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    • A smartphone port already exists (Japan-only), so that’s not it. A Switch version is, by far, the most likely thing on the cards.
    • He really is. Played a few chapters now and he's grown on me very quickly. Seems quite similar to Kiryu. Stands up for what he believes in   And thank the lord that is Andy Samberg for enemies that don't block as much as in Yakuza 3 
    • In fairness at the time I posted it the issue seemed to be more that the mass firings meant it seemed likely at some point something would snap and it would go down without intent, rather than a huge group of people leaving. Now it feels more like it'll be a slow drain away of people and advertisers and become more and more right wing and less relevant over time. I think it just needs a decent alternative to crystallise and that hasn't happened yet.  I'm considering giving it up. Recently I cut my following count right down to primarily people I know, or people I occasionally interact with. Put a chunk of those on mute (polite following) and turned off retweets for many because I just wanted to see people I know posting about themselves. However I still see other things get through and end up seeing tweets and then making the mistake of looking at responses and seeing the dregs.  I could be more disciplined, but I think maybe just giving it up in the new year. 
    • Yep, pretty much the same. I can post my stupid gameplay videos there really easily and that's all I need.
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