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    • Bollocks to that! I guess I'll have to shell out for a weapon room in my shitty Duplo house and pop it in there
    • A mate bought the digital deluxe edition and I paid a bit for it since we game share (I only paid 30 bucks, 'cause I won't have access to all the extra shit - not complaining, though, as 30€ for a new game is not bad ). Looks like I'll be able to play the game early since I'm preloading already Sadly I'll be out of town for the entire weekend so I can only play a bit from 1am on Friday Still...can't wait to give it a proper go when I'm back next Monday Thoroughly enjoyed the beta and I need more.
    • Just buy the Majora's Mask amiibo to have a chance of getting the weapon again once per day
    • The reviews for this came in yesterday and it's currently sitting at a 92 on Metacritic.  Some reviews: Absolutely insane, Capcom now have two 90+ rated games on Metacritic for the year (the other being 93 for RE4 Remake). I know Metacritic certainly isn't the be all and end all on quality, but it's definitely a good way to gauge what the general feeling is about a game, and it seems like this is going to be coming hot out of the gates – just hope Capcom's plans for support keep it there, it's so important these days for a game like this to not rest on its laurels.  Won't be there at launch but definitely going to be considering picking this up during the Black Friday sales later on in the year 
    • I really need to use more ultrahand and recall more often. I have done it occasionally when the shrine needs it, but when it isn't "needed" I don't find myself using it, which would make things much easier. I don't know if there was anything like this in Breath of The Wild (with I think the exception of the Zora spear [?]), but was there ever a way to remake unique weapons? I've gotten myself the Fierce Deity Sword and I fear of it breaking so haven't bothered with it. Either way, I've found that I'm more of a spear guy this time around, probably because I'm shit at shieldwork.   Side note - In both games, every time I see a new shrine name appear I imagine Nintendo putting their hand into a Scrabble bag and just throwing the tiles out and seeing what they can make out of them.   The fact that something "different" has happened to each race (Goron is still a semi mystery to me, but I've met a couple and have a theory), going in a similar order as to what you did before will still feel completely new. I think I did both Zora/Rito ones first mainly for the sake of help with swimming/gliding shizzle.
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