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    For those using PayPal on the eShop, you can save £5 when putting £20 on to your account. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/offers?view=details&offerId=Y6ZELEVCHBLJA
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    Nicalis are teasing more Switch games. 1001 Spikes, VVVVVVV and Code of Princess are among those that are pixelated.
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    Crushing difficulty complete and platinum obtained! When you skip the cutscenes the loading times can be pretty rough. ND do a good job of hiding them when playing the game normally. I was listening to this weeks Frame Trap and Huber and Ben were discussing the game. Strangely enough they said what I mentioned the other day, that ND are masters at what they do and are so far ahead of everyone else in the industry when creating these types of games. Great minds and all that.
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    Totally agree with this. Why would Nintendo abandon the 3DS just because the Switch launched? The 3DS potentially had another year in it at least. Personally, I'm still enjoying my 3DS more than my Switch at the moment.
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    Hope everyone have a blast time playing the game from now onwards! Feel free to ask for help with stuffs.
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    Just reached the social space. My goodness, that was one of the fucking best opening sequences I've ever played. The gameplay was Destiny as we all know: Gunplay at its best. But what stood out to me was the audiovisual experience. The setting, the sound effects, the music...it was spectacular. I didn't expect to be blown away this much, to be honest. The first 40 minutes were absolutely incredible.
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    Say what you want about the Destiny franchise but its music is one of the best in gaming.
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    @drahkon Westworld trailer looks aight. Will potentially give it a go. @Sméagol Not feeling it (based on trailer)
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    Definitely not! I can't wait for it! I loved the demo to bits! It definitely feels like a cut above all of the other 3DS RPGs out there and I reckon has the potential to be something really special. Outside of the Dragon Quests, all of the other traditional styled (i.e, non strategy RPGs and non Mario RPGs) on 3DS have left me feeling a bit cold, but this one just seems to hit all the right notes for me! Even looking at it as an RPG in its own right and not as a Monster Hunter game, it really looks to be a great one! Yeah, for sure. I'd even say that 2017 has actually been better than 2016 for 3DS! Couldn't really ask for a better sendoff really!
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    @Zell Oh yeah, I love The Thick of It too, but didn't include any comedy series because I've got a drama itch to scratch. I'm sure True Detective is good, I just couldn't handle another detective series after Hannibal left a sour taste in my mouth (plus Matthew McConaughey gets on my nerves). I watched one or two episodes of Sopranos and enjoyed what I saw, but it was too heavy for me at the time. Not sure I'm quite in the mood for it atm. The Pacific I'll definitely watch at some point. Not sold on Narcos after watching the trailer for season 1 unfortunately. You didn't mention it, but Boardwalk Empire was another one that I could not be arsed with.
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    Not sure what shows you have or haven't seen, so apologies in advance if my recommendations are rather obvious ones. Off the top of my head... Narcos - for something contemporary. Third season just came out on Netflix. I really enjoyed the first two seasons, would only say that because it is somewhat rooted in reality that the drama and character elements aren't quite as strong as other dramas, but the story is gripping and it is very well produced. The Sopranos - in case you haven't watched it. At its best, it's up there with the best (although in my opinion it starts to fall away around season 5). Deadwood is another solid HBO drama (got cancelled after only a few seasons however). The Pacific - again, in case you haven't watched it (not as good as Band of Brothers though). Haven't watched it, but heard decent things about Westworld. I would highly recommend the UK version of House of Cards, if you like shows about UK politics (speaking of which, I love The Thick of It, another must-watch). Three series of four episodes, no guff or filler like the US version. The lead actor is better than Kevin Spacey in my humble opinion. I also thought season 1 of True Detective was fantastic. Haven't seen season 2 because it was getting duff reviews. You've reminded me that I need to get round to watching This Is England at some point!
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    Gold edition and DLC trailer. Apparently there are spoilers for the main game in this trailer. You have been warned. Still wish I had the courage to play this. One day....maybe.
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    Oxenfree is awesome though, unless you already have it. Edit: also: I intended to actually put links to the footage of each game in the sizzler video in the post, and actually did so for the first few, but this editor is fucking horrendous, and posting the links was a fucking nightmare. it also made it impossible to embed trailers afterwards, so I thought "Fuck it". But here's innerspace: These links are almost fucking impossible to create.
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    I'm buying it! I've got some time off next week so hopefully I'll even get to play it soon but how long will the demo take me do you reckon? Three hours? Seeing as it's the start of the game, it would make sense for me to put in a bit of time soon I guess.
