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    You should check out The Books Of Sorrow, some of the best lore in Destiny.
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    More importantly, Flight won in the team section by 52%. N-Europe the true superheroes of flight? I'm gonna go ahead and believe that.
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    *runs through dazzybee translator* I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, but I hardly dream over it (I prefer this rather sweeter take than what I assume you were actually trying to say). The mechanics and rhythms may not be the best (or freshest) in the world, but I really enjoyed the story and the game's ability to create tension. Many a time I ended up saying "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuck"
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    Taking my switch outside of the house for the first time later and realised I forgot to buy a case. Headphone case to the rescue. If it fits, I Switch.
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    With a new console comes a new eShop list of releases; Yesterday's goods Nintendo Switch eShop Blaster Master Zero (Inti Creates, €9.99 / £8.99) Nintendo Switch eShop – Neo Geo ACA NEO GEO NAM-1975 (Hamster, €6.99 / £6.29)
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    I very much enjoyed The Last of Us the first time around. But, the second time, I just truly appreciated it on a whole another level. I love it and it's one of the best games that I've played. The game is sublime at storytelling, crafting characters and building a believable post-apocalyptic world. The dialogue and interplay between the characters is also fantastic, too. This is before I even talk about the soundtrack, which is surely one of the greatest. I listen to the soundtrack at least once a week or so on Spotify and for me it was the game changer with how movie-like music in gaming could become. The whole thing is a package and gameplay is just a part of that deal. I found that the gameplay really helped to build suspense. You could be running low on ammo and supplies and then you might approach a tunnel with tons of the infected running around in the distance. It's very much like the old school Resident Evil games in that respect. There are moments where you can go in all guns a-blazing. Or, you can go in stealthily. Or you can run. There's actually a lot of ways to approach each fight. In my second run through, I was a lot more careful about my supplies and would take what felt like an age before I made each move. Sometimes I'd throw a brick to distract an infected, or lure them towards me before taking them out quietly. The gameplay felt quite "authentic" to me. It didn't feel manufactured like here's a dungeon, pull this lever to go through, solve these twenty puzzles to beat a boss. It's not that kind of gameplay. When playing it the second time around, I was able to appreciate the world a lot more and have to say that I thought the level and world design was great. For me, this is one game that certainly lives up to the hype.
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    Just watched that timeline video and now I'm interested in everything...FUCK Think I'll work my way through the timeline of the Ishtar Collective and read all the Grimoire Cards. Highly doubt I'll be able to finish all of it in the next two days, though.
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    I think it's amazing. Really manages to take what was previously a fairly niche genre and streamline it in a way that makes it comprehensible and accessible - you don't jump into a round with the understanding that it could take you hours of play to get any kind of result. Instead the dome constriction makes it so that every round is pretty much done with within 30 minutes (much less if you don't make it into the final 10). If you die, just quit out and hit quickplay again. Danny O'Dwyer's streams are super fun to watch. I'm kind of jealous of people who have a group to roll with in this game because there's so much possibility for developing a shorthand with your pals in terms of strategy and making up tactics to handle other players on the fly. Also really enjoy Patrick Kleppek and Austin Walker's streams on Waypoint, as well as the 4 man hijinks the Giantbomb crew get into. Even in its unfinished state, without mantling, with just one map and a total lack of anything approaching performance optimisation, I've put about 25 hours into it and I'm always up for a game.
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    @Ashley sums it up well. The story was fucking fantastic, along with the world they crafted. I am not a fan of Naughty Dogs gunplay at all in any of their games. To me it's the weakest part of the Uncharted series (barely eeking out the bullshit superpowered enemies at the end of Uncharted 2). Of course in TLoU I actually found the gunplay sections to be fairly competent. Possibly because it focuses more on resource management and most enemies can be eliminated quite quickly. If it might suit you more @dazzybee to somewhat experience the story I recommend this LP. Alternatively to that, https://www.theverge.com/2015/5/1/8523939/the-last-of-us-cinematic-playthrough-tv-style-series someone cut that majority of the gameplay out but has all the dialogue and such all. I've seen the LP but I haven't watched this so I can't vouch for it's exact quality, but I doubt it's bad given the source material.
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    Not worth it. Someone got a copy earlier and it missed alot of information. Also some guy will came with a better guide on reddit and constantly update it with new contents for free.
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    Couldn’t find a last of us thread. So thought I’d post in here. But god is this game a huge huge disappointed, think it may be more over-rated than the grand theft auto series ive tried three times since launch to get into it, and now I’ve officially given up. The gameplay is so so dull... uncharted was a breath of fresh air, uncharted two is a masterpiece, three was very good, but starting to get a little samey , and 4 got pretty boring, but ultimately fun enough. But last of us I can’t get in to, it’s the very worst of the rhythm of uncharted - run around a bit, gun fight, run around a bit, gun fight, run around a bit, gun fight, repeat to fade. So dull. Does anyone else not understand why this game is so revered, or does everyone dream over it?
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    Oh God that Advert is so cringe... The Weapon Triangle is completely ignored too... * ^ * I've been pretty lucky with my summons though...The second last day of the first lot of summer summons I managed to pull Frederick and when the second lot of summer summons on my first attempt I pulled Corrin! As for the Brave unites I went with Ike Since I lacked a really good axe wielder.
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    Well, there's nothing wrong with lurking around this thread and being a last minute backup player. There were quite a few times when someone had to drop out and the other three couldn't carry on because they were short one player, you might be able to extend a session by replacing a dropout or a no-show. Sméagol did exactly that with the 6pm group and we ended up having a riot for around an hour. Not to mention our last minute 11:45 group that happened out of nowhere. Sure, it was a bit chaotic, but it worked out in the end.
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    Yeah I initially said I didn't want to do 2 sessions, but I've gotten a taste for it now. That said, I can wait out the 21:00 session, and join whoever is playing at 23:00, or earlier? If I'm not mistaken, there are still 6 players availabe this evening, or at least signed up: - me - you - Nicktendo - Dazzybee - Martinist - Phube I could sit a few hours out, so those who missed out so far can play, but I'm available till, well 00:00 or 01:00 UK. Edit: Looking good, guys :p.
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    I noticed this the other day and it amused me so much I made a gif of it:
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    On that topic... Christian Whitehead actually has some involvement in Freedom Planet 2! (as a Unity engine programmer on the game); so that should instantly spark your interest in the sequel
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    The Undertale trophies are up, and they're about what you'd expect.
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