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    GAF ruined Peach's dress for me, so now I'm gonna give you the gift too. Her dress is a penis, and I can't unsee it :P.
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    Actually so does Mario's.
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    Her expression seems so appropriate in that regard.
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    This is too damn perfect/cringeworthy that I had to share it.
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    Cheers, hoping it does turn up tomorrow now so I can hopefully download the patch before launch day.
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    Downloaded version 1.02 yesterday. If I remember correctly it was about 6GB.
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    Good stuff! Keep Vivendi the hell away from a full buyout.
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    Jesus Christ, what is this? Bill Nye The Science Guy's new thread? I'd still go with invisibility. And I wouldn't be blind because I'm awesome. An awesome perv.
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    I finished it earlier today. With all the Gold Medals, but only 5 Emeralds (but then I went back, got them, and saw the complete Ending). How can this game just keep on giving? It's so good! I expected to suffer fatigue in these last few levels (either because they're long, difficult, or both) but no, I had solid fun throughout. And I haven't even played as Tails or Knuckles yet! Games like these restore my faith in humanity. I'm in bliss. I didn't know about his involvement, but I'm already hyped for Freedom Planet 2, as I still have the demo in my PC I can already tell the game's gonna bring its A-game (the panda girl is fun to use). These are good times to be a fast-paced Platformer fan.
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    I do think that's part of an English mentality, though. All about not "losing" the game or making a mistake. Rather than going for a goal to make it 3-1, we try and keep the ball to stop it becoming 2-2 if a mistake is made. It's almost a pessimistic mindset. I can't say that I'm a fan of it. If there's a counter, my brain tells me that it should result in a chance at goal. Football is an attacking game, so if you've got an opportunity to attack, you should go for it.
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    If you have a lot of penisses and vaginas in your call of duty, you probably have an illegal copy.
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    Yeah mine was dispatched from Amazon today via Royal Mail as well. That usually ends up getting to me next day but as it's the Limited Edition it's not going to fit through the letterbox and I'm at work so I may just get it Wednesday anyway if they have to retry.
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    You've just stumbled upon your superhero name, Awesome Perv.
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    Invisibility wouldn't ever work, otherwise you'd be invisible, but blind. As your retina needs light to be stopped to form an image, if light posts through you (I.e invisibility) your eyes wouldn't work.
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    I couldn't really sit through Death Note. The adaptation wasn't badly made or anything, but right from the start they were messing with the best things about the original. Didn't like L at all, either.
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    Flying appeals to those who feel tied down and stuck in life, while invisibility appeals more to those who feel out of place and awkward. Not characterising people but generally invisibility will appeal more to the younger demographic (forced in school with peers the same age with a lot of demands on the right way to be :D) while older people with mortgages, steady jobs, rent, cars to maintain, families are more likely to have flight appeal to them. It's basically the power that appeals to your current situation. Personally on their own merits, as a stand alone power, pragmatically I think invisibility is the stronger of the two. The main advantage in flight, is travel. Well you'd need to be wearing goggles to enjoy higher speeds and still be able to keep your eyes open, and with invisibility you can hop onto any train/bus/tram/plane/boat for free without worrying about navigating to the right place. In terms of enjoyment though flight wins.. I think. Although with invisibility I guess you could sneak in to watch films for free.... I can't really think of other possibilities that I personally would enjoy with it. also there'd always be a chance of a non invisible person sitting on your lap Anyway, well done team flight - were there any team invisibles on N-E?
