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    I was surprised when this showed up yesterday. It's not out until next week and I forgot I had even preordered it. Another surprise is that it came with one of those Sonic hats that make you look like him. I finished the game yesterday evening and figured I would give my thoughts on it for those who are interested or still on the fence. Straight off the bat I'll let everyone know that I think the game is great. The way that people are talking makes you think that this is an absolute mess of a game, when really it's not even close to being that. I played the whole thing using the Switch screen off tv mode and there were no crashing or freezing. So no major bugs were present. There were a couple of technical issues/weird choices, though. For some reason the audio when characters talk sounds really weird. It's as if they were going for making the characters sound like they were chatting on a radio. Maybe that's exactly what it was? It's just weird because sometimes it's there and other times it's not. Another weird thing is that when you boost with Modern Sonic the music goes loud and then goes quiet again when your boost runs out. It's pretty off putting and I'm not sure why they've done it. The game starts off with Modern Sonic being beaten and captured by Infinite, who is the new antagonist. With Modern Sonic out of the way, the world soon falls to ruin. The rest of Sonic's friends fall back and decide to form a resistance. Its the standard type of story that you expect from a 3D Sonic game ( thankfully no Sonic on human female action going on here ) but it also works as a way to introduce you to the character creation tool and helps fit your character into the world. When it's time to create your character, there are a few options to choose from at the start and while it may seem a bit lacking, you'll soon be overwhelmed by just how much you can customize the character once you start unlocking items. Things like gloves, hats, shoes, tops, body wear, all can be unlocked as you go throughout the game. There is more to the character than how it looks. Each of the animals that are available comes with a special trait. Some can jump high, while others can give you a ring bonus. I went with a wolf and this gave me a bonus where items would be drawn to me. This came in handy if I mistimed a jump and the items were just out of reach. The trait would kick in and bring the items to me. Once you have created your character you then get to use him or her throughout various points in the game. Your character will also be present in all the cutscenes from here on out. The game is broken up into 30 main stages. You will play as your created character in these, as well as playing as Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic at various times. There are also times when your created character and Sonic will team up in a stage. These sections feel like a call back to Sonic Heroes, with both characters being able to use each of their individual abilities. There is also a link up move that occurs at set times during the game. You just need to hammer the Y button when prompted to see this in effect. Each characters stages play slightly differently. Modern Sonic plays as he has done in games like Unleashed and Generations, with a fast past, 3D stage being the main focus for him. Classic Sonic sticks to the usual 2D stages that he is known for. Lastly, your created character tends to play more like Modern Sonic but he has Wisp abilities and a weapon at his disposal. We aren't talking Shadow the Hedgehog style run and gunning here, it's just a hookshot and a bullet type, depending on the Wisp that is chosen. Speaking of Wisps, as you can guess these have once again made a return and play a big part of the game for your created character. Each Wisp is used in your characters weapon, which is called a Wispon. These will give your character certain abilities depending on what Wispon you pick. A certain Wispon will allow you to fire your weapon as a flamethrower and also give you the rocket boost ability if you find the Wisp in a stage. Another Wispon gives you the abilities to use a lightning whip and then lets you charge towards enemies and rings if you find the corresponding Wisp. Modern Sonic gets in on the Wisp action as well but only uses them as a refill for his boost gauge. The length of the game may be a sticking point for some. I managed to see the credits roll after about 4-5 hours play time. I guess this is why it's a budget release. However, I personally think it's a good thing. In the past, I've often found 3D Sonic games stages to overstay their welcome. Certain stages would just drag on and on and sometimes have crazy difficulty spikes that would keep you pinned at the same spot for a while. This isn't the case with Forces. A lot of the stages are over very fast. I think my highest time on a stage was around the 4-5 minute mark. This kept the game flowing and kept things fresh, which is also helped by the way you keep switching between different characters. While the main game may be short, there is a crazy amount of extras to be unlocked. There are special stages, extra stages, S ranks to be earn, 5 red star rings to be found in each stage, daily and regular challenges to be completed, time trials to beat, moon coins to find and many, MANY custom items to be unlocked. There looks to be more content on the way as well. Inside the box there was a leaflet saying that Shadow DLC is on the way. So the game certainly has lots to keep players busy. S ranks aren't a new thing to Sonic games but there is a nice new twist to how