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  2. The Wrasslin' thread

    Had a quick look for it but I wonder if it’s been taken down as I couldn’t see it. Still looking for a way to watch it.
  3. General Retro Discussion

    I just had a read up on disc rot and from what I can tell, pinholes are more likely an error in disc manufacture, rather than rot. Given that the pinhole will have been there since the 90s and hasn't gotten worse, I'd say I'm pretty safe. I've played PDS from start to finish with no issues, so the pinhole can't be in a critical place. From what I can tell, disc rot seems to come from damaged/faulty/cheaply manufactured discs letting in moisture, casing the data layer to literally rot away. I'm no expert, but surely any early disc games that have survived this long aren't going to suddenly develop rot? If they were faulty/damaged when they were originally in regular use, they'd have shown pretty clear signs by now.
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  5. Job woes/wins

    I don't know which colleagues in my dept that are responsible for why there are so many stocks are still sitting on our warehouse and topstocking shelves instead of on the salefloor. We recently got a new computer system which tracks the inventory of stocks and give us a list of stocks that need to be picked and worked thus the aisles won't have many gaps. It's really annoying me because it's meant more work for me and other decent colleagues to fix the gaps while juggling other tasks to doing. My dept manager/section leaders want me to do the audit process with the inventory again by doing some overtime shifts cos they were impressed with me last time I done it in March. However other depts cause the entire store to overspent on the overtime so they cancelled all overtimes including mine. Never got a chance to finish the audit process. What a fucking mess!
  6. The Wrasslin' thread

    Some kind soul uploaded the whole thing to Youtube and I've just finished watching it now. Absolutely fantastic show. The pacing was amazing. Very little fluff and the matches just flowed perfectly. The Young Bucks match was my fav and I think the Omega/Jericho fight was the weakest. Jericho just looked too knackered and overweight to keep up. The whole show just reminded me of the Attitude era which is when I enjoyed wrestling the most. More of this please.
  7. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    And that’s all for this week.
  8. Decided to pop into Absolute Music today, which is only around 5 minutes away from our house. They're pretty much the biggest/best guitar place around here, so we're quite lucky to have it so close to us. The main reason we went was to have a look at a new bass. I have to admit that their collection/selection of basses wasn't particularly amazing, but they did have the Thunderbird IV Pro there for me to have a proper look at it. My initial impression was that the Headstock looked VERY large and quite weighty. It's the first thing I noticed and it then made me feel slightly dubious about whether or not it could be a suitable model for me. I asked one of the staff if I could have a closer look and feel of it. On closer inspection, it's actually surprisingly lighter than I expected and was a dream to play. Spent a good 15 minutes with it and enjoyed my time playing. The shape is great and it just feels nice to play, whilst also not being soooo expensive that I feel guilty. I think that this is probably the bass that I will go for, perhaps in the Summer holidays! Love the booths that they have at Absolute. You can just ask for a guitar off the shelf and they've got the rooms set up for you to just plug in and play. this case, the amp wasn't set up for me to use, so I had to just go on look and feel rather than sound quality. After watching lots of impressions online, I'm sure that this area is fine. Whilst we were there, another guitar also took my eye. An Epiphone Emperor II Pro. I initially was looking for the Sheraton, which unfortunately they didn't seem to have available for me to look at. But, this caught my eye and I asked for a closer look. Weight wise, it felt wonderful to hold, despite its bulkier size. I was impressed by the sound quality of it, so I will definitely be adding this to my list. From reading up about it, it's a perfect jazz guitar. A very fun day just playing around with guitars. It was so difficult to not give in to temptation! Had a look at some of the Fender Telecasters up close and they are such beautiful guitars. Definitely on my day! Could have walked out with about a dozen different models!
  9. Last of Us Part II

    I also finished the first game last week within a day. The winter season are the hard part for me. Spent a hour repeating a bit cos I kept ran out of ammos. 😂
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I think Sony will use PS5 as a step-stone to improve their streaming infrastructure with the help of Microsoft Azure Cloud. We really need a new technology breakthrough towards gaming experience before 2030s. Maybe VR/AR like Ready Player One/Sword Art Online.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Decent list. I love how he gives his own personal history to each of the games he chose. I knew The Wizard would get a mention.
  12. The Wrasslin' thread

    Finally finished watching all of Double or Nothing. I thought it was a great show. I’m looking forward to seeing more of all these wrestlers (and learning a lot of their names!). Surprised to say that I think Cody v Dustin was the match of the night. I’m definitely happy to just drop WWE now properly and stick with AEW & NJPW. Looking forward to October to see what AEW does with a weekly show.
  13. General Retro Discussion

    I have a feeling you'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised.
  14. General Retro Discussion

