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    • I'm kind of enjoying this in short bursts but the technical aspects really bog it down, and I'm not usually one to care about that kind of thing. I almost wish I had played this first, before Legends Arceus, because that game just does everything so much better.  Catching Pokémon is such a slog now, of course in PLA I would fight some, but it was just so great also being able to sneak around and throw a Pokéball at them, or lure them closer with some berries before going in for the kill. I can understand them getting rid of the no-battle insta-catch, to make it more like a traditional Pokémon, but why take away the manual aiming of the ball? I absolutely loved how fluid it felt with motion controls. As well as that, sending your own Pokémon out to autobattle is a chore as you have to go into the menu and manually select the top Pokémon in your team that you wish to send out - the menus were just SO much faster and more intuitive in PLA. I would have assumed PLA was the basis for this, and it got built upon into a full Pokémon game, but it doesn't seem that way at all. Also, WHAT is with the sluggish-ness? Starting battles and the battles themselves have second long delays before each action, which again wasn't present in PLA. WTH‽ Like I said, I would be enjoying this game a hell of a lot more had I not got used to and loved the great QOL improvements found in PLA.  On the plus side, I haven't found any actual glitches, just plenty of graphical ones - That camera sure does love panning under the floor. The FPS decisions are just insane to me too, I understand the logic of lowering the FPS of objects/people far away, but why include it in a cutscene that's near the very start of the game (the classroom!) - Either pre-render the cutscene on a machine with more power (ala the mega water in Paper Mario) or just have less students in the class. The windmill is a pet peeve as well, I was stood on a hill and the windmill in the distance must have been 1 frame a second or less. At that point just have the windmill stand still, I could at least tell myself it's not windy over there right now lol.  The graphics are so inconsistent too, the Pokémon and humans actually look pretty great, I love the textures on the 'mon, and the hair of the humans is incredible, but then so often you'll come across a literal N64 quality texture on someones shirt pocket, or flag, or wall - the consistency just is not there.  I am really not too fussed on graphics usually, the Switch is my main console of choice, but this game consistently breaks my immersion with things like the extreme FPS dip of distant (or even very close lol) objects and the constant clipping into the world. I want to and do enjoy this game but I really hope they bring out a patch else it's going to forever be tarnished by these technical issues for me. If Game Freak aren't capable of an open world they shouldn't just go ahead with it regardless, they should scale it back and break the world up into sections ala Arceus.  Also the 10 million sales, do you think that will inspire them to patch or make them more complacent. On the one hand they've sold millions with this buggy mess, on the other they have the largest audience ever to witness what a state the game is in.
    • Just took down 2 Gyms in an hour which leaves me with just 1 left. Really disappointed by this, they are piss easy and the Gym tests are absurd and just not any fun, except the double battle warm up which was basically just battles like it should be. It was still too easy, though. They really should have had some level scaling options. That said, Garchomp and Ceruledge are absolute beasts that can take down Nemona and Gyms by themselves.  Still need one Titan and two Team Star bases.  In general, the game is decent fun but everything is just made trivially easy since they have made the Pokémon too underlevelled to accommodate the open world structure. Only found 1 Pokémon I couldn't defeat, it was a level 75 Terrastelyzed Lucario in a cave but I was able to escape.  The game is also stupidly slow. The battles drag out because every action is followed by a delay, and because walking about is just slow. Luckily the world isn't that big.  Even though the game is a technical failure, I haven't actually encountered anything other than graphical glitches and a single sudden crash. That's at least something.  I haven't even made my final team yet. Still dragging a Clodsire along but can't settle on which Pokémon I want.
    • I think you've bought the wrong game. 
    • Not at all but I did instantly reduce the camera speed when moving it with the control stick as I found it far too fast.
    • I tried the demo last week. I had fun with it, but after a few levels, I started to feel dizzy from all the camera shifts. Now granted, I was playing handheld mode in a dark room, but I was wondering if you felt anything similar during your playthrough.
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