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    The Risky Boots DLC comes out on August 29th! Also, more details about other upcoming DLC below... http://nintendoeverything.com/shantae-half-genie-hero-pirate-queens-quest-complete-wayforward-working-on-friends-mode-dlc-more/ Didn't even know they were doing another DLC pack after Risky Boots. Nice! Hopefully we get a substantial amount of new stages, without the backtracking which bogged down the main game. There's a good game here, there just isn't enough of it to keep the game going without the need for padding. I'll probably re-buy it and play it on Switch for this DLC (surprised that nobody in this topic has mentioned that a Switch version of the game came out!)
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    I think @Josh64 needs to buy that shirt. Spotted this in CEX so I had to pick it up as I've been wanting to play it for ages (and its only when I started the game I noticed the awesome logo).
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    Guess I'm joining the Pervs, then. Think of the scams I'd be doing.
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    That's not my second name, dude. You got two of the letters right though. Nice try.
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    The lack of discounts is also Nintendo's fault here, since they currently don't have support up and running for cross platform discounts/freebies on Switch yet (they also don't have support for bundles yet). Can't really blame Wayforward here (they've offered cross platform discounts before on Wii U/3DS, so I would imagine that they'd want to do it here but can't right now).
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    I've been playing some King of Fighters '98... so smooth and fluid compared to '94. I can see why that one is considered the ultimate Neo Geo fighter. Anyway, I noticed no Neo Geo title is in the "Coming Soon" section. I wonder if there will be a Nintendo Direct soon, part of which will preview the next batch?
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    That was a bug in the original games that they decided to recreate for some odd reason.
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    Picked this up yesterday and playing through it slowly. Just lost all my lives in Chemical Plant Zone 1 as there were some moving platforms (ones that moved between being a vertical and a diagonal line) as I kept getting squashed even though there was plenty of space. Guess I'll try again later.
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    Available to pre-order at ShopTo (and all other retailers) now. I've pre-ordered, see you all online in October hopefully.
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    Just finished Defenders. Not brilliant unfortunately. Definitely didnt reach the highs of both Daredevil seasons or Jessica Jones.
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    What about Seaman? WHAT ABOUT SEAMAN?! Y'all are laughing but this is how FIFA feels to me so meh to you. Meh to you all!
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    I got to the credits last night. This game. Just wow. It is definitely up there with the great Mega Drive games. I am struggling to put into words how I was feeling playing this game. It definitely brought back memories of playing the classics as a kid. I loved everything about it. This is how to create a Sonic game. A game for the fans by the fans. I aim to do multiple play throughs to really learn the courses. I also need to get all the emeralds and the medals. I actually enjoy the Blue Sphere bonus stage. As a kid I used to put random Mega Drive games on the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge to see what stage would unlock. I remember receiving Sonic & Knuckles as a kid and was so happy. This game reminded me of those times and reminded me why gaming is a hobby in the first place. Pure fun.
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    The DLC is well worth it, the devastator is incredible!
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    This little beauty arrived:
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    Got the keys, woo-hoo! They left the house & garden in a shit-heap though. Random crap everywhere and hadn't been cleaned since we possibly last saw it. It was disgusting! Emailed the solicitor as they left shit-loads of crap in the garden and shed. So they've emailed their solicitor advising they need remove it asap or we'll have to proceed with notification of them being in breach of contract. Just took up the carpets, stripped the walls upstairs and sanded the skirts etc in the bedrooms this evening. Plenty of work still to do before we move in on the Friday (still a good bit to do after too really).