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    Not sure what people are asking for when it comes to Switch storage really. What other choice is there for a portable device? Sure, they could include more storage as standard, but then you're looking at a significant price hike (and Switch is already expensive as it is). Hard drives? Not viable for a handheld device. The only realistic choice is SD. The only thing that I can really moan about is the choice of MicroSD over normal SD, given that normal SD Cards are cheaper, but MicroSD is the sensible choice in the long run as it has become the standard for mobile devices (meaning that it'll be the focus of SD Card manufacturers going forward) and allows the Switch to be as small as it is. SD Card sizes will increase over time and decrease in cost over time. We only just saw the release of a 400GB MicroSD card just this week. Give it time and we'll see the situation improve even further.
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    Probably closer to a mourner mystery than Garnd Theft Auto, so you're golden.
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    No. Was just playing until 9. You guys on and have space for a bit?
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    We asked for an update and it seems to have happened. @Shorty mentioned customisations would go but he did a backup so will leave him to redo those. And we always had thanks. It just has a slightly different name 😋
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    I'm up for Salmon Run goodness after Mario Kart.
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    Right, that's enough of this malarkey! As your new manager, I'll be deciding your inevitable Blue-shell ridden fates. And Mario Kart takes no breaks! Well, except for when it does, and this isn't one of those times. We're starting fresh! Everyone back to 0 for this Autumn League. Let's see some hustle! Golden opportunity! Now I just want to assure you that despite this promotion, I won't let it go to my head. I will remain humble. Because it's all about you lot. On that note, here's the new logo. First League Night: Thursday 7th September 8pm Group 1 @Glen-i Other Players @BowserBasher @S.C.G @punio75 @Dcubed @martinist @King_V See? I added a colon. The improvements are already showing. Other Players were mentioned going by work attendance in the last league. I'd give you a raise, but I don't pay you anyway. Anyone is free to join though. I need to get to grips with this fancy Excel Spreadsheet I've been left with, but to do that I need some actual results. So we're starting with a simple Player's Choice. Enjoy it while it lasts. I suppose I won't fire @BowserBasher from room host, far too much paperwork to go through. Not worth it. Go ahead and declare yourselves in. And if you want to be in the "Always In" list, let me know. Sign up now!
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    Out now. Buy it. Best indie game there is.
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    I'm the same in that they don't effect me but it does sadden me that publishers are exploiting a set of their userbase and are getting away with it. As you said, I think it's here to stay purely because a generation of gamers are growing up thinking that this is the normal thing for a video game to do and as such have no issue with paying for such things. I do hope that some government will step in a see that things like loot boxes really are gambling and impose some laws to either restrict the practice altogether or at least reign the whole thing in. China made a good step towards this earlier in the year by forcing developers to show the odds of loot box items.
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    Same, mostly because of moments like this. Nothing gets achieved when this happens, except laughter.
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    Last game.. Fun to win against @The Mole for a change though :p. Edit: It was fun @Glen-i, and Salmon run of course with the guys!
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    ... I've been following Somecallmejohnny's retrospective, so I took it upon myself to try and understand the plot Glen-i just described. I thought I was doing fine, but then that last couple of paragraphs happened, and now I don't even know if I'm the one dreaming.
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    Man, this weapon selection is awesome! Tri Slosher and Dual Squelchies? I can't even be annoyed when I get the Charger! Just letting you know, @Sméagol, I have my 2nd bonus now. So if you want to do something else, it's cool.
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    That was probably my worst performance in N-E League history. Thanks Glen-i! I couldn't have done it without you!
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    Yeah, where did that shrug smilie go... Took out one button (preview) to make it two lines. Could never figure out the reason as it seemed intermittent. Hopefully it has, but we'll have to wait and see. Hmm seems to just affect the Grey Switch theme for no logical reason... There's no theme-specific settings for it as far as I can see, and a cursory glance at the HTML files seem inline with others. And in regards to the font, seems its now using the Google Roboto font.
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    Thanks for the confusion Glen-i!
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    Oh boy! Have I got a hell of an exclusive for you. Because I've only gone and played Kingdom Hearts 3...
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    Looks like Salmon run at 9 UK with @Glen-i, @Nicktendo, @dazzybee, and @me.
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    @Glen-i Bowserbasher has told me to say he is out tonight
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    All these new updates and I still can't change font size on mobile... Just joking. Love the new update! Super stocked to have Thanks back!
