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    There's a difference between showing a few new things in a trailer alongside gameplay footage then waiting for reviews to hit to sell your game and the amount they put out out for Smash. They were gradually drip feeding information for Smash until you were left with a very solid understanding of exactly what would be there when you put the disc in. Not cool for me. This isn't really the point anyway because obviously some people like to be spoiled. My point was that I won't be reading any more Mario Oddysey news as it seems they're doing their usual thing of telling you too much about what will be in the game. I know I want this game, as do I imagine most here, so extra information isn't going to inform my purchase, just spoil me. I'd rather be surprised on the day.
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    The Final standings So after 16 weeks of racing, we now have a winner but before I announce them, a few other prizes need to be given out first. First of all, the most placed 3rd places goes to... @martinist Well done to Martinist. Next The Most placed second places goes to... @Glen-i Well done Glen-i. Finally the most first placed places goes to.. The Mole It did help I went the last month with almost flawless wins, only stopped by Glen-i on my last GP. The next award goes to the highest attendance. Although no-one scored 100% this time, the player with the highest attendance is... @punio75 Congratulations Punio although well done to @Glen-i and @BowserBasher for scoring over 75% Finally, the top 3. In 3rd place we have... @Emerald Emblem Although Nicktendo should be in 3rd, his attendance is too low so well done Emerald. In second place... @Glen-i I will miss racing with you, always there among the top player, just falling short of the title. Finally in 1st place... The Mole Finally, been playing this league for a while now and always fallen short, well not today. To finish off here is the final league table: Final Comments First off, I would like to say a special thanks to @BowserBasher for hosting the league nights each week. Next I would like to say thank you to @Glen-i and @Dcubed for taking the pictures each week and also providing some of the theme. Finally I would like to say thank you to all of you. Without you, this league would not take place. I will now be passing the league over to @Glen-i as unfortunately my Thursdays are now unavailable but I hope you give him as much respect as me. I wish you all good luck and hope to see you all soon!! The Mole out!!
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    Just doing some housework this morning then I'm gonna start playing, wish the washing would hurry up and finish! New avatar and sig to celebrate
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    Brilliant. I wasn't going to bother but I ended up buying the game on my lunch break. It was actually Polygon's pre-review that sold me on buying it. Sold.
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    Capcom? Effort? Impossible! What is this bizarro universe that has given me this most awesome of versions? Thank you, Street Fighter fans!
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    Is he Ghetsis? He has to be. It's the only plausible explanation. Which hopefully makes the Switch the symbolic equivalent of me and my LV 61 Krookodile (Man, B/W was such a good game)
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    https://www.nintendo.com/super-nes-classic/interview-star-fox-2/ Woohoo! Nintendo translated that new Starfox 1&2 interview into English!! (only part 1 is out, no doubt part 2 will be coming soon though)
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    Managed to reach level 6. It's so much fun. Spent 2 hours in the patrol area and I haven't even scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Can't wait to spent all of Wednesday to play this game
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    I had an idea to chat about an old Nintendo game, with a new thread every Friday morning. I'm going to take a game that came out a significant number of years ago close to this date, or something we were chatting about on N64-Europe/Cube-Europe etc. Talk about your memories of the game, waiting for it to arrive, where or when you played it. How much you anticipated it, whether it lived up to your expectations, if you ever beat it, if you've ever been back to it since. Many of these games you may have replayed on Virtual Console or remakes, but try and stick to your first experience of it. So where to start? Well I may be 12 days off a 32 year anniversary, but I couldn't think of anywhere more ideal than to go than back to the beginning with... Super Mario Bros (1985). It might not be Mario's first appearance (as Jumpman in Donkey Kong) or where he got his name (his next outing in Donkey Kong Junior). It's not even the first "Bros" game, which would be the arcade title that this is technically a sequel to. However, for me and probably many others, this was our first experience of Nintendo, and a game that changed everything for us and paved the way to where we are now as gamers. Too young to play DK at the arcade, my first experience of Mario was at the house of one of my Mum's friends, down the street. Her son Jason had a NES. Up until this point, my only video game experience had been on an old Commodore 64, so I was blown away by how smooth