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    • I'll probably skip it as none of my local cinemas are showing it unfortunately, would be a bit of a trip for me to get to the nearest cinema with showings, but boy did they get the timing of the release over here right otherwise! 
    • Fast travel and rideable creatures are in!  Rideable creatures are cool, but thank The Maker for fast travel.  It's absence was one of the strangest things overlooked in the first game's design, especially on planets like Kashyyyk, where there's a good chance you missed something near the top of the tree and would need to slide around with the action music cue/angles from a chase *that had already happened* still being used on subsequent visits. Absolute bane of my existence in the first game.  Getting more excited for this as the weeks pass 
    • Thanks for the games. First and last matches for Sonic, one match we had two Daisies, Peach and a Fire Emblem character, one match had two Yoshi's... Some close matches as well, and some really good dodges, counters etc, some of them (most of them?) accidental. and more than a few stage dives. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (04/02/2023)
    • @Julius the Kaguya movie is showing at Odeon and Vue cinemas on the 15th and 16th, any plans to go see it? If it was showing at my nearest Vue I might have but I would have to go to an Odeon cinema and not sure I can be bothered.
    • Knew I could rely on you. Seeing as Sonic himself shows up in the game, then yes. That counts. It's too late for me to edit that image so... Sonic is also allowed tonight.
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