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    I finally sat down and played and finished this over the weekend. Fantastic stuff. Naughty Gods proving once again that they are masters of their craft. The visuals and animations are really something else. I love watching the cutscenes play out and just sitting looking out for little visual details in their facial expressions. Details like that, along with some amazing voice acting, really make the characters come alive. The banter between Chloe, Nadine and other characters is done very well. Their dialogue seems very believable and the chatter between the two of them is the kind of thing you would expect from two mates ribbing on each other. There was a great back and forth between two of them during Chapter 4. Both are comparing the men they have worked for/with and the relationship between Chloe and Drake comes up, which turns out to be pretty funny. I guess what really comes across is that the dialogue is very natural. It's the kinda of stuff you would expect to hear from regular people and it's a credit to the writers and performers that they can pull off such an amazing thing. There is a massive difference in the quality of writing and acting between ND games and most other games that are on the market, especially those from Japan. Gameplay wise the game had some really cool puzzles and standard Uncharted gunplay sections. Chapter 4 wasn't a favourite of mine due to me preferring the more linear levels over the open world styles ones. I was a little overwhelmed with where I had to go but it wasn't long until I got my bearings and was able to driving from point to point without any issues. There is a central pillar in the area of Chapter 4 that is needed to be climbed to unlock a secret trophy. Once I got to the top I just took in the scenery and was simply amazed at just how beautiful the game is. What is even more amazing is about all the structures you can see you can actually visit. There's also a nice little easter egg if you leave Chloe alone while standing on top of the pillar. After finishing the game I spent the rest of the day just mopping up the random trophies and finding collectibles. The ones in Chapter 4 were a bit of a pain, given just how large that area is. All that's left to do now is to finish the game on Crushing difficulty and the platinum will be mine.
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    If you're not enjoying it at that point, then it's just not your thing. No sense in playing something you're not enjoying.
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    Destiny's story and lore was excellent, just a shame most of it was hidden behind the grimoire and wasn't in the game. If you want a good timeline video, Byf has done a decent one.
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    Taking my switch outside of the house for the first time later and realised I forgot to buy a case. Headphone case to the rescue. If it fits, I Switch.
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    I have been ignoring this thread for a long time. I have been playing quite a few games that I don't finish, some that I can't finish, and FE Heroes (which might fit both categories), but mostly I haven't had much time to simply sit down and write a review for the one game I properly beat... about a few months ago. Like, 6th June. That's how long I've been ignoring my duties to this thread. Fire Emblem Awakening You know Kellam's in this picture, right? I'm big on Fire Emblem. It might be my favourite series. However, since I didn't own a 3DS for the longest time, I ended up ignoring what might be one of the most important entries in the franchise. But the moment I got that device, I got Awakening ASAP, and finally got to experience the game that "saved" FE. For reference, I played Hard/Classic, and beaten the main story, as well as all the side stories/paralogues. I still have to beat the Spotpass chapters, as well as most of the DLC chapters I bought. So, right off the bat, the cel-shaded FMVs are gorgeous. I initially found the art style a bit off-putting, but the moment I see those opening FMVs, I'm sold. I'm honestly surprised the 3DS could produce something that good-looking. The in-game portraits also grew on me, once I saw how emotive they got (though I still think the armour designs are ridiculous. Especially Sully & Stahl's toilet helmets). The battle animations also flow very nicely, a big step up from Radiant Dawn. Coupled with the amazing soundtrack, I think this game's presentation is 10/10 for sure. l can't embed music anymore, but I'm posting this anyway Gameplay-wise, it definitely feels familiar. You got your usual weapons and classes, the grid-based system, terrain, etc. The rescue system was replaced with Pair-up. It's an interesting mechanic for sure, even if very easy to abuse. It also brings back a ton of one-off stuff from previous games, such as skills, reclassing, supports, children... and the most important one, the World Map. Usually, Fire Emblem is divided into chapters, and you play one after the other in succession. No going back, no grinding, no takesies or backsies. You do this linearly. Some games in the franchise have tried to implement an explorable world map before, but Gaiden's was overly slow and time-consuming, and Sacred Stones' was bland and gave you no real incentive to explore or go out of your way. Awakening decided to fully commit to the idea however, and has an easy-to-navigate world map with so much to do: several side-chapters, incentive to