and colourful it all seemed. By this point the game had been available for quite a long time, but at that age it was all a bit more transient, you didn't need or even know about the newest and best games, but what was new to you could change everything. Although Sonic would come later and redefine speed, Super Mario Bros. employed an impressive running mechanic, which immediately put it streets ahead of anything I'd played to this point. Frankly, if you weren't holding B down all the time, you were doing it wrong. The tight NES controller was a million miles ahead of the clunky, clicky joystick I had been used to, and you could use it to sail through levels, bouncing with satisfying 8-bit sounds on a huge variety of fun enemies that behaved in many different ways. And the power ups! They didn't just appear, they tried to get away. Grabbing a mushroom gave you a second chance, grabbing a star made you feel like a super hero. Discovering all the secret routes and shortcuts could only be done with effort or word of mouth, as there was certainly no internet to aid me, and at this age video game magazines weren't even something I knew existed. At the time I wasn't one to appreciate a soundtrack, but that doesn't mean that the expertly crafted tunes haven't stuck with me nearly 30 years later. It was probably another couple of years before I got my own NES, a second hand gift from a family friend who was upgrading to a Mega-Drive. When I did I would sit in front of this game for hours, restarting if I failed, flying through the warp zones and bouncing over every bullet bill and lakitu with muscle memory that my older self is now envious of. I would play with my Sister, it was the game we could play without having to swap at "levels or dying", because it had a built in mechanic for multiplayer (although one that would leave you hoping your sibling would plummet to their doom, as control only swapped when you failed). And she always thought she was winning being Mario, but I always secretly kinda liked Luigi's green duds, he looked super cool in white when he picked up a fire flower. I was guilty of "thumbing" the controller which meant to press the appropriate buttons on the second pad, even when I wasn't the one playing. But this was all part of perfecting your reaction times. On the other hand, my Mum was guilty of leaning half way out the door in order to aid making a particularly difficult jump. Years later Shigeru Miyamoto would look back at comments from Mario players and worry that games were too easy. That you needed infinite lives or save points or magic golden feathers to get people through a level if they were stuck. This just breeds weak gamers. But Super Mario Bros made us strong. It was difficult, punishing, and if you got to World 8-3 and lost all your lives and continues well, you just didn't try hard enough, time to start again. But I wouldn't say it was brutal, but certainly unforgiving. Remember that one block ledge you had to land on? The first few times you did it, that was a slow precision jump. Then you realised that you were better letting instinct take over and leaping in two quick taps while never releasing B. Super Mario Bros redefined gaming in a way that I wouldn't experience again until the same frontman entered 64 bits. From this point onward I was well and truly a gamer. I coveted nothing as much as the second and third titles, getting lucky and scrounging SMB2 from a car boot and begging Santa for SMB3. The latter of which may have taken the format to its perfect form in the NES era, but it was the original that set the standard for 2D gaming for years and years to come.
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    I may get it later. I think I mentioned it before. I prefer arcade sports titles, I'd really love (and instantly buy) a new Mario Football game (which, since there wasn't one on WiiU, I actually kind of expect one for next year, or 2019). But.. A "normal" football game would make a decent addition to my multiplayer collection. I haven't played one in a long time though.. I'm pretty sure the last one was ISS 64.
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    Some have compared this game revealing a lot of stuff with Smash Bros doing it... but that's apples and oranges. Odyssey is a platformer, you show how the main character controls, the overall aesthetic and a rough idea of how the levels are structured (e.: is it exploration-focused, or are they linear?), and that's all you need. Everything else is superfluous in generating hype. Smash Bros, however, is a fighting game, and showing the available fighters is pretty important for the genre (doubly so for SSB, considering it's a crossover with established characters). Other fighting game franchises have done away with unlockable fighters altogether, partly because of online, but also because the player base puts so much value into knowing the full roster beforehand. Now, stuff like stages, items and story mode (or some other fleshed-out single player mode), that's what should remain secret. So yeah, I agree with the sentiment of avoiding information on Odyssey, I just think the comparison to Smash Bros is a weak one.
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    I'll definitely be getting it but probably not until Xmas. Would be up for playing online with guys from here when I get it though. I played FIFA 13 on Wii U online to death despite how poor the connectivity was.
