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    https://www.monolithsoft.co.jp/ Beautiful artwork. Here are some details from the website which Duckroll over on Neogaf has posted. I'm not sure if he translated them or has got the details from somewhere else.
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    It comes with a collection of: Looney Toons Land Adventures Rushing: A Dreamworks Adventure Zoo Tycoon 2: Zoo Harder
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    It's still up in the air as to whether any substantial information has been stolen but, either way, this isn't good for Sony's image. Maybe that extra tenner they are charging for PS+ will help up their security.
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    If this does turn out to be the case - and judging by the images it very well could be, though I've yet to watch the trailer myself (due to sketchy connections whilst on holiday) - then I could certainly foresee many fans, potentially myself included, being upset with TPCI on this occasion. Not only is the story of SM being somewhat retconned with what seems to be an alternative story (outlined in the descriptions and the earlier trailer) in USUM, as opposed to a much more anticipated potential sequel, it could potentially be taking us back to Kanto (and with an alternative story, it's possibly that Lillie doesn't even leave for Kanto in the end), a move which would have made much more sense in SM which were celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, perhaps especially so considering the circumstances presented at the end of the games, and it's a move which could be seen as a cash grab by many. This is something I've personally been screaming for since we found out about Sun and Moon last February - in my opinion, as I mentioned before, it made a lot of sense to revisit the region given it was an anniversary year for the franchise, and the Gen I rereleases, I argued, only played into a potential return, making us familiar once again with the region in its classic form before a potential return some 10+ in-universe years later - and something I know that many more seasoned fans than myself have argued against the logic of, considering the limitations of the 3DS (and perhaps this makes even less sense considering some performance issues with SM). The truth is, this potential news has totally got me back on board, but it annoys and confuses me to no end that, if a return to Kanto is indeed in the cards, this will be the only real "pull" for me to play USUM. An alternative to the subjectively great story and characters of the objectively well-critiqued SM didn't grab my interest at all, to the point where I was planning on skipping these games entirely, but now that a return to Kanto could be on the cards? It will be interesting to see how much more Kanto we potentially see in marketing for the games leading up to November, but I feel this potential news would have landed much better had these games been sequels.
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    Pokken demo is coming soon to the eShop.
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    Yesterday, I finally got around to finishing the game. I decided to crack on with it so I transferred a load of my team from Pokemon Red over and set back off on my adventure. I didn't realise I was pretty much at the end of the game. I think I was only a couple of hours away from seeing the credits. If I knew that I would have pushed on sooner. This was probably the easiest Pokemon I have played so far. It's not just the whole sharing exp thing but just how much help you get throughout your adventure. There are so many times where I had my Pokemon healed by various people before big events. Sure, its handy to have that kind of help but it removes any of the challenge or stakes from the main story if you team is constantly getting healed up. It kinda makes most of the items you get pretty redundant. Another thing that was super easy was catching the legendary. I whittled down it's health and threw a single Ultra Ball and caught it first time. I'm glad I didn't use my Master Ball of the thing! I'm assuming there are other more difficulty legendaries/UBs to catch? I did like a lot of the narrative that the game had to offer, though. Some of the cinematic cutscenes were great, especially those featuring Lusamine, Gladion and Lille. It was a good story, at least in terms of mainline Pokemon games. I found the game enjoyable. As I said, I really enjoyed the story and some of the music and Pokemon designs were fantastic. The only downside was the lack of challenge but I guess I have to remember the audience that the game targets and that most of the challenge will come from the post game content and online battling, most of which I very rarely bother with. I may continue to dip in and out of the game and fill up my Pokedex but for for the adventure is over. Roll on Ultra Moon!
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    Wooooooooow. Was not expecting this. Amazing news!
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    I think I can jump in! Did some runs yesterday to get me the 600 points bonus (didn't get it yet), but you can never play enough Salmon Run.
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    Monolith managed to run a pretty big tab of credit for me from Xenoblade Chronicles alone - enough to help sell me the WiiU. Depending what comes of this it could definitely be a decider for a Switch choice later down the line. Definitely interested to see what they come up with - I think as ever we may be pleasantly surprised!