they work in this game. You get scored on a stage like you always have but you can help boost your score a little by doing a daily challenge. Completing a daily challenge will give your character a score boost. When I played through the game I had a score boost of 1.3 for half an hour. This allowed me to reach the requirements for S rank more easily and makes the game less punishing in the long run. You can do a daily challenge once per day but you can also do a challenge that is 1 or 2 days ahead. This will come in handy if a person is unable to play the game on the following day and he or she can now get tomorrows bonus a day early. It wouldn't be a Sonic write up if the music didn't get mentioned and this game really delivers on this front. The music in the game really reminds me of things like the Sonic Adventure games and even Sonic R, to a certain extent. I realize this is very much a taste thing and many will be reaching for that mute button, but for me this is a fantastic soundtrack and one I'll certainly be listening to in the future. Sonic Mania released a few months ago and it was a fantastic game that really captured what the 2D games were all about. I think this game is a perfect companion piece and one that fans of the 3D Sonic games will enjoy. It's by no means a masterpiece and i'm not going to sit here and say otherwise. What it is though is a short and sweet 3D Sonic game and certainly better than a few of the stinkers we've had in the past.
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    There's a kitteh sitting in my garden
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    Tomorrow, it begins. This has been the longest 10 days of my gaming life.
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    For anyone that might be interested... The English translation of Captain Rainbow has been completed!! The patch should be made available soon! Going to have to dig up my Wii and import copy of this game. Can't believe it's actually happening! Here's hoping it was worth the wait.
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    Finally did it!! Yes!! I got a bit excited when i did it so fucked it up after that. I'm never doing that mini game again.
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    .. Now post a pic of you wearing it. In public.
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    Earth Atlantis was a challenging game to review, as there was a pre-patch and a post-patch version. In the end, I hope I gave it a fair go in both iterations. n-europe Review Earth Atlantis As ever, thanks greatly to @S.C.G.
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    For those may not turn on their PS4 very often, Frozen Wild is available for pre download. 9GB. Should start automatically once you turn on the PS4. Trophy list is out too, weirdly there's one list for story trophies and one for everything else. Looks like a big expansion from my brief look at them.
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    It's funny how a consensus on games tends to form, when things are pointed out that are hard to disagree with even if you loved it. I certainly agree that swimming is not much fun, and there probably are too many Power Moons. The near-mandatory use of motion controls for some moons is also highly questionable. One thing I definitely don't agree with though is the idea that the game is too easy - to me, it's medium most of the time and challenging a lot of the time. I'm not sure I've seen enough to knock off a whole point from perfection though. 3D Mario is one of the few series that makes me yearn for the old 1-100 scale from magazines - I'd give it 95%!
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    There are methods that work with newer wii firmware.
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    Fig was created by a collection of devs if I remember right. I think Tim Schafer was one.
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    No, your face is stupid!
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    Phew...all's good in the world. @Glen-i SUCK IT
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    Team Bacon won the Splatfest. @RedShell finally got a victory!
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    You need the homebrew channel (I picked up a cheap secondhand Wii a few years ago specifically for that, as I was too scared to mess with my launch day system ) and a certain app to run import titles/patches, it’s been such a long time since I’ve messed about with that stuff now though I can’t even remember what it’s called. But yeah, you do need a modified console. As for using it with Dolphin, I believe it can be done. Not got that much experience with Dolphin myself though, outside of a few sessions to check out the HD goodness of various GCN and Wii games (F-Zero GX is amazing on it! ) but might look into that for Captain Rainbow as well, especially if I run into any problems with the homebrew method.
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    Around 9pm. So I'm thinking Thursday 9:15pm might be a good weekly time to get some Splats in. 6 people or more would be fantastic, because then we can properly utilise Private Battles. 4 (Or 2) players would still allow us to do League Battles at least. Of course, if there's just 3, Turf Wars/Salmon Run would probably work best. So I'm gonna go ahead and try and get this ball rolling. I assume @Sméagol is already cool with this time? N-Europe Splatting Thursday 9:15pm Current Members: @Glen-i, @Sméagol
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    Yeah, what does he know anyway.