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    I will, but haven't played a FIFA game since FIFA '98 on the N64
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    @dazzybee, @Glen-i, @V. Amoleo, @killthenet Abort mission guys... Trust Capcom to fuck up a simple thing Edit: No, wait, now he's saying it's being done like BOTW's aiming controls! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=248111318&postcount=209 Bloody hell man! Make up your mind!
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    Whilst there was a thematic throughline in the OT, I'd argue that Return of the Jedi's director, Richard Marquand, wasn't the director in anything but title and that it was absolutely George Lucas' film (at least, much more so than The Empire Strikes Back, which Lucas' former mentor at USC, Irvin Kershner, directed) in every sense of the word, and most depictions of Jedi's production supports this. Personally, I don't mind giving nearly everyone in Hollywood a crack at Star Wars, whether an actor/actress, director, producer or BTS guy/girl, because I love Star Wars from an outside perspective, and can't imagine how insanely happy it must make those with an inside perspective to be hired, even if only for one film. Changing the director every film also means that we should avoid a repeat of the critical panning of the prequels for a while. However, I am beginning to worry about the amount of directors being cut from Star Wars projects due to "creative differences" with Lucasfilm, and I'm scared as to why this is happening. Phil Lourd and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo project just months ago, and whilst I'd argue that their comedic style would have never suited this character, "creative differences" seems to be a recurring theme, whether it comes to writers or directors. Heck, Trevorrow is the FOURTH directorial casualty since Disney took over (Josh Trank was fired from the standalone film due in 2020 which he was supposed to be directing, which was reportedly a Boba Fett project), meaning that of Disney's original six film plan revealed for 2015 - 2020, half of them have had a change in director. Whilst this is by no means any reason to freak out - it happens all the time in the movie industry, just ask DC - this strange through line seems to be stemming from the same place, so it's worth keeping an eye on. As much as I love the Lucasfilm Story Group, it's the tiniest possible that their involvement could be tarnishing creative freedom when it comes to directors. As for Rian Johnson returning? I'm totally on board. He already has a great rapport with fans because of his actions at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim back in April, signing something for, and talking to, every single fan who queued up overnight for the The Last Jedi panel. He has seemingly fit as a cog into the Lucasfilm machine seamlessly, and with great directorial and writings credentials already (I highly, highly recommend checking out Looper, Brick or The Brothers Bloom before The Last Jedi comes out just in the event you need any more reasons to be extremely excited) and with the backing of Kathleen Kennedy it's almost a no-brainer for him to come in to write and direct IX, not to mention his great relationship with the great late Carrie Fisher means that he is arguably the director in the best position to give her the farewell that she deserves. I've said it plenty of times before, but I am somehow even more excited for VIII than I was for VII simply because of Rian's involvement, and whilst the film will of course share similarities with Empire - this goes without saying at this point - I think we should all be prepared to see what could potentially be a film that could leave a mark on the movie industry just as much as the aforementioned did back in 1980 come this December, not least because this will be Kylo Ren's film just as much as it will be Rey's, and so having Rian Johnson come back after giving them a great platform for growth in VIII would position him best to complete their arcs in IX. I love the idea of him returning to direct the film!
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    I'm only level 3 so far and I already feel like theres been 100x more story than in Destiny 1. Music is excellent as well.
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    Unfortunately these things tend to get spilled on gaming websites Which was literally the first thing I said that started this discussion. I know I want this game, and I feel Nintendo can't help themselves, so I will be swerving this topic for a while.
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    http://n-europe.com/news/resident-evil-revelations-1-2-switch-to-include-motion-controls-and-hd-rumble-support Wahey! RE4 Wii style aiming is in! Eat your Murkrow @Glen-i! HD Rumble support being in too is nice
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    Nothing. I don't care. You can get Bright Engrams regularly after reaching level 20. Buying them gives you an advantage if you buy them right now. I think in a week it won't matter. The engrams are also bound to RNG, so you can't just get whatever you need. In other news: Reached level 13 with my Hunter and opened up the third area. Not sure what I'll do next. Keep playing with that character to get ready for the Raid and other activities or start a Titan? Everything I've done so far was fucking awesome. So much fun. Managed to do a Heroic Public Event just now. Intense
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    End of an era. Godspeed my friend! No pressure @Glen-i! Now you have to make each week extra funny to make up for our loss here.