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    I feel like I've already answered this in this thread I used the free version for a long time but then they had a half price offer (which brought it to £16 or something) so I got it then. Probably would be better if I took more advantage of the premium stuff, but £1orso per month is fine. The offline is handy if I want to do it on the tube, but loading lessons offline takes ages (so much so I thought it was broken first time I tried). I like the video clips of locals (because...Italian 👀) and it is useful. It has some of the same pitfalls of Duolingo (such as it becoming easy to remember the phrases from the list of options, rather than learning to actually translate), but I think it is better, particularly when it comes to reviewing as everything is grouped together (and you do 10 at a time, but can change it). Plus there is the 'usual' review and then a separate review for your most common mistakes. The chatbots in the app are kind of entertaining for a bit, but I haven't used them much.
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    And adding Rise of the Tomb Raider to the list of completed games. Overall, a good sequel.
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    Sounds great, the artwork looks like every other JRPG though and doesn't really tell us much
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    PC version finally announced.
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    Looks gorgeous! I'm always up for a good action RPG and I'll pretty much buy anything from Monolith Soft at this point! Wonder if they'll end up working with Platinum Games on this one? Seems like a no-brainer if they're working on an action game (especially given Nintendo's working relationship with them) and they did a fantastic job with Nier Automata!
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    Only just got the game a few days ago. Looking forward to jumping in with it when I get time Glad to hear you enjoyed it @Hero-of-Time
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    After nearly 40 hours, Team N-E are victorious! The end game really started to drag out a bit. You think you have finished the game and then it just keeps going and going and going. It felt a little cheap at times, not Bravely Default cheap but I did question whether the game would have been better had they not tried to lengthen the end game out. There are also a few things that cropped up that kind of dampen the experience. Stuff like members of your team getting sick or falling down holes, meaning you can't use them for a set period of time. There are also an enemy that pops up that can one shot you. This appears a few times when nearing the end dungeon. The final boss was a bit of a bitch if you aren't prepared...which I wasn't. Despite the few niggles I had with the end game stuff, I still REALLY enjoyed the game. There are so many laugh out loud moments and the way you can incorporate friends, family and celebrities into the game is just brilliant. It's just a shame not many people will know the genius of this game because many seemed to have jumped ship and disregard the 3DS now that the Switch is on the scene. Their loss, I guess. Despite putting 40 hours into the game and seeing the credits roll, there is still a great deal to do. A couple of other job classes have now been unlocked, as well as a couple of new places to explore. The game also has around 250 in game achievements to nab. Looking at my tally and it seems i've only unlocked 46% of them. Granted, most of them are just grinding related things, like getting to max level, max relationship, all weapons, jobs, armour etc. but it is still something to do, if you are so inclined. It's certainly a game I can see myself dipping back in to in between playing other stuff. Nicktendo, when reviewing the game did you happen to reach the final battle? I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the end game stuff and the unlocks that become available after the credits roll. Here a few final pics from my adventure.
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    I eventually got around to starting NieR:Automata. I don't have a lot of time for gaming these days, with life in general, my girlfriend and planning of expanding the apartment taking a lot of time. But man, this game is really pretty, and a classic Platinum Games title. I love the music and the setting, and the characters and story seem pretty interesting. And I've heard the game has gotten a lot of praise for the story. Looking forward to playing this gem. I might get down one hour each day, so... I'll be done in about 70 days :P. Might also spike my interest in Bayonetta too. I love that series, but it's a chore to play on the Wii U these days :P.
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    Part of me thinks that's actually kinda cool. The rest of me is thinking, "They use a Mac?"
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    Our bathroom is one of our "project rooms" and we eventually plan to knock through to the toilet to make a single room. In the meantime, I got fed up with not having a shower, so me and my dad re-tiled and we had a guy out to change the individual taps to a single mixer/shower thing. After 2 years, we now have a shower (forgive the awful photo, it's nicer IRL): Not bad for a temporary solution and much better than it was, especially considering I've never tiled before (and never will again. Ever).