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    Sony Xperia XZ £500 >__< My old Xpera Z1 kept freezing up
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    I'm hoping mine is arriving today so I can get it installed/patched! Quite looking forward to it
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    Fair play. Yeah, same for me. I think i've easily put more hours into my 3DS this year than I have my Switch. Miitopia, Dragon Ball Fusions, Hey! Pikmin, Kirby Blowout Blast, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Pokemon Moon....the list goes on. It looks to continue as well, what with the games like Mario & Luigi, Metroid, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon and Pokemon Gold/Silver all releasing very shortly, too. It's been a great year for the 3DS owner.
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    It certainly doesn't make the 3DS irrelevant, but I see it as a lack of time. I have very limited periods that I can fit gaming into. At the moment with Mario + Rabbids and Splatton 2, a few sessions of ARMS, and MK8 online and that's all my allotted time. I'd rather play those games at this particular time. If somewhere down the line, I tire of all those, then maybe I'd purchase Metroid on the 3DS, but that is looking very unlikely for the foreseeable future. Plus I do like my new toy, and it goes everywhere I do. My 3DS has passed onto my son's capable hands who is using it for BoxBoy at the moment.
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    Thanks @Sméagol I'm mercilessly stealing your hard work. Mulaka (early 2018) - No. Looks boring, combat and movement look dire.Next up hero (early 2018) - maybeRogue trooper redux - no. Boring, foggy looking 3rd person shooterTiny metal - maybe -looking forward to this, with a lack of Advance Wars (its either this or War Groove, whichever is better)Nine parchments (Holiday 2017) - very likely - twin sticks ahoy!Battle chef brigade (Holiday 2017) - no. Match 3Sausage sportsclub (Fall 2017) - no Crazy, but unlikely to get any play timeCeleste - no Jump, die, no thanksSuper meatboy forever (2018) - no See aboveHollow knight - maybe - The combat looks pretty solid.Wulver blade (September 2017) - very likely - Golden Axe eat your heart out, and co-op.Shovel knight: king of cards (early 2018) - already boughtAway: journey to the unexpected - maybe. Need to see more.Blade strangers - no. Waiting for the inevitable Smash Bros. Switch EditionDragon: marked for death (Winter 2017) - must-buy - this looks great, online co-op beat downs, sign me up.Unbox: newbie's adventure - no. Awful looking 3D puzzle platformer. The controls looked atrociousGolf story (September 2017) - very likely - this is looking great, only thing is a lack of time to play it.Inner space - ??? didn't see this.Earth atlantis (Fall 2017) - maybe - looks stylish, but maybe a little too similar to others in gameplay.Hunt down - likely - 2D platform run and gun, looks cool.Morphies law (Winter 2017) - no. Others have said it looks hilarious, I just think it looks stupid, and would cut into my time on Splatoon 2 (that's never going to happen)Uurnog: unlimited - no. Just NO.Mom hid my game! (late 2017) - no. Stardew valley - very likely - Why are there so many large RPG games that'll suck up my time (backlog incoming)Poly bridge - unlikely - This looks fun, but I'll doubt I'd put any time into it.Kentucky route zero - tv edition (early 2018) - likely - atmosphere looks great.Floor kids (Holiday 2017) - very likely - Get on down with my bad self.Oxenfree - noLight fingers (early 2018) - noFlat heroes - no. Too simpistic. Been bitten by too many cheap games on the Wii U eShop to even care about thisWar groove - very likely. See Tiny Metal above for the caveat.Steamworld dig 2 (21 September 2017) - must-buy - More games, less time.Yono and the celestial elephants (21 October 2017) - maybe - Looks so fricking cute.Worms w.m.d. - maybe - maybe not, This is the type of game I'd regret buying after 2 days of playing and getting bored, but still might buy.Dandara - noDimension drive - noNo more heroes: travis strikes again (2018) - likely. If a proper edition of the series and not some half arsed collection of indie games. Thanks again Smeagol.
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    Not having a go at you or anything but I find this mentality very bizarre. It's something I have seen both on here and on other gaming sites. Just because a new console comes out doesn't make older ones irrelevant, especially something like the 3DS which is having a killer year and still has games like this, Metroid and Pokemon on the horizon. I just find it baffling that gamers are willing to pass up on potentially fantastic games just because they've got a relatively new toy.
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    I ordered it this morning. I was toying with getting Destiny 2 but went with this instead. I really enjoyed the first game so hopefully its just more of the same.