grind, occasional sales in specific spots, and even gave you the ability to fight Streetpass players there. I deviated from the main quest so often because of this. All of this longevity (some of which is free post-game content), alongside all the DLC this game eventually got, means that Awakening resembles a Final Fantasy Tactics style of play more than a traditional Fire Emblem: you don't devise strategies chapter to chapter, you raise and build a team. You grind your units, you marry them to get optimal children, then you grind them as well, collect several stat-boosting items, and then you use Pair-up to demolish. And why not, it's very pleasant to do so, with that music in the background. "Surely strategy still plays a part?", you might ask. Turtling, mostly. Multiple chokepoints, if you're lucky. These maps are surprisingly barren of objectives. In other FEs, each map gives you multiple small optional objectives, like visiting villages, stopping thieves, and such, and you're rewarded with rare items. Here, not only are these objectives uncommon, the rewards are trivial, since most items can be obtained elsewhere, they're not limited. And the enemy AI only encourages turtling behaviour, since their strategy consists of rushing you like madmen, all the time, in every map. Set up a defensive formation, and watch them kill themselves on you. (Also, can I just say the same-turn reinforcements are BS? I can usually see them coming, but occasionally, the game just decided to throw a random Falcoknight out of friggin' nowhere right into the middle of my army (Bye, Olivia). Like, is this their idea of adding fake difficulty? Sheesh) To cut the game some slack, the side chapters usually provide you with more interesting objectives. There's a couple of defend chapters, an escort mission, a few where they ask you to kill a few enemies with an underleveled character... They're all optional, but they're the most interesting chapters in the game. It might sound like I'm being harsh on the game, but it was still a blast to play through. Planning and building a team is still fun, and this game certainly plays better than the likes FF Tactics. 8/10 in Gameplay, 10/10 in Longevity (especially if we include DLC). It's "Ohmigoshes", Henry. You Plegians and your monotheism... About the story... it's a mixed bag. On one hand, I gotta give kudos to 8-4 for their translation, as the dialogue they wrote is memorable and compelling to read, whether it's coming from goofballs like Owain and Henry, or from more straight-up serious characters like Chrom and Lucina. On the other hand, the main plot is... really sloppily written. It's frustrating, because there are some really good moments there (for example, he chapter with Mustafa - and the FMV preceding it - were brilliant!), and yet I see dropped plot threads everywhere, obvious symbolism and potential parallels being ignored, and even plotholes in certain points. On the other other hand, the characters are very appealing. They speak when we visit the barracks, they say one-liners when levelling up or critical hitting, and they have voices! Most of the supports are well written, which is good, since there's a lot of them. The cast definitely feels quirkier in comparison to previous games, but that's not a bad thing (especially when the worldbuilding is so poor), as we get a bunch of colourful fellows living their day to day. I generally like the child characters more, though. They have more fleshed-out histories and upbringings, and it's interesting to see 12 different people dealing with tragedy and loss in distinct ways. One downside to this support system is that every male can marry any female, and vice-versa. I know this is to flesh out the baby-making (that came out wrong), but there's a severe lack of chemistry for many pairings. Kellam/Cordelia is all about Cordelia learning to be stealthy, and then they marry. Miriel terrorizes Lon'qu for weeks before he proposes out of the blue (in fact, considering Lon'qu is gynophobic, shouldn't he have very few potential wives?). When Henry proposes to Cherche, she actually says "Sure, I'll marry you. I want to get to know you better." as if she only plans to go out for coffee! (Ironically, I think that Henry&Cherche do have chemistry) That minor flaw aside (those bad pairings are optional, after all), there's no doubt that the supports (and additional DLC convos) were the best part of the story. So that's 6/10 for the main plot (being generous, here), and 9/10 for the characters. I'm not giving you context for this. ...Oh, and also, this is the game that introduced Casual Mode in the west. Honestly, even if I was against it at first, I'm over it. It doesn't affect me, it functions as an entry level for strategy newbies, it allows more players to enjoy other aspects of the game and players looking for a challenge still have Classic Mode available to them. Nothing wrong with modular difficulty levels. *phew* After what is possibly the longest review I've done here, I'm giving the whole game a 9/10. I can see why this game got so popular, and I'm thankful for it. Even if rough in places, Awakening's qualities shine through, and it's not just fun to play, its charming characters are good enough for a fandom to form (as evidenced by the ton of fanart, comics, and videos on the net that I keep finding). Great stuff.
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    Can't be underestimated what a great job Nintendo have done with splatoon. Incredible success for a new IP which plenty said would bomb. Switch demand still huge.