember from some of them who they are on the forum. And regarding the region thing: generally I don't care what other people do, but it's too much of an hassle for me personally. But I will get pissed if South Africa starts seeing localization efforts that Europe does not..
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    Some more indie goodness for next year in the form of 80's inspired Crossing Souls which is out in February. Looking forward to this myself as I remember it from a couple of E3s ago and glad to see it's finally got a release date (it's also out the same day on PC).
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    Regarding the username/friend code discussion I much prefer the PS4. What I dislike most about the Switch is everyone just using their first names so if you have 7 people calling themselves 'Chris' then you have no idea who is who. Also, whilst it's great you can change the displayed name whenever you want, if someone is constantly changing it then you would have no idea who the fuck they are each time the come online with a different name! What do you do then look at their profile and try and figure out who they are by their friend code?! (there might be something else it shows in their profile, don't know). It would be nice to be able to change you're PSN user name, maybe once every 6 months or something, but I still much prefer that system over Nintendo's. To be honest I didn't even realise Nintendo still used friend codes - isn't there a Nintendo Account you use now? Can you not add people using that? If not then there's friend codes, Nintendo account ID, display name all being different - seems kinda confusing to me!
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    The developer/publisher will get a % of the sales dependent on their agreement with Nintendo. So it will be less if the game is being purchased from a storefront with a lower price. The split between the developer and publisher (where applicable) could also factor in on the final amount. Say, if there are different publishers in different regions, or special agreements in place dependent on location sold.
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    With Cathy & Roddy next week, apparently. I'm looking forward to that one.
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    Haha as I said it's definitely a fine line between bad and so bad it's good, I do enjoy some of the cheesier stuff The down side to reviewing is you almost have to blitz through the game without being able to enjoy some of the finer moments, so I'm looking forward to restarting this and playing it at more of my own pace
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    Good stuff. I was hoping it would be a lengthy game. Nice to see my Nia line made the review despite me not reviewing the game. I'm currently level 23 and just reached Garfont Village. Vandham is a great character. I'm loving his accent. I also just realised I've been running around without any chips equipped. My damage output has now went from the teens to the 60-70 range. That should makes things somewhat easier.
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    As is kind of being discussed with Sheikah, it is a false equivalence. 1) On both consoles you can't change the unique identifier you have to give out for someone to add you. 2) On both consoles you can change the display name that others see. You compared point 1 for the PS4 with point 2 for Switch.
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    Next N-Europe Splat-Up: Tonight 9:15pm Players: @Glen-i, @Sméagol, @RedShell, @dazzybee I'm assuming Dazzybee is up for this.
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    Is there really a core of English players in that Man City side? 3 English players started last night and none on the bench. If England come close to winning the world cup I'll eat my hat. Great win for Arsenal last night. I messaged my brother on about 65 minutes saying how badly they were playing. 5 minutes later Ozil had 2 assists and a goal.
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    @RedShell the next ARMS event has been dated. Also, an update is now out that has fixes, as well as unlocking Springtron for players to use.
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    Their friend code system on Switch is actually pretty smart (never thought I'd say that!) PS4 has usernames but there's been a big demand for years by fans for the ability to change your PSN name. Sony so far don't seem able to do it, though they've said they're trying. Nintendo has 12 digit codes, but you can change your actual username as often as you like. It's also not like old friend codes where both people have to enter each other's code, the Switch version works just like any other. Add someone, they accept, done.
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    Well that was stupid of me! It's actually 5331-8300-3351! Damn fives and threes! Also, echoing Goron's explanation re: buying from different regions. Thirdly, Monzo doesn't work on the Mexican eShop. Went for the South African one instead.
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    Yeah, I don't even get that... I mean obviously people can do what they want, it's their money etc etc and if they decide to stop being a Patreon then that's fine I suppose. But of all the reasons to stop supporting Easy Allies, I'm quite surprised that people would use this as an excuse... Although thinking about it, it's more a case of "I'm shocked... shocked! Well not that shocked" as nothing surprises me anymore. To think that it all stemmed from a relatively harmless tweet - possibly ill-advised in retrospect - but an ultimately harmless tweet which was clearly quite joking in nature. (from my perspective anyway, I really don't pay much mind to these kinds of things and I only just bothered to find out what all the "fuss" was about) You could say that it's all... ...kinda funny. (not the outcome of someone having to quit their livelihood but more the general overreaction of people) In any case, I'll still be keeping my pledge, Easy Allies for *life. And incidentally my notification just came in to tell me that the next edition of the Easy Allies podcast is just in - for Patreons anyway - so that's my evening sorted. Love and Respect. *"life" turned out to be two and half years, as I found a much better reason to cancel my pledge, one which was easily justified.
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    Well, we used to enjoy this I think it'll be alright.
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    You are guaranteed to get some cereal, at the very least.
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    He has an account for now and an account for himself seven years in the future.
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    Finally exchanged today, completion next week. Had some final faff due to conveyancers suddenly deciding they needed more stuff. Best thing is, the Tories just abolished stamp duty Just saved a good few grand.