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    Kinda funny that they big up the addition of motion controls for shooting when the shoot out sections are easily the worst part of the game Still, at least they won't be AS bad as before, now that they might actually control decently.
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    Wow, those typos. Spectactular. Seriously though, I hate GTA, but I very much enjoyed L.A. Noire. Like I mentioned above when I wasn't in the shoot-out sections (There's a few), I was having a good time.
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    In. Won't be let down by my attendance this time
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    Love the "logo", truly a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship! Luckily for you guys, I'm IN! tonight; meaning that I can screenwatch the hell out of Glen-i and restore balance back to the Scales of League Bias
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    IN Better just put me on the always in list
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    I take it you won't make Salmon run at 8? :p. Suggest a better time in the thread (like 9, or whatever suits you, being the new organiser and all). I'm most likely in. I've already decided to watch films like It in the weekend..
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    To be fair, I didn't even know that existed. Is it the prequel to GTA V?
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    I'm in for that! EDIT: Actually, better make it 9. How did I forget Mario Kart?
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    Salmon run at 8? This time I checked :D.
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    Classic Activision The gaming industry really is a mess at the moment and I can't see it getting any better in terms of these types of practices.
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    Day 1 for me. Think I'm on my 75th season on Fifa 16 Ultimate Team and that's just with evenings and weekends. The Switch will be coming to work with me so I'll be doing a season every few days. Genuinely concerned at how much money I'll be spending on Ultimate Team, especially in the early days when I have crap Bronze players. I already pretty much know the formation and players I want. EA should really give this game away for free for people who spend a certain amount on Ultimate Team. I'm sure @dazzybee is in a similar position to me in that he can play during the day. Looking forward to "dazzybee is online" notifications
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    Zero chill @drahkon glad you're enjoying it though.
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    I put a few hours into this last night. I love how there seems to be an actual story this time around. I much prefer an in your face cutscene driven storyline than one that relies on you reading lore that is scattered about the place. Once I reached the EDZ I was planning on going to do the mission straight away but when I landed there was battle going on to the right of me. I headed over there and found a couple of guardians battling against to factions of enemies, who were also battling among themselves. It was quite a warzone! Once that had been cleared out I was about to head to the mission but then a community event ( whatever they are called ) popped up. I ended up doing that instead. There seems to be lots of stuff going on, so much so that i've hardly progressed the story at all but I think my character is level 8 or 9 purely off just doing random stuff that keeps popping up or taking on enemies that keep rearing their ugly heads. I've yet to really venture away from the starting area of the EDZ. EDIT: What are those EDZ token thingies for? I have a load of them at the moment that I got from various loot boxes.
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    I'm late posting here, but this is a good idea for a thread. I should throw my two cents. My first contact with this game was with my cousins in Venezuela, who had an NES. At the time, even as a toddler, I already had had contact with Game Boy and Mega Drive, so Super Mario Bros wasn't as revolutionary for me as it was for others (especially considering they also had Super Mario Bros 3). Nevertheless, I certainly found SMB (and Duck Hunt) memorable, as this was the game that I was allowed to play by myself. Completing the first level, then entering the pipe that takes you to the underground... gave you a nice sense of progression, like there was a world to be discovered. I do remember knowing about the pipe shortcut at that point, but I honestly do not recall whether I luckily stumbled into it or if it was them who showed it to me (likely the latter, but I also see myself jumping from the highest possible platform like an overzealous idiot and reaching the top of the stage by accident). I definitely had a taste of a mid-game world, one of those with a black sky. That first experience aside, I'm sure I tried it again later on computers (either ROMs or cheap knockoff, but one of them had Ice Climber on it, so likely a ROM), but it wasn't until the Game Boy Colour and the release of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe that I actually played it again prim and proper with time in my hands, now with the required skill to reach beyond the first few levels. Unfortunately, I never had a copy of my own, playing on others' and they would often put me playing Lost Levels instead, which crossed my neurons on how the game was supposed to function. And even later on, fan-made Flash games that recreated the game, usually with a twist (like playing as Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden), but just as often they recreated the original. That's when I finally had the opportunity to actually beat the game, and appreciate the secrets, the unforgiving final stages, and how gradual that difficulty increase was (shortcuts aside). Nowadays, after watching several videos and reading articles on the subject (like the Extra Credits video