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    13th October this beauty arrives.
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    Loads of impressions are starting to filter out from Gamescom. Everyone seems to be loving it.
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    Same year as the release of FFVII:R! Sounds good.
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    Had to laugh. "I forgot this game was coming out but I want it on release day!" 😋
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    They're showcasing it on Thursday, the switch version, so here's hoping it's looking good. Can't wait for it personally.
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    We moved into our new place almost 3 weeks ago and the transition has been oddly seemless. The house felt like ours before we even got the keys! The first week or two consisted of lots of work decorating and such but progress has slowed a little as we're both so tired! Hopefully I'll make a start on painting the living room tomorrow morning before heading off to work. Getting that done and a few things up on the wall will make all the difference
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    Played this on my brother's Switch yesterday and think I saw enough to make me want to download it myself I kinda hope we get the Mega Drive games on Virtual Console in the near future too, though. The split buttons on the left Joy-Con didn't appear to be a detriment at all!
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    From its Steam page: Looks great. Can't wait to see more.
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    Good luck, Raining. Take care.
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    I'm going to post this here, its not really good or bad (or maybe just a mix of both) but I'm going to be positive. I have been going to therapy for a while, and myself and my therapist are piecing together a referral to the ASD service, in relation to a suspected adhd diagnosis. So that's a thing I guess....? I'm really not sure how to feel about it but it would confirm a lot of things in my entire life up to now... I kinda wonder how it was missed for all these years.... (i have the attention span of a goldfish) but I guess its one of those things being female its not as typically seen. And the whole chronic psoriasis/physical ailments/significant bullying thing kinda overshadowed a lot of it. It feels like it might be a battle but its never too late to get a diagnosis!
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    If they can manage to fuck up the balance then Sony should drop out of the video game business. They have so many games out now and in store that appeal to "hardcore" gamers...they need to release a shit ton of casual games in order to fuck this up. But...never underestimate the stupidity of people
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    It depends if they get the balance right. Microsoft tried this tactic with the 360. Once the Kinect was released they lost a lot of fans due to MS concentrating too much on the casual market. This had a knock on effect when this generation started. Hopefully Sony doesn't forget those who actually got them in the lead in the first place.
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    Game arrived today, even has a code for "That's You". Considering it's free for PS+ players. Edit: Put in a few hours earlier, i'm enjoying this.
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    Yeah, I don't mind gimmicky stuff when we already have way more games to play than we have time.
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    It might be worth looking into recovery exercise plans. Found this link earlier for an old thread. The fifth post is interesting about what to do with an injury (advice from Mark Rippetoe). Might be worth a go!
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    I quite like them. Everybody loves Left Hand Free, but they've got some other great tunes, too. I've got a few of their songs in our almighty Spotify playlist. Every Other Freckle being one of them. Haven't listened to the new album yet, but I'll add that onto the to-do list. The boyfriend of @Eenuh's sister is a fan after he got This Is All Yours as a Christmas gift either last year or the year before.
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    Had my first crossfit class after my son was born - so 7 weeks with next to little exercise and then bam! The class consisted of deadlift and three small workouts. The deadlifting was 7-7-6-5-4 and got up to 114 (could probably have taken a bit more but stopped there). I think that's quite alright after such a break. The workout was evil cardio with kettlebells. It was a perfect start for me as it wasn't heavy and mainly attacked the lungs. I hope to be able to go twice a week in the future and then do some running every week as well.
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    The in-game group-chat. Next time, if you go into 'social' in the game I think it'll show where we all are, but it's usually in group-chat.
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    Great games yesterday, guys. @Daft, that Mercy slap-fest brought back memories of Goldeneye. I'm glad that @Shorty mentioned it afterwards because I literally said the same thing word-for-word to @Eenuh about a minute beforehand. I've been playing as Symmetra a fair bit recently and she's another character that I really, really like. Love her moveset!
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    Regarding Prime subscriptions as well, I recommend this tip to get it half price for life (once you get student Prime, it just auto renews as a student Prime subscription forever). It also refunds your existing non student subscription days left and gives you another 6 months free.
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    Well, FFXII is still one of my favourite entries in the series. It was also partly my fault for making the hunts tedious as I haven't completed a single one until way into the storyline and then completing 17 in a row
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    So '90s.. I love it I'm still not feeling desire for the system, though..
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    Ahh, looks like you're right. Sorry, was thinking of Splatoon 2, not ARMS
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    NOE boasting that 60hz loud and proud makes me very happy! How far we've come!
