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    I thought I was never going to do it...
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    I wrote a little something on our Facebook page about the one year anniversary of the marathon here: As I said in the post, a huge thank you to everyone that supported us either through donating or taking part in the day itself (including our Canadian contingency!) I am still amazed by what we achieved and it couldn't have happened without all of you.
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    This might not be the perfect place to put it, but M2 have told Game Watch that they're working on a 3DS remake of the Master System game Aleste. No confirmation of a western release as of now.
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    Final Fantasy III is a Turn Based RPG for the Super Nintendo. No, I'm right, it's for the Super Nintendo. It is not to be confused for the NES game of the exact same name. It's named as such over here because at the time, it was the third Final Fantasy to make it out of Japan. In actuality, this is Final Fantasy VI, the sixth game in the series and the last mainline Final Fantasy to appear on a Nintendo console to date. It was released only in America in October 1994. It wouldn't be until March 2002 that Europe saw it on the Playstation. For context's sake, I played the SNES version, on the recently released SNES Mini. The story mainly follows a woman called Terra Branford. She's quite special in that she can use magic. She and a couple of soldiers arrive in the town of Narshe in some kind of mech. They then proceed to invade the town looking for a creature known as an Esper. Upon finding it, something strange happens, killing the soldiers and destroying a special piece of headgear that robbed Terra of her own will, setting her free from it's hypnotic spell. Terra tries to escape Narshe, (Because they kinda want her dead) runs into difficulty, but gets saved by a treasure hunter (Blatant thief) called Locke. He helps her escape and asks Terra for help with fighting an Empire. Terra finds herself with a difficult decision, should she help Locke take down the empire? Does she even know the reason why she's so sought after? And just why is the Empire looking for these Espers? And more importantly, why are there so many random monsters harassing her all the time? Maybe they're trying to sell her Time Shares... Up until this point, Final Fantasy games have had straightforward plots. Save the world, crystals are involved, yadda yadda yadda. Final Fantasy VI marks a remarkable departure from those plot points. Crystals are nowhere to be seen, the setting resembles more of a Steampunk setting instead of the expected medieval fare and while Terra is the main character, the story switches between different character's viewpoints quite often. There is no doubt in my mind that the story in this game is much better written than the previous games in the series. This is thanks in part to the more complex story and also the surprisingly good localisation (RPG's back then had... let's go with odd writing) thanks to Ted Woolsey's great work. (He worked on Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger as well) I can't stress enough how amazing the production values are in this SNES game. The sequence I detailed in the spoiler is something you don't really see in RPG's these days. Sure, they're epic and all, but there's something intricately special about how this game builds up to that final climactic moment and manages to blow me away every time I play it. It's truly chilling and to this day, is my favourite RPG moment ever. The Gameplay plays much like the Final Fantasies you see in the Playstation Era, it utilises the ever present ATB (Active Time Battle) system the series is well known for. Turns happen in real time and stuff happens even when you're going through menus. While this game is certainly not the hardest RPG game you'll ever play, it has it's moments where you might have to rethink a strategy. This game's key feature is the Esper system, throughout the game you can collect Espers and equip them to your party. Do this and win some battles and sooner or later, your characters will start learning magic. It depends on what Esper they have equipped, which means that there's a lot of customisation options here. Each character has their own special ability as well. Locke can steal items, Edgar can use special tools and Cyan can never be in my party setup because he's utterly worthless. With 14 characters available (3 [or 4] of them being completely optional), there's a lot of fun to be had experimenting with what works. If you've been reading my previous Final Fantasy write-ups, you'll remember my grievances with how obtuse some of the more hidden goodies are. So in the interest of fairness, I decided to consult a guide for this playthrough so I can see if Final Fantasy VI falls into the same trappings. The answer is, well... Kinda? I should probably explain. My major issue with the Playstation Final Fantasies is that if you want some of the more useful equipment, you're gonna absolutely need to consult a guide. There's no way around it. It was no doubt done to sell the player's guides that were quite prevalent back then. Final Fantasy VI most definitely has a few items that no normal sane person would ever even see. But there's one major difference that makes this fact much more tolerable to me. All of these ridiculously hidden goodies are stuff you can easily get later on in the game. Well, that's reasonable... Sure, this Ribbon is in a stupid place. But as long as you are even remotely thorough in opening chests, the average player will still end up with a couple by the time you fight the final boss. In other words, it's all stuff you can get pretty easily later on. And that makes it much easier to swallow. In fact, in a strange way, it sort of becomes a little helping hand for people who speed run games. Speaking of... This game is not without some issues though. This game is ambitious for the hardware it's on, and with ambition comes Glitches. And this game has some whoppers! Word to the wise... Never use Sketch, trust me on this I touched on the music a little while back, but that was in a spoiler, so I'll reiterate. This soundtrack in Final Fantasy VI is nothing short of masterful. Opera plays a huge part and this little SNES game cranks out some remarkable tracks. From the hilariously catchy battle theme to some great somber pieces. And I can't stress enough how amazing the Final Boss track, Dancing Mad, is. The visuals are a step above previous SNES Final Fantasy games. Character animations are full of life and the sprite work is top notch. Definitely one of the prettier SNES games. Final Fantasy VI still remains my favourite Final Fantasy game to this day and is part of my personal "Holy Trilogy" of SNES RPG's. You can't call yourself a proper RPG fan until you try this game at least once. Go on, give opera a chance.
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    Nando wanting old games over new experiences? I'm shocked, SHOCKED by this.
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    https://www.resetera.com/threads/capcom-is-developping-switch-games-to-release-next-fy-includes-ace-attorney.5263/ https://mobile.twitter.com/mochi_wsj?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23928982717248684033 Capcom finally pulling their finger out? No objections from me!
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    #3 on UK eShop #3 on US eShop
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    Well, that one was bloody close! OK, I'm done for the night. Thanks for the games @DuD.
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    Started it. Very impressed. Looks amazing. Kind of looks how I remember it on PS4. When you don’t have it side by side it just looks and feels the same. Amazing fun. Tried online, pretty big standard but fun enough. Easy to forget that as a handheld, the team not been an online shooter at this level!!
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    Don’t skip Doom. It really is a standout revival of the series. Fast paced frantic tight shooting action. Get it on PS4, it deserves 60fps and gorgeous graphics and performance. That said... I did double dip on this...mistakenly thinking the switch had 32gb like the higher end Wii U. So as such I haven’t installed it yet.
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    21:00 sounds do-able for me 👍
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    I might be able to join you lot tonight, but won’t know for sure until later on.
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    No, it's not. Because I want it too. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Switch Edition please! (I'll super buy it if it's actually called that) Or just bloody localise Monster Hunter XX Switch!
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    Ah, so I was right. EA didn't bother. Well then. Time to whack out this badly delivered line again.
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    Picked it up this morning (from Argos, cheers @Hero-of-Time) and I've been enjoying it, not the best Sonic game sure, but certainly not the worst. I was against the create your own Deviantart character but I gotta admit it was kinda fun. I went with the Rabbit as a throwback to Sonic's original design. The controls don't feel very responsive, holding down when playing Classic Sonic takes a second or two for him to start to roll which meant I ended up taking damage as I pressed too late. Speaking of Classic Sonic, his levels are actually the worst out of the 3. The physics feel a bit too stiff, I bounced off an enemy expecting to gain enough momentum and bounce over a gap, but I didn't.
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    Unless you want to do via Twitter/Facebook uploading, yes, it’s the only way. You don’t need to specially format the MicroSD card though. It just uses the standard SDXC format and will just work when put into a PC (Should all be stored in the “Nintendo” folder IIRC) Pictures are all .jpg and videos are in h264 format; they can just be copied straight off of it no problem.
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    Is it wrong that a port of Resident Evil 4 with motion controlled aiming (as similar as possible to the Wii version, without having the pointer, obviously ) is the thing I want most out of this..?
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    It’s obviously a Massive spoiler. Two fold because of the other mention in it. To say otherwise is preposterous. Itd already been ruined by @Blade on twitter for me, but I was genuinely surprised (and annoyed) when I saw it. Anways. @Kav is mental, games a bona fide masterpiece
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    No! You? Really!? I had no idea. Who woulda thunk it?
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    You can't just not accept something which has been shown with study after study, never-mind personal stories, to be true and expect to be able to continue discussing that point. Men are coming forward to, including male celebrities who have said they have been groped by female fans (I recall seeing Busted or McFly saying so, and some other band I can't recall as I only saw some headline in someone else's copy of The Metro). Of course men can be victims to, but the numbers are nowhere near comparable. Ultimately people like Weinstein weren't doing it for sex, they were doing it for power. He has enough money he could hire prostitutes. He could hire them to degrade them as much as he wants, but it wasn't (just) about the sex. It was about the power. It was about knowing he could get away with it. We live in a patriarchal society where institutes of power are held by men and they abuse that.
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    @Grazza have you played Robo Army? It's part of the Hamster Neo Geo games and is a side scrolling beat em up. I came across it during this weeks EZA Huber Syndrome episode. I snapped it up and im really enjoying it.
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    Hahaha! I captured the very same moment: So stupid. Classic. A few more: Is it just me, or is Gyfcat embedding a bit weird on this new forum? Anyway, that was a good laugh yesterday. I'd definitely be up for more post-MK8 League Splatoon 2.
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    Another look at some impressive results on the X. Just a shame Halo 5's problems weren't the performance.
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    From personal experience... "The Hori one seems to be good enough that it doesn't melt..." They should put that as an official endorsement on the box.
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    Dude, spoiler. I had no idea Mario was in this game and now my anticipation is ruined.
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    Switch in docked mode is a fundamentally different experience from having a handheld with TV out. Unlike on handhelds that plug into the TV, you aren't teathered to the video cable; the Joy-Cons pop off and function as an entierly seperate controller. The Switch also becomes more powerful when docked, unlike other handhelds. And its interface is designed for both handheld and TV usage, unlike the handhelds with TV out. When it's plugged in, there's nothing to distinguish it as being unlike the console experience. You get splitscreen multiplayer and everything that you would expect from the console experience. It isn't compromised at all (here's your chance for a snarky comment about the whole voice-chat debacle ) So yeah, it being a "portable console" instead of a "dedicated handheld" is perfectly apt. BTW: I'm betting that the chart that Nintendo put out is heavily skewed by Japanese players... Would've been nice to see a regional breakdown.
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    I've avoided almost all videos up until release. A level name is not a spoiler. But fine.