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    So yesterday felt like one of those days where everything is just sort of going wrong. Long post coming up! First of all, it was going to be a busy day as I was expecting quite a few packages to arrive, such as items for the cats we are getting, but also my new drawing tablet as my old one died last week (cost me a small fortune, boooh). We were also getting someone to come in to sort out our laminate floor in the living room. My dad and uncle put this down in December, but they probably didn't leave enough of an expansion gap, and as the weather got warmer (and as we used our heating in January and February), the laminate expanded and had nowhere to go but up. So we had some nice bulges in our floor, one very prominent one under our sofa. As we were moving our sofa away from the wall so the guy coming in could have a look, we noticed a smell of gas. We had noticed this before, but never too prominent. And I was certain it was gas as that was the exact spot where my uncle had accidentally cut through a gas pipe and then fixed it (or so he claimed). Seems it wasn't completely fixed. D: Jim went off to work and I made a call to the National Gas safety number saying I could smell gas. They sent out an engineer, who arrived about an hour later. He came in, turned off the gas and then tested the inside of the house. And yep, there was a gas leak. Funnily enough right where the biggest bulge is in our laminate (might be a coincidence but who knows). As the gas is trapped under the floor though, it didn't really have anywhere to go. And although the national gas safety engineers don't do repairs, he was not allowed to leave until the gas was gone. So he got someone else out to come and help. In the meantime, my floor guy showed up and I showed him the issue and explained he would have to come back a different day as he just couldn't do anything now. Felt bad about this. Then the gas people decided that we needed to create a way for the gas to escape. So they carefully ripped off one of the skirting boards, hoping that would help, but it didn't do much. And slightly pressing on the laminate didn't do much either to help the gas escape. They then decided to cut off the gas pipe that leads into the house from the outside, as we thought it was only connected to an old fireplace that was no longer there (another pipe lead through the garage into the kitchen and boiler). So they cut it off and capped it, which should solve the gas leak... only then we found out that that pipe was also connected to our gas hob. >_<; So now the gas leak should be fixed, but we are left with a hob that doesn't work (luckily the boiler still does). We were planning to replace it at some point anyway, but not right now. So now we need to get someone in to take out the old hob so we can order a new (induction) one and have that fitted. I got no work done yesterday at all, spent all day arranging things, letting people in my house, receiving packages, sending out messages etc. And now I still have to sort out the hob and the floor. And cat stuff. D: So my moral of the story is, be careful when you ask your family to do DIY for you, even if they are experienced (retired) builders.
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    Probably, if you have the right tools to cut them to the right size... And quite a bit of patience. One thing I can say, make sure you provide enough of an expansion gap on the outside, as apparently my dad and uncle didn't do that when we put ours down in the living room, and now we are having to get someone to come in and fix it (a story I might share in the Bad stuff thread later).
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    Against everything I believe in, I ordered from GAME, so I'm hoping for delivery tomorrow but no idea if it'll happen....
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    Spurs have finished above Arsenal once in the last 20 odd years. Arsenal won the FA Cup in May and twice in the previous 3 years before that. Spurs should win a trophy and then come back and start talking about how much better they are.
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    I put some more time into the demo last night. I managed to get another monster on my team and bought and upgraded some new weapons and armour. I seen a Kut-Ku kicking around the area and decided to fight it with my beginner gear. Yeah, that didn't go well. I ended up losing a life. I need to have another stab at him now that i've got better gear. This is out on Friday. I take it i'll be the only one on here buying and playing it? I went and preordered with the Nintendo UK store in order to get the DLC beasties.
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    Code of Princess is a great game. I really enjoyed it. I think @Grazza enjoyed it, too.
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    I used the sizzler trailer for this list, as it contains more games, though for some games, the Nindies direct actually contains more footage. Releasedates are US dates obviously, but hopefully European ones aren't far off. Mulaka (early 2018) - maybe - I like the artstyle, could be interesting. I want more adventure games at this point. Next up hero (early 2018) - maybe - Recruiting your dead friends sounds interesting. Rogue trooper redux - no - Looks like a boring 3rd person shooter. Tiny metal - very likely - I'm actually not that big a fan of Advance Wars, regardless, I'm in the mood for that kind of playstyle at the moment. Nine parchments (Holiday 2017) - likely - I'm also not actually a big fan of twin stick shooters (I'm actually pretty crap at them), but this is looking gorgeous, and this also being an onlike co-op, makes this very interesting to me, though I have no interest in playing this solo. Battle chef brigade (Holiday 2017) - no - Shitty animations, do not like the artstyle, and I don't want match 3 puzzle games. Sausage sportsclub (Fall 2017) - maybe - Looks like a hilarious (local) multiplayer party game. Celeste - very unlikely - Artstyle is too simplistic for me, and I don't want too many Meatboy style platformers. Super meatboy forever (2018) - maybe - I haven't actually finished the first. Looks pretty good though, we'll see if I need a new platformer at that point. Hollow knight - maybe - I'm not totally sold on the artstyle, that said, I love metroidvanias. Wulver