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    Murdoch seems to be getting overly attached to me. He follows me around everywhere and it's 50/50 whether he'll go outside in the garden or not without me going out first/as well. He only lets me pet him solo. If Kelly tries without me he runs away, only if I'm nearby does he trust her enough to allow strokesings. One thing which does baffle me is that in the majority of rooms, if he tracks me down he'll generally come for a small stroke then go lay down somewhere*... but when I'm in the "office" doing internet shizzle - or moreso painting he's walking around my legs meowing as if I hadn't touched/fed him in ages. I loves him but he needs a bit of independence, or at least allow the missus to get some solo kitty strokes. *he loves to sleep on paper. We got him a nice comfy cat bed. Wasn't a fan. Put some paper from some Amazon packaging and he loves it.
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    New Salmon Run stage!
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    The schedule is now up. All times listed in BST.Tuesday August 22nd 10:00 – Splatoon 2 Turf Wars presentationWednesday August 23rd 10:00 – ARMS – Lola Pop gameplay12:00 – Splatoon 2 – Salmon Run gameplay12:30 – Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle gameplay with Ubisoft14:00 – Super Mario Odyssey presentation with Mr Koizumi15:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay16:00 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournamentThursday August 24th 10:00 – EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 gameplay11:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns presentation with Mr Sakamoto and MercurySteam's José Luis Márquez12:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns gameplay12:30 – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions gameplay15:00 – Charles Martinet discusses classic games with Fabian Döhla16:00 – Splatoon 2 tournamentFriday August 25th 10:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay recap with Charles Martinet12:00 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay15:00 – Nine Parchments gameplay with Frozenbyte16:00 – Pokkén Tournament DX tournamentSaturday August 26th 10:00 – Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay12:00 – SteamWorld Dig 2 with Image & Form12:30 – Flipping Death gameplay with Zoink Games15:00 – Yoku's Island Express gameplay with Villa Gorilla16:00 – ARMS tournament
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    Yup. They should really found a way to streamline this when they made this remaster. Hunts where the weather has to be a certain way were also annoying/tedious.
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    Martin Robinson from Eurogamer has wrote a pretty spot on article about the X. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-21-microsofts-final-sales-pitch-for-xbox-one-x-falls-flat
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    So no, not interesting at all. Its not even a pro.
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    It's great, isn't it?
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    The misspelling of Capcom continues. I think this new one is my favourite.
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    Paypal payment option is being added soon.
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    EA's 'indie' strand 'EA Originals' first title 'Fe' has been announced for release on Switch in early 2018. It's good to see EA is willing to bring one of it's smaller titles to the console, hopefully that means we'll see decent support from them going forward.
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    Like Duolingo there's no "this is how you do the past perfect" kind of lessons, but I've found the subjects broader in my experience. If you click on any of the courses (best to go for the ones by Memrise themselves as they definitely have audio, which in this case are yellow) you can see the subjects and then click into them to see the words/phrases covered: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/dutch/
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    Oh, well there goes my interest. Not that I really planned on using one. I actually don't get why so many fans want to return to Kanto, it's been done before. Or maybe I'm just turning in @Glen-i. Not that I wouldn't be interested in seeing an updated Kanto, especially if it means new Gen 1 music remixes.
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    They've fallen about 359 points.
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    I got it for £22.85 in the end due to Gold Membership. Plus the code for Jak & Daxter but I think that's a standard pre-order bonus now. Anyway, it's now in the post.
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    Part of me thinks that's actually kinda cool. The rest of me is thinking, "They use a Mac?"
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    Twas my wedding anniversary today. Celebrated by going to a 24 hour karaoke place in Tokyo at 9am, then going and watching the latest Pokemon film in Japanese, understanding none of the dialogue. We then went shopping for random crap at Sunshine City (including tiny baseball caps for our guinea pigs) and then finishing off the day at the planetarium. A good day was had by all.
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    A few years ago I got into weights, probably chronicled most of it on here. A year ago when I moved, I put the bench and rack in the garage thinking that would be a great place to work out without taking up any space but... as it turns out, it really killed my motivation. Along with a bunch of other complications, I ended up just totally stopping, and generally getting out of shape again. But! Over the last couple of weekends I have spent a lot of time tidying my house, throwing things away and making space. Last night I cleaned everything and moved it back into the house, ready to start again. Did some fairly light reps that would pretty much have been initial warmups before, but it felt pretty good to get back into it
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    Tempted to hop on board with this. Could do with a racer and there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of top quality choices there atm. Either this or Wipeout.