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    Now now, its not a competition Although saying that, the only reason I'm getting that much time atm is because I'm off work this week.
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    Didn't get my dispatch email from GAME until 1am this morning, but from chatting to someone else earlier today they had the same and the game arrived this morning for them. So hope is not lost, but that's cutting it fine.
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    An hour of two a day. How id love that. Try a couple hours a week.
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    You're gonna have to update your avatar now
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    Oh dear... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/09/pokemon_boss_didnt_think_switch_would_be_a_success_in_the_age_of_the_smartphone I guess me and @Glen-i were right in saying that TPC were (very likely) planning on going full mobile with the mainline series, at least before the Switch blew up; terrifying to think about. Also worrying to think that TPC's strategy isn't congruent with Nintendo's even now, as well as the fact that this guy still doubts the Switch in the long term... With people like him at the head of TPC, I don't feel comfortable with the direction the brand is taking...
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    They are frabjous!
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    I'm definitely one that thinks Nintendo release too much information on games before they are released.
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    Yeah I picked it up last Saturday for similar reasons and I'm enjoying it. Tend to just be doing one, maybe two, missions at once so I'll be at it for a while but its really enjoyable.
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    I've not watched anything about this game outside of the E3 trailer and about 5 mins of the Treehouse segment. I'd like to keep all the spoilers/info I know to a minimum. As for Smash Bros, put me in the camp that hated the Dojo and various information drops. I honestly think that's why the last two Smash games haven't really resonated with me, as I knew pretty much everything about the game before I even played it. During the lead up to Melee I was really excited about the possibilities of what could be unlocked or the stages I would find on the disc but most of that was already spoilt in the sequels.
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    Nice nice. At least I am downloading the Knack 2 demo. Should keep me occupied till my copy arrives.
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    A few details about the game have been translated from the latest issue of Famitsu.
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    For those using PayPal on the eShop, you can save £5 when putting £20 on to your account. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/offers?view=details&offerId=Y6ZELEVCHBLJA
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    Not gonna lie, it was hard not to smile when I saw all of those familiar faces in that house. Really love Wild Hunt and its expansions. That music, too.
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    *runs through dazzybee translator* I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, but I hardly dream over it (I prefer this rather sweeter take than what I assume you were actually trying to say). The mechanics and rhythms may not be the best (or freshest) in the world, but I really enjoyed the story and the game's ability to create tension. Many a time I ended up saying "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuck"
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    Taking my switch outside of the house for the first time later and realised I forgot to buy a case. Headphone case to the rescue. If it fits, I Switch.
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    Ah, the game that started my love for Nintendo games and systems. Like Shorty, my main gaming as a kid was done on my C64. I didn't get to play on a NES until one of my friends from school was given the console as a birthday present. I remember a bunch of us always used to cram into his small bedroom in order to have a go of this new machine. We would play for hours on end just trying to make it to the end and take turns every time someone would lose a life. Over the course of many sessions across many months we did eventually beat it. I'm trying to remember just how in the heck we found out about the hidden warp pipes in the game. Obviously this was well before the internet so I assume it was through magazines. It was probably through some kid on the play ground but then where did he get the information from? I wanna say it was through something like this. The level design of the game is something that I didn't appreciate until MUCH later in my life. The way the game teaches you how to play without using any text or guide character is just genius. By todays standards to might seem a little nuts to just let a player get on with it without telling them what is what, but the game is so well crafted that you don't need to be told what to do. Here's a great video on explaining what I mean. The game, as did many at the time, taught us to persevere with the challenges that it laid before us. You would get so far, die, lose all your lives and then start from scratch but each time you would see that you were learning from your mistakes and getting better and further each time. I think growing up with these types of games helped make me the type of gamer I am today. This is sometimes something that I miss about modern day gaming and why I think the likes of the Souls series/genre has carved out a market for itself.
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    Super Play is back! I need to nab a copy of this. What a blast from the past.