blade (September 2017) - likely - Animations look like shit (I really hate the Flash style animations, it's cheap), but I love the artstyle, and it looks like a fun multiplayer game. Shovel knight: king of cards (early 2018) - already bought - Included in Treasure trove, so I'll see and play it when it comes out. Away: journey to the unexpected - no -Doesn't look interesting to me. Blade strangers - maybe - Artstyle looks good, but need to see more. Dragon: marked for death (Winter 2017) - must-buy - I'll buy anything Inticreates ehh creates. And online co-op? Sign me up! Unbox: newbie's adventure - maybe - Looks quirky, but need to see more. Golf story (September 2017) - likely - Wasn't interested at first, I'm not a golf fan, but after seeing more footage I don't think that actually matters. I'm thinking this looks like a fun RPG after all. Inner space - maybe - Looks (and sounds) relaxing, but need to know more. Earth atlantis (Fall 2017) - likely - Artstyle is gorgeous. I'm worried it may get in the way of gameplay (by making things hard to see). Hunt down - maybe - Another retro style game, but looks cool. Morphies law (Winter 2017) - maybe - Looks hilarious, but I'm worried it's too similar to what Splatoon already offers: a quirky 3rd person team shooter with some unusual mechanics. Also I really want first person shooters at this point. Make this a likely if enough NE people buy this. Uurnog: unlimited - very unlikey - Don't like the artsyle. Mom hid my game! (late 2017) - very unlikely - Don't like the artstyle, and gameplay doesn't look too interesting. Stardew valley - very unlikely - I would love to play some Harvest moon style game once, unfortunately I don't like the artsyle of this one. Poly bridge - very unlikely - Could be an ok and relaxing puzzle games, but I need to be really bored by my other games before I buy this. Kentucky route zero - tv edition (early 2018) - likely - Will probably double dip for support. Incredibly light on gameplay, it's more an interactive story, but with an incredible atmosphere. Floor kids (Holiday 2017) - likely - I don't know if the gameplay itself is interesting, but I love the animations and music, so it may not even matter. Oxenfree - likely - Will probably double dip for support. Awesome story, cool characters, great voice acting, great music. Also light on gameplay, it's a bit like a Telltale game. But it's just awesome. Light fingers (early 2018) - maybe - Need to see more, looks cool so far. Flat heroes - no - Looks too simplistic. War groove - very unlikely - Tiny metal looks to provide what this game offers. I prefer Tiny metals artstyle and setting. Steamworld dig 2 (21 September 2017) - must-buy - A metroidvania which looks great. Yono and the celestial elephants (21 October 2017) - maybe - Looks just adorable. Worms w.m.d. - maybe - It's been a very long time since I played Worms.. And it may be perfect for Switch. Dandara - must-buy - Another metroidvania, with someunusual movement, and a cool character, and great looking sprites. Dimension drive - maybe - Not sold on the artstyle (especially the cutscenes), but gameplay looks cool. No more heroes: travis strikes again (2018) - must-buy - I own the first two games. I'm a fan.
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    It sounds like the same old story for England. I'll never understand why they don't transfer the energy and passion from a typical Premier League game to the international stage! Another outstanding result for Northern Ireland, though, and a play-off spot guaranteed! Not sure how many teams will fancy a trip to Windsor Park to make it to Russia. Bring it on
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    Not gonna lie, it was hard not to smile when I saw all of those familiar faces in that house. Really love Wild Hunt and its expansions. That music, too.
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    GAF ruined Peach's dress for me, so now I'm gonna give you the gift too. Her dress is a penis, and I can't unsee it :P.
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    Good stuff! Keep Vivendi the hell away from a full buyout.
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    *runs through dazzybee translator* I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, but I hardly dream over it (I prefer this rather sweeter take than what I assume you were actually trying to say). The mechanics and rhythms may not be the best (or freshest) in the world, but I really enjoyed the story and the game's ability to create tension. Many a time I ended up saying "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuck"
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    I would've felt bad if we'd left one of them behind! We're visiting them again tomorrow. If all goes well, they'll be coming home with us next Sunday. :3
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    Sorry...I think it's hilarious.
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    IT.IS.DONE! Man, what a challenge those Ultimate stages are. I think I know the final one like the back of my hand due to how many times I had to repeat the thing.
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    I got the e-mail. Fucking finally. But if they keep this up next year, I'm buying the blu-rays.
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    Expanse is back on Friday next week But before that there's Narcos coming tomorrow.
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    I just never had that feeling with Hyrule. It never felt alive. With the Witcher 3 I felt like I could find a whole new story just around the corner anywhere I went. With Zelda I wandered around most areas just looking for shrines or coming across yet another enemy encampment that looked the same as the last one.
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    Got this on release, played it, completed it... and I love it! It's definitely a return to form, and easily one of my favourite instalments in the RE series. All the little homages and references to the previous games are great, and it really don't feel forced, it's certainly worthy of the "Resident Evil" title. For me personally, it feels like the perfect mix of 1 and 4, with some elements that are fresh for the series being blended in. Oh, and I've recorded it all for a let's play. Here's part 1 if anyones interested... #shamelessplug