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    @Dcubed, some of his family and me have been playing JackBox Party Games, mostly Quiplash, which is an utter riot if you have at least 4 people around. The basic premise is that you're given prompts which you have to think of witty quips for and you're given points on how many of the others (Or even people watching you live stream) vote for. Naturally, hilarity ensues. Especially when great minds think alike... My answer was the one on the right, and no-one voted for mine! The game's great! I'm thinking it might be fun to live stream a few games in the future and have some N-Europers be part of the audience and vote, etc.
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    Shiny boxes containing download codes will be released. For you physical nutjobs out there. Still no Crystal, so a big nope from me.
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    It's been a long time coming, but i finally finished Pokemon Soul Silver (including the Kanto League). Going back to a Pokemon game after the improvements in later games, it's a tougher experience. But all good fun none the less, which is what i like. How i normally play these is thus, i choose anything up to 3 last gen Pokemon for my team and the rest is made of Pokemon new to the game.
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    Just "upgraded" to a Razer Ornata Chroma mechanical membrane keyboard. I had a Razer Blackwidow 2014 model, but the clicking of the mechanical keys were driving me nuts, even though the responsiveness is awesome. This new keyboard is a mix of membrane keys and mechanical details. And it is sooooo silent <3. Got a great deal on it as well. I had loads of gift cards saved up, and did a price match at the biggest store here in Norway and ended up paying £15 in total. Great day to be a gamer. And the Chroma effects in Overwatch is so much fun :D.
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    So, its been a while since I updated this. I have played through a few games the last quarter of the year. Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone, Blood & Wine (PS4) Wow!!! What an expansion/DLC! Every game developer needs to take note. This is how you do DLC!. I absolutely loved the main game and I have now played through it twice. I didn't start the DLC until later on as I was a little burnt out. A masterpiece in every way - I just loved it.. I'm gutted that Geralt's adventure has now come to an end. Witcher 3 (and its DLC) is probably my game of the generation. Everyone should at least try it. Shovel Knight (Switch) I downloaded this to the Switch on launch day and played a little bit at a time. I thoroughly enjoyed this which I found surprising. I am not a fan of NES graphics, I find them frustrating and generally find games from that era unnecessarily difficult to play. However, with this game, despite the NES graphics (which I actually loved) I really enjoyed the game. Yes, some parts are difficult but I found the game fair and not only that checkpoints weren't miles apart from each other. This is a nice little game and has made me realise that there are some good indie games out there that deserved to be tried out. I will play the DLC expansions in the future. Bomberman R (Switch) Now, I bought this at launch due to wanting another retail game to play (that wasn't Zelda). I also loved Super Bomberman and wanted those nostalgic feels, The positive point to be made is that its classic Bomberman which is a good thing. It also looks great on the Switch's screen. Ultimately, I found this game a massive disappointment which is completely overpriced. The single player was uninspiring and the levels were not that interesting. The bosses were dull. I want to play this game online as I really enjoyed playing local multiplayer as a kid but It is rare that I can find a game. I recommend this game if it can be found cheap. Final Fantasy X-2 Remaster (PS4) I absolutely loved FFX. I played it for the first time last year and I can't believe that it had taken me years to play it. I can see why it is highly regards. This game is just crap. I mean, it is garbage. I started it thinking it might be more of the same as FFX but it is nothing like it. Its like a remix of the assets used in FFX. The story is pointless. I was bored shitless with this game so I gave up and hardly went through it. Pokemon Sun (3DS) Having not completed a Pokemon game since Gold I thought to give this one a try. It had good reviews with a lot of them stating that the standard formula had been changed. I'm glad I did pick it up. I did thoroughly enjoyed it and glad that they spent time on creating a half decent story. The new Pokemon are good too and I enjoyed catching them and getting to grips again with the different types and moves. The game was dead easy but enjoyable nonetheless. I have spent 70+ hours with it. I need to do the post game which I will do. I'm tempted to try and fill up the pokedex.. The game reminded me why I enjoyed the series as a kid and I will pick up further titles in the future. I think to improve things I would like a future game to have a RPG indepth stroy and also better graphics.