H-o-T posted), I appreciate it in a whole new way. Not just on how subtly and effectively it teaches the player, but also on how well-placed and cleverly hidden its secrets are (remember how you can lose access to that vine in World 5 by hitting the wrong block? ). Heck, the fact that there are secrets at all is admirable, most things this game does were new at the time: moving right, optional rooms, shortcuts and alternate paths, finite level progression, extra lives...Super Mario Bros. codified it all. But none of that would have worked if it weren't for its greatest strength: the "physics engine", for the lack of a better term. Most of the platformers that came before controlled like arse, with awkward running, stilted jumps, weird hitboxes and stiff movement in general. Super Mario Bros. actually controlled fluidly, like an extension of yourself. Mario can both walk and run, and running had traction (which is why landing on a single block is so terrifying), his jumps' height could be controlled and had a natural feel to them (he rises slower than he falls, which feels intuitive) and you can even play with the environment, what with smashing blocks and turning enemies into turtle shells that you can then slide around and use as a weapon. In some ways, this was the closest anyone had ever gotten at producing a virtual sandbox (if I may be so bold) to play in. Even if you died, even if you could never get far... the game was fun. Fun to play, fun to control. You'd have a good time regardless of your performance. That, I suppose, is why I still remember that first experience with it, even though it was supposedly outdated by the time I first tried it. (Sorry if I went a tad off-topic, as my current opinion of the game worked its way into the text )
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    Haven't had a non-stop gaming session this long in ages I've completed 70% of the main missions and I enjoyed every moment. Done several side missions, explored lots of Lost Sectors, looted many Region Chests and marveled at the beautiful vistas the game has to offer. I also entered The Crucible for a couple of matches. Good old Destiny PvP. Can't wait to find that one weapon I am comfortable with and wreck some Guardians Almost at level 20. I think it's just a matter of one or two story missions. Already spent about 10 hours with the game and I still have only scratched the surface... Edit: Also...I can't stress this enough: The music...it has become one of my favourite video game soundtracks ever.
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    I may get it later. I think I mentioned it before. I prefer arcade sports titles, I'd really love (and instantly buy) a new Mario Football game (which, since there wasn't one on WiiU, I actually kind of expect one for next year, or 2019). But.. A "normal" football game would make a decent addition to my multiplayer collection. I haven't played one in a long time though.. I'm pretty sure the last one was ISS 64.
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    The Final standings So after 16 weeks of racing, we now have a winner but before I announce them, a few other prizes need to be given out first. First of all, the most placed 3rd places goes to... @martinist Well done to Martinist. Next The Most placed second places goes to... @Glen-i Well done Glen-i. Finally the most first placed places goes to.. The Mole It did help I went the last month with almost flawless wins, only stopped by Glen-i on my last GP. The next award goes to the highest attendance. Although no-one scored 100% this time, the player with the highest attendance is... @punio75 Congratulations Punio although well done to @Glen-i and @BowserBasher for scoring over 75% Finally, the top 3. In 3rd place we have... @Emerald Emblem Although Nicktendo should be in 3rd, his attendance is too low so well done Emerald. In second place... @Glen-i I will miss racing with you, always there among the top player, just falling short of the title. Finally in 1st place... The Mole Finally, been playing this league for a while now and always fallen short, well not today. To finish off here is the final league table: Final Comments First off, I would like to say a special thanks to @BowserBasher for hosting the league nights each week. Next I would like to say thank you to @Glen-i and @Dcubed for taking the pictures each week and also providing some of the theme. Finally I would like to say thank you to all of you. Without you, this league would not take place. I will now be passing the league over to @Glen-i as unfortunately my Thursdays are now unavailable but I hope you give him as much respect as me. I wish you all good luck and hope to see you all soon!! The Mole out!!
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    It wasn't a fun day! But the gas leak was sorted on Monday, then yesterday the floor guy came back and finally fixed our wonky floor (yay!) and we had another guy come in to remove our hob. Our new hob is getting delivered tomorrow and he can install it tomorrow or Friday, so hopefully it will all be ready before the cats come this weekend! Though I'm still waiting on Cats Protection to let me know if that is going ahead or not! Hope they call today!
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    It's been a very expensive week. My wallet is crying. Just ordered an induction hob (read the Bad stuff thread to know why), now still need to buy new pans for it: Then yesterday my new drawing tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro Medium) was delivered after my old one broke: And then I ordered lots of cats stuff (food bowls, toys, fancy litter box) and this thing, which I hope they actually use!
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    Waiting for Destiny 2 to launch... LOOK! So much fluff. Yes...I'm bored
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    This is gonna be my last game guys.
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    Yes you can...now. Although its supposed to be two rows but coming up as three on mine. Anyone else?