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    • Free Title Update 4 lands next Tuesday:  
    • Lucked out in the end and managed to avoid setting off any alarms, I did try being more stealthy but I couldn't get to grips with the throwing knives or get hold of the silenced PP7 so I had to make do with the KF7 so it wasn't exactly subtle.
    • In addition, the PlayStation Plus Collection has been announced to be coming to an end on 9th May 2023 as part of the above PS Blog entry.  For those that can't remember, this was the collection of 14 games which have been available since the launch of the PS5 in 2020 to PS+ members. Seems like a good idea to get them down as purchased on your account to make sure you've made the most out of the Collection, for me it just means getting some digital versions of games I already physically own! 
    • Knuckles Chaotix is a real shame.  The concept definitely has potential (so much so that it’s no surprise that SEGA revisited the concept not once, but twice! With Sonic Heroes and Sonic Advance 3).  The level design is just so utterly, stonkingly shite though; you’d think it was designed by Virgin Interactive. BTW, you’re absolutely right to think that @Cube.  Sonic Jam’s Sonic World was made with leftover assets from a cancelled 3D Sonic game (which was eventually retooled into Sonic Adventure).
    • Sold through 11 million units in three months!  Absolutely insane numbers, and well deserved. 
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