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    • Live A Live is first party published, so it might not be here...
    • I'll take em! The hope that would give for Etrian Odyssey would be unbearable.   Mate if I see a Pierce Brosnan or Natalya amiibo I will hunt you down.
    • Worth noting that this won't be a livestream and will be available in full once it's up. Got to imagine Live-A-Live gets a final push here too.  On the one hand, it would be weird that Xbox would give Nintendo such an announcement and not include it in their own showcase a couple of weeks back.  On the other hand, I think for obvious reasons, a lot of the attention for a Goldeneye release would be tied to Nintendo, especially if it comes with something like support for the N64 Online controllers. And, maybe even more importantly, Nintendo Directs dwarfs everything else in the industry in terms of presentations when it comes to getting attention and discussion going, so it would probably be a smart move for that reason too.  So...hopefully?  Yeah, I think a Splatoon 3 Direct in August would be right in line with what they've done for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, would make perfect sense.  I think they could have easily done a proper E3-styled Direct and still had smaller Directs for XC3 and Splatoon 3, but they've just decided to go another direction, I have to imagine with Breath of the Wild's sequel in mind with it targeting Spring of next year. If we do get a Direct in September, I'd expect that to be front and centre and then also potentially get a Treehouse/Direct of its own/etc., probably even in the weeks after some impressions from the gaming press too.  I also get why some are disappointed by this. Not enough to start throwing a childish tantrum, but besides a new shot or two when we got the delay update, we haven't seen Breath of the Wild's sequel in a year.  Who knows how it'll go, though, they're an unpredictable bunch them Nintendo folk  I think you're right on that, and wasn't Monster Hunter Stories 2 also during that same Partner Showcase? Ori and the Will of the Wisps shadow dropped too if I'm remembering right, it was a solid turnout.  I have to imagine a lot of the pessimism, for lack of a better word springing to mind right now, stems back to that first Partner Showcase in July 2020 being very poor besides SMT V finally stepping back into the limelight - it was only 10 minutes long, and you've got to add on that everyone was probably a bit miffed at us not getting an E3 Direct only to get this. I think it really just shows the importance of clear messaging and first impressions, because I think the Partner Showcase in September (with Monster Hunter Rise), while still short of a Direct proper for obvious reasons, was much better. They got it "wrong" the second time around too (they had one in August which I just had to look up and it is nothing), but then had another stronger Partner Showcase in October that same year.  It's anyone's guess how this one goes, but I want to be optimistic just because of the time it's releasing, it's clearly with Japan in mind. Fingers crossed that means something and I don't find out for the first time tomorrow that it's actually just because Japan is stir crazy about Goldeneye 
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