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    • I need to get to bed early today, because I actually have an early volunteering shift tomorrow! So I'm keeping this shorter than I'd otherwise have. Who's doing any volunteering? Regularly or occasionally? And what do you do? My first volunteer job (I believe) was at a local cinema (LantarenVenster in Rotterdam, if you ever visit). I've done that for many years, but it's also been a few years now since I quit. I quite miss it actually. Our job was to welcome visitors and check their tickets. It was a cool hangout. While at some point I didn't need the perk of watching films for free, as I got a cinema subscription (which got me access to other cinemas as well), it was cool to be able to go to jazz and other music concerts, as long as they weren't sold out. I saw Gregory Porter that way I believe, though occasionally I did just buy a ticket for popular concerts. I haven't had a regular volunteer job since, although I've worked at plenty of local festivals, usually music festivals, and those are lots of fun. Well usually, depends a bit on the job too. One particular festival I've had to count incoming visitors a few times.. That's boring. But I've also been a stagehand at that same festival, and that's great.  Next 2 weekends I'll be working at a animation festival, which is going to be much fun. I usually just stick to local festivals because of the travel expenses, but last year I decided to make an exception for this festival, and it was a lot of fun, so this year I'm back. For next weekend I've actually arranged to spend the night there. Next weekend is in Utrecht, a very fun city (probably my favourite city next to Rotterdam actually), and the weekend after will be in Amsterdam. They have a games department where I'll also be working.. it'll be the first time I'll touch a Switch in months haha. In April I'll have another local music/art festival lined up. But I'm looking at doing some regular volunteer jobs again. I'm considering a local youth theatre, a pop podium, and some others. Currently I'm also signed up for Red Cross, however I still need to get my first aid certificate, so I'm not actively working for Red Cross right now. When I do, I'll be at festivals and other events, providing first aid when needed. There's a particular reason I've started this thread today.. and that's The Olympics. Even the Olympics have volunteers apparently, and you can apply for the 2024 Olympics in Paris since yesterday. I mean, there's a bit of an entry barrier.. it's essentially a working vacation where you don't get paid. But it looks like a fun and unique experience I don't want to miss, and something that'll be interesting on your resumé, so I've applied just now. If you're also interested, you can apply here: https://www.paris2024.org/en/volunteers/
    • Well, now the collection's worth purchasing. After they release their DLC pricing flowchart, of course.
    • Thanks for the games. There were some close races this week, a few technical issues, and more than a few projectiles thrown. Though we didn't have enough time for a fourth GP, the three GP's we did get to race, were pretty good. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Get Together! (23/03/2023)
    • Had some weird off centre control stick issues at first there, so was having to fight against that for a bit. Went into calibrate and it seemed all good, so hopefully just a blip or something. Anyway onto the fun stuff. I am very proud of that one I'm also very proud of that one too.
    • More Ranking of Kings, this time in Gaiden Collection form (so not S2...yet) with The Treasure Test of Courage: Man RoK S1 was awesome, hope this is a good stand-in while we continue to wait for S2! 
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