    Just fired it up how and seen he's only got Super Mario Bros. 2 as an honorable mention. His top ten better be something special to have kept that game out. If not, the dude deserves a slap!
  15. General Retro Discussion

    Another great Top 10 video from The Happy Console Gamer, it was great hearing some of his memories of NES titles from back in the day. Most of my memories of buying games in stores from around when they came out mostly come from the 16-Bit era onwards so anything from before is always interesting to me.
  16. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    That's me got the platinum trophy today after spent a week playing it. Easily one of the best games for PS4 because I have a great time playing it and the landscapes, settlements etc are drop-dead gorgeous. Meridian is my fave fictional city ever because it got unique architecture and are really huge. I'm little annoyed that Aloy don't have the same override skill as Sylens because I'll love to summon an overriden machine to assist me in a battle or using snapmaw as a boat ride etc.
  17. General Movie Thread

    Apparently they made a live-action film of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. In Brazil. Featuring a Renault. Now I really want a live-action film.
  18. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    So, you know how there's all sorts of new features in Mario Maker 2? Stuff that wasn't in the original? Exciting, right?
  19. General Retro Discussion

    I love both the original Strider and its sequel. I picked up Strider 2 a couple of years back. It's just as well I did because the price of it seems to have now gone up. I also enjoyed the reboot on the Xbox One/PS4. I really need to play through Dino Crisis at some point. When I was a teenager I never did finish the original game which is weird as I remember loving it. I picked it up for the PSOne around the same time I bought Strider 2 but found that the character voices audio level is stupidly low, so much so that it's hard to make out what they are saying. Apparently it's a known issue. I wonder if the Dreamcast version fixed this problem?
  20. General Retro Discussion

    This is what I've been thinking, after discovering some of those Sega Mega CD demo discs have gone bad though, I think I'll start checking some of the older stuff. I've got a load of Phillips CDi games stored away somewhere... I've got a bad feeling about those, I did have a copy of Zelda's Adventure at one point but I sold it years ago. I'll likely be checking the Phillips CDi unit over soon anyway as I think it might be time to sell it as I haven't used it in years, so if it works, that may be on the cards. Damn... I feel for you on Panzer Dragoon Saga though fortunately from what you've described, that pjnhole doesn't sound like it's anything bad so I reckon it'll be fine. - - - - - - - - - - Anyway, assuming that the majority of people's disc-based games are fine, which titles is everyone looking forward to playing or replaying? For me it'd have to be... Saturn - Dark Savior, Deep Fear, Night Warriors, Radiant Silvergun, Saturn Bomberman, Shining (series), Shinobi X, Torico Dreamcast - 18 Wheeler, Cannon Spike, Carrier, Daytona, Dino Crisis, Ecco, Giga Wing, Half-Life, Samba De Amigo, Tech Romancer When it comes to other disc-based systems, I'd probably have to think about it for a bit more, there are Playstation games I want to play but they just aren't at the top of the list. Although, I will say that I played Strider and Strider 2 on the PS1 which I enjoyed a lot.
  21. Seeing Maya and the Hero has made me remember how much I love the character design in this game. You've made me want to play it again, @Hero-of-Time!
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Has anyone played Victor Vran online, what do I get from it (I still don't have online subscription, so I would like to know if it's worth it for Victor Vran and NBA 2K playgrounds)? Thx
  23. The Wrasslin' thread

    I think it was only in the last couple of weeks or so. ‘I didn’t end up seeing the preshow but I have seen the after main event spoiler. I think I will see if I can find highlights to watch from the show later.
  24. Dragon Quest IV, V, VI: The Zenithia Trilogy

    Cracked on with this some more this morning and I've just finished Maya and Meena's chapter. It was pretty straight forward, especially when you get the third party member joining you. I kept having encounters with Slime monsters that would join up to make the King Slime. These fights were pretty annoying, not because they were difficult but because of the time they take. If you attack them they just replenish their ranks with more Slime. With that chapter done, it's time for the final push... IIRC, this final chapter is significantly longer than the rest of them, with the previous chapters just being used as small set ups for this one.
  25. Switch eShop Thread

    How do these gamed play on consoles? Sent from my SM-A600FN using Tapatalk
  26. The Wrasslin' thread

    Just watched the highlights for the AEW Double or Nothing PPV. Really impressed, hopefully they build on this and put out an incredible weekly show. Also, someone posted this on resetera. God I miss WCW.
  27. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Yeah suffice to say even I couldn't believe my luck, it's because I hadn't let the game know I was actively looking for them... Glad you got that video of me sitting by the bombs, once I started doing that I said to myself only one thing is going to make me move from this...and there it was 😂
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