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    Finished the game this week, took about 19 hours without collecting everything. The final boss was a complete slog though and took me a few goes which was a bit frustrating to have to start over with the fight taking so long. Just to repeat what I've said before, but I still prefer the 3DS version over the original. Not going to bother with the Bowser's Minions, at least for now.
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    Not really. Luckily I've yet to play a game on it that relies on heavily using both these buttons. I imagine playing Mario Kart on it would be a bit of a nightmare.
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    To be fair, the trailers for the game did look bad, Green Hill zone looked pretty bland compared to the Generations version. They reused assets from Chemical Planet and just changed the colour a bit. Honestly, I'm surprised @Hero-of-Time gave it such positive impressions. I've seen people complain about the game length, but I'm pretty sure Generations was about the same length. Mania is around an hour. 4 - 5 hours is a good length for a 3D Sonic otherwise the rest is just filler. To counterbalance my arguments a bit, Mania relies a bit too much on nostalgia to the point where most of the original stages weren't original and pretty much just reskins. I enjoyed the game a lot, but it's not better than the originals.
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    Pretty much how I expected it to be really. The vocal disdain for this game before release is just people who find the idea of this outselling Mania somehow offensive. And it will, because DeviantArt. In reality, it's another pretty decent 3D Sonic game. It's so hilariously edgy and it seems like they're embracing that for laughs and I'm fine with that. Thanks for the write-up!
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    Made it to Warm King, so that is not bad for this weekend. Had some fun games with not many disconnects and a lot of Warm vs Cold matches, so that was nice! Loved this kill, with a random bomb over the wall: https://twitter.com/Vileplume2000/status/927177697083527168
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    OH, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! It had all of the bloody trademarks as well! Last stretch of the track, Red Shell thrown backwards shenanigans, me getting hit. That reminds me... Alternate Parts City Tripper - Available from the start Leaf Tyres - Button Wheels have the same stats. (Not available from the start, if you don't have either, let me know) Paper Glider - Parachute has the same stats. Really gotta get into the habit of doing that.
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    Anyway, I've put together a collection of my camera shots. Be warned though, there are a lot of pictures and therefore a lot of potential spoilers below (from many different points in the game) so... anyone that is yet to finish the game or collect over 500 power moons should not click:
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    Seriously, what kind of deranged, reckless psychopath fires a Red Shell backwards? In for next week BTW.
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    Here are the results. And here's the results table. The table is starting to stabilise now that we're two months in to this mini league. Not much to say really, other than @Sméagol overtaking @Blade Oh, and @RedShell had absolutely no change in his average score. A week too late though. @BowserBasher was doing it before it was cool. We're halfway through the league now, so I want to take this opportunity to remind y'all that if your attendance is too low, your score won't count in the final results. Normally, this would be around the 50% mark, but due to the shortness of this mini League, I feel 33% would be more reasonable. So if your attendance is below 33% by the end of the year, your score won't count. Currently, only @Blade is below this threshold, but @Vileplume2000 and @Nicktendo should be made aware of this. There's still time for a newcomer to come in and still qualify to be in the final table if they attend enough nights. So if you're on the fence about joining, do it now. That's all, here's the next theme. Next League Night: 9th November 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @martinist @punio75 @viceview51 With Animal Crossing being the latest franchise to bleed money out of poor, unfortunate mobile players, I don't think the N-E League has had a night for Isabelle. Villager has shown up, but not the poor dog that has to run all the towns you lot have left behind. That said, it wouldn't be Animal Crossing if there wasn't gross violence against Balloons. Frantic Items will ensure that maximum Balloon damage is achieved. Because Balloons are evil and have to die. So, a nice simple Character theme night. Am I easing you in to something awful? Maybe... Sign up now! Oh, and don't worry. I haven't forgotten. Here's this week's highlghts I witnessed. Thanks to @martinist, @BowserBasher, @Vileplume2000 and @Nicktendo for making me laugh/ruining my race. Delete as appropriate