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    A wild preorder link appeared! https://store.nintendo.co.uk/games/nintendo-3ds/pokemon-gold-version-pokemon-silver-version.list?widget_id=435873
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    That trailer though. I love that Nintendo are still showcasing unrealistic Switch meetup/playing scenarios, NBA in the Locker Room, Minecraft at the Bus Stop and of course Skyrim on the Tube because we can't forget that Skyrim is coming. It's nice to see that games which aren't out yet are being leveraged too, Mario & Rabbids for one plus having Super Mario Odyssey right at the end with Cappy spinning out of the screen to the end was brilliant. Overall though, even I can't deny that the trailer conveys people from all backgrounds enjoying the Switch so it more than does the job it sets out to do. Even though Milk from 1-2 Switch is still one of the most hauntingly disturbing/simultaneously hilarious mini-games I've ever witnessed.
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    Woo! I finished the game without ever leaving the demo! Man, I'm awesome! Great to see you enjoyed it. This is going to be the first game I buy once I pay off my Switch... And my mini SNES.
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    Just had a look, it lifts on August 28th so only a day before release. I wouldn't take that as any indication about the quality of the game though, embargos seem to be lifting later and later these days.
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    I have to commend them for the realistic Mario Kart moments. I felt like that guy screaming at the tele right on the finish line so many times.
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    Irritating is an understatement.. especially considering his goal celebration The game looks really good, though, and the pace looked a little faster than FIFA 17 to me.. but that might just be me I can see me playing this a lot online!
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    ARMS finished at about 10:20am. There's been nothing on since then.
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    I can't wait to play through that again. It's one of my favourite platform games. I may even run through that before playing Uncharted.
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    My copy from ShopTo arrived yesterday morning, I started playing it after 8PM last night, finally stopped in the early hours of this morning, well... only 2am so not too bad. I was only playing it on and off but I think I made it to chapter 5 and I'm really enjoying it. I hope your copy comes soon @Hero-of-Time I'm sure it'll arrive today with any luck. That reminds me, Jak & Daxter code is live from today, so get that redeemed as well.
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    I went up the attic and brought down a load of my Uncanny X-Men and X-men comics, last night. I sat and read a few of them and it really took me back to my teenage years. Happy days. To this day Joe Madeira is still my favourite comic book artist. Next time i'm at Forbidden Planet I think i'll pick up a load of bags and backing boards to store the ones I had loose more securely. I also sat and watched the second part of Superheroes Decoded, last night. It was another interesting watch. It tackled various issues one of which was sexism in comics. It made me aware of the term fridging or WiR. Some of it I didn't agree with but it was interesting to hear the points being made. The main comics being pointed at when this issue was being discussed were things like the death of Gwen Stacey and The Killing Joke. Racism in the 60s and 70s was also a topic that was being discussed. The talked about how Negro Comics came about and how Marvel created the Black Panther but changed his name for a few issues to separate themselves from the Black Panther Party. Little bits of info like that I found really interesting to hear about. It's a shame that it was only a 2 part series.
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    The most important thing is whether she's British in the Western translation. Yes, the most important. Don't try and tell me otherwise.
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    Probably not. These seem like traditional "Third Version" games. Same basic plot and setting with a few extra scenes and modifications to the story. You might have to trade with some people with Sun and Moon to get certain Pokemon though. But that's about it.
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    Good luck, Raining. Take care.
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    Going back to Kanto would be such a lame surprise. You're right, it's been done before. The fact that it's possible to go to Kanto on 4 seperate games is bordering on a bit much. Doesn't help that Kanto is one of the more dull regions in both aesthetic and content. You want a real surprise? You bust out Sinnoh or Unova. You want to blindside fans. You have a return to Orre. No-one would see that coming. Or just bring back Battle Frontier. Make the post-game meaningful again. If we're in for a 5th trip to Kanto, I'm at risk of going blind from too much eye rollage.
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    Had to laugh. "I forgot this game was coming out but I want it on release day!" 😋
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    With. Been a Prime member for years and the times when I have preordered games from them they always seem to arrive on the Saturday, rather than the Friday or earlier.
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    New Salmon Run stage!
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    The schedule is now up. All times listed in BST.Tuesday August 22nd 10:00 – Splatoon 2 Turf Wars presentationWednesday August 23rd 10:00 – ARMS – Lola Pop gameplay12:00 – Splatoon 2 – Salmon Run gameplay12:30 – Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle gameplay with Ubisoft14:00 – Super Mario Odyssey presentation with Mr Koizumi15:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay16:00 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournamentThursday August 24th 10:00 – EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 gameplay11:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns presentation with Mr Sakamoto and MercurySteam's José Luis Márquez12:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns gameplay12:30 – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions gameplay15:00 – Charles Martinet discusses classic games with Fabian Döhla16:00 – Splatoon 2 tournamentFriday August 25th 10:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay recap with Charles Martinet12:00 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay15:00 – Nine Parchments gameplay with Frozenbyte16:00 – Pokkén Tournament DX tournamentSaturday August 26th 10:00 – Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay12:00 – SteamWorld Dig 2 with Image & Form12:30 – Flipping Death gameplay with Zoink Games15:00 – Yoku's Island Express gameplay with Villa Gorilla16:00 – ARMS tournament
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    After nearly 40 hours, Team N-E are victorious! The end game really started to drag out a bit. You think you have finished the game and then it just keeps going and going and going. It felt a little cheap at times, not Bravely Default cheap but I did question whether the game would have been better had they not tried to lengthen the end game out. There are also a few things that cropped up that kind of dampen the experience. Stuff like members of your team getting sick or falling down holes, meaning you can't use them for a set period of time. There are also an enemy that pops up that can one shot you. This appears a few times when nearing the end dungeon. The final boss was a bit of a bitch if you aren't prepared...which I wasn't. Despite the few niggles I had with the end game stuff, I still REALLY enjoyed the game. There are so many laugh out loud moments and the way you can incorporate friends, family and celebrities into the game is just brilliant. It's just a shame not many people will know the genius of this game because many seemed to have jumped ship and disregard the 3DS now that the Switch is on the scene. Their loss, I guess. Despite putting 40 hours into the game and seeing the credits roll, there is still a great deal to do. A couple of other job classes have now been unlocked, as well as a couple of new places to explore. The game also has around 250 in game achievements to nab. Looking at my tally and it seems i've only unlocked 46% of them. Granted, most of them are just grinding related things, like getting to max level, max relationship, all weapons, jobs, armour etc. but it is still something to do, if you are so inclined. It's certainly a game I can see myself dipping back in to in between playing other stuff. Nicktendo, when reviewing the game did you happen to reach the final battle? I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the end game stuff and the unlocks that become available after the credits roll. Here a few final pics from my adventure.
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    KangI'm askhan is spawning in Crawley.
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    Pics of Nurse Joy plsss.
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    Yesterday and today